Two of the things I miss most about the UK.

Marks and Spencer and coats.  Yes it’s true, and my Husband will never understand why I miss either of them.

For those of you unfamiliar with the great British institution – it’s quite hard to explain the affection I hold for Marks and Spencer.  They have been around forever.  Starting as a market stall in Leeds in 1884, M&S became the familiar cornerstone of every UK high street – even venturing into Paris at one point (I was once asked to do an M&S sandwich run for lunch on a business trip there – as you can tell I was very important).  Growing up almost 90% of my wardrobe was probably M&S.  As a student I loved their men’s department for their oversize cardigans and even pyjamas.  When I started work all my suits were M&S, and it was always my first port of call for a new outfit when I lived there.  Every Christmas you could guarantee there would be gifts from M&S under the tree – they always had something for everyone.  Back then they were always known for quality – whether it be their clothes or their food hall.  So I consider myself lucky that I have missed their recent demise. My affection has not been tarnished.  M&S is still the store I head for first when I am back home, though recently it has been more for their wine, pork pies and meal deals, than for clothes.

M&S now ship free to the US, so I occasionally take a look at their new items, but I haven’t taken the plunge till now.  Having read all the stories on their personnel changes and the lackluster performance I was amazed to see the press touting their pink duster coat as ‘the coat of the season’. It has already sold out online (though new stock is expected soon).  I have to say it’s not really my style but I do see the appeal for others.

Apologies for the small photos – I was having real problems with their website!

Pink duster coat

Anyway it got me looking at the other coats in their Fall collection.  I do love a good coat or jacket and at this time of year I start to pine for the colder weather so I can snuggle in wool and cashmere – again my Husband will never understand.  Here are my picks – and the prices are so good I may have placed a sneaky order.  All to be revealed!

Yes, yes – I know it’s Twiggy – but I love the simplicity of this black biker jacket.

Twiggy Biker jacket

I had to do a double take at the price of this mac.  £45 – a real deal for a gorgeous looking mac.  My favorite color – the charcoal – is sold out in smaller sizes – but I also love this pebble color.  The black trim is striking.

Pebble Mac

Another biker jacket – the tweed contrast with the black is gorgeous.  I really want this jacket.

Tweed Biker jacket

This time a longer biker coat – they have quite a few this style with the asymmetrical zip.  It reminds me of the Zara coat last year – though I would like to bet this M&S one is far better quality.  It is also available in petite and plus sizes too.

Boucle Biker jacket

Finally my two absolute favorites – not sure I can justify both.  I adore this Autograph checked biker coat – so on trend and great neutral colors.

Checked Biker coat

This military coat is a great price – especially considering the cashmere content too.  I’m having a tough time choosing between the khaki and the grey.  Again it comes in plus sizes too.

Military coat with cashmere

So there we are – for me a Marks and Spencer coat is like bacon and HP sauce, or chips and mushy peas – the perfect combination:)  Have any of you found yourself tempted back in through the doors of M&S recently?

Finally today’s outfit – I would never have bought these harem style shorts had I not seen them on Eve at – on the Zara site they looked pants (no pun intended).  The top is Primark bought over the summer, and the shoes are Marks & Spencer (see!) Autograph peep toes, again from the summer.



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16 thoughts on “Two of the things I miss most about the UK.

  1. Carla

    Just moved back to the UK from Geneva….have been to M&S so far for underwear, socks, vests, wellies, robes for the kids, school uniforms, greeting cards, but nothing clothing-wise for me! M&S don’t compare to Joules and Boden. 🙂 Anxiously awaiting the full M&S Christmas range….loving the look of the London cards and wrapping paper!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      What do you think of the new ad campaign too? I quite like it! I definitely shop for different items at M&S versus Boden – there are some really lovely shoes and boots in M&S too!

  2. Sue

    I’m liking the Autograph checked coat. A lot. But I’m not buying. I’m just looking (could swear that’s a Stereophonics song).

    And yes, M&S are definitely having a moment. I was really surprised at the stock last time I went in and definitely surprised to find my winter coat in there. And you know you’re always about there for quality with good old M&S.

    And credit to you – you did quite well with the M&S photos. I don’t even bother to include them as they are so bad and virtually undownloadable.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      You did great with your blue coat – I love it. I wish I could try before I buy as sometimes their sizing fluctuates quite a bit too. Their website needs a complete rebuild doesn’t it?! xx

  3. The Flaky Fashionista

    I’m a fan of M&S as well, although not necessarily for their clothes. As you say, there is something for everyone in that store. This season however, they seem to have seriously upped their game. A pal of mine was there during the week and bought a really lovely sequin jacket. I think their range has definitely improved and I really like that check jacket that you’ve featured.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Oooh a sequin jacket – always on my wish list since Kat had hers a couple of years ago! I’m not impressed that they are introducing Downton Abbey make up – seems a bit naff to me – but horse for courses and all that! x

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Ha – you and I always need more jackets and coats Jane! I just wish I had more cooler weather to wear them!

  4. Jody Brettkelly

    I would not tell my Brit friend this, but the biggest thing I miss about London is M&S Indian food and those chicken in a bag with the brown sugar – I was addicted to both AND the duck pancakes, OOOh I feel so homesick just thinking about all those things. And of course I miss my friends too…You look fab in those shorts, really modern (I adore than pink coat too, you have to have that!)

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Oooh a great curry – I’m starving too!! We used to live in Spitalfields so we were always down Brick Lane for a great cheap curry! x

  5. Eve WornOut

    There is a beige-grey version of the long biker I spotted through the window yesterday. I will investigate further.

    I’m not so keen on the pink one and it’s making me smile to see it in all the fashion magazines.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I know what you mean about the pink coat – reminds me of a swing coat I had from M&S back in the early 90s – I just can’t do that much pink anymore!! Thanks for the inspiration with the shorts too – love them! xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Don’t they just – their biker jackets are fabulous too – I have two knitted biker cardigans from last year that I got from M&S – I love them! xx

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