Fantasy shopping.

I know what you’re going to say.  I just shop, shop, shop and most of the time I figure out a way to get what I am lusting after – whether it be through saving a few pennies or selling some fabulous items that just don’t get worn as much as they deserve to be.  I do, however, have a threshold of what I consider to be an okay amount to pay for an item.  It may seem a little warped that I will happily spend $500-$600 on a pair of boots and yet wince at the thought of paying $300 for a pair of jeans, or more than $200 for a jacket.  It probably comes down to me accepting how fickle I can be.  My style has evolved radically over the past 18 months and I expect it to continue to do so.  It’s dangerous territory then to fork out mega bucks on items of clothes that I may shun to the back of the closet next year.  My Rag & Bone, Marant and Acne boots still make me giggle with pleasure every time I lift the lid off the box.  These will always be in my style ‘comfort zone’ – so I can splurge happily with no remorse.

I love to create a fantasy lists.  If money were no object what would I buy?  As I was browsing the other night I stumbled upon more than a few items that set my heart a flutter.

Of course the list had to include some leopard print.  This Jérome Dreyfuss purse is stunning – but for now I’m happy to make do with my Boden Canonbury clutch (p.s. it’s the last day of the Boden 20% diminishing discount tomorrow!).

Jerome dreyfuss v1

What greater indulgence is there than a ridiculous Louis Vuitton scarf that will be worn again and again – just the $800 then?  I am in love with this print.  This is something that eventually I may be persuaded by – one day.

LV scarf


I don’t wear pumps/courts nearly enough to justify these – but if money were no object – these YSL Janis Escarpin pumps would be mine.

YSL Janis Escarpin

Finally, for now, I have always wanted some perfect leather trousers.  Of course they need to be Balmain.  Just the $4,560 then.

Balmain leather trousers

I expect I’ll be creating more secret compilations like this now football season has started!  What’s on your lust list?  How would you fill your closet if you won the lottery?

It’s still hot, hot, hot here so yesterday I opted for shorts again.  I had a lovely lunch with a handsome man.

IMG_7508Shoes – Vince Nina // Shorts – J.Crew Factory // Jacket – Zara (old) // T-shirt – Gap


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8 thoughts on “Fantasy shopping.

  1. Sue

    Aww look at those eyes and that little grin. He’s gorgeous isn’t he? Ladykiller in the making with those eyes.

    And I’m rubbish – I never look at anything I can’t afford. One day, one day … when I win the lottery, I’ll treat myself.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      He is handsome isn’t he – but I am very biased too:) I try not to look but it’s often dangled in front of me when I am indulging in my Vogue or Harper’s – they don’t tend to feature a lot of New Look:) xx

  2. Eve WornOut

    Lovely outfit and what a handsome boy! Have you got any leather trousers? I’m not planning to buy much at all (though this may change!) but I’m very interested in getting some grey leather leggings.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I had some AllSaints ones but they stretched a lot and felt massive on the bum – I really want some Theory or HL ones that are more of a stretchy legging – terrified of trying them on though in case I never get out of them lol! Grey – sounds nice – classier than black too maybe?

  3. Anonymous

    Lucky you, lunch with your gorgeous boy! I’m not good at treating myself- I can talk myself out of anything but the idea of fantasy lists sounds like a lot of fun, and inexpensive!


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