The cold has arrived.

Yes that wintery blast from the North has arrived in Atlanta and I have spent the last two mornings fighting with a stubborn five year old about wearing a coat.  I question what I am actually achieving in addition to making us both mad at 7am, and proving to him that I can be as stubborn as he is!  It drives me nuts, and I know he can be OCD – but he chose his coat from H&M and therefore he should be happy to wear it!  His sister, on the other hand, has a plethora of winter coats that she has been eagerly anticipating wearing.  Like mother like daughter.  She wore this little gem today from Target (currently on sale at $32) – I want one.

Target fur

Yesterday I ended up wearing a puffer coat and scarf for the first time this year.  The Mango coat is great – warm but not too heavy, and easy for layering, though it does fit snug.

AllSaints sweatshirt Mango coat open

My mirror is cleaner than it looks here – promise!

Boots – Rag & Bone Newbury boot in petrol // Trousers – Zara (old, similar here) // Sweatshirt – AllSaints // Jacket – Mango // Scarf – Zara (old)

Last night my new Gap jacket arrived – I love it – very collegiate, especially with the hi-tops.  It’s pretty cosy too without being bulky.

bomber jacket

Jeans – Diesel Fayza jogg jeans // Sneakers – Golden Goose // T-shirt – Boden long sleeved essential tee // Bomber jacket – Gap

Make sure you check out the Boden sale again today – many items are now reduced by 50%!


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9 thoughts on “The cold has arrived.

  1. doesmybumlook40 (@doesmybumlook40)

    Absolutely love that All Saints top – and of course the trousers. Gorgeous. And don’t even get me started on those Golden Goose. oh sweet jesus they are beyond beyond divine. I have total and utter shoe envy!

    Oh and if it makes you feel any better, both my boys at 7 and 5 are complete jacket phobes and always have been. Monkeys. The 9 year old insists on wearing a pink (and I mean PINK) long puffa jacket you can see from space. I give up. xx

  2. Steph Melling

    Love that All Saints top! My 10 year old never liked coats but this last year he has gotten better usually if its one if has picked himself ie sports wear!!

    1. vicki

      My daughter would be so jealous of your daughters wardrobe. I have to admit to buying the furfy gilet and long leopard coatigan after seeing them on your blog.

  3. Sue

    Funny that. George hates wearing coats too. Boys eh?

    And I’m liking the colours in the first set of pics. My kind of colours. Greys, whites, black and berry ( I really don’t like the word burgundy).

    I went in to the Diesel store the other day to get a proper look at the Jogg jeans and they really are a sweatshirty kind of denim aren’t they? Like they say – like joggers. And I picked up a pair of the Fayzas and had to put them back – the crotch is really low and my legs are short enough. You would laugh yourself silly at me in them.

  4. treasuresnpleasures

    Love everything here Joanna, especially the all saints top, the GG’s and of course the diesel jeans!! My wee man will put on a coat easy enough he just wants to pick it himself at 2!! He’s his mothers son alright! X

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  6. Andrea

    Love the sweatshirt too!! It looks so soft & I want it! My poor kids have been forced into winter wear months earlier then they ever have been! They are even requesting gloves & scarfs so it must be cold for them! Ax

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