Duran Duran – OMG!

They were just unbelievable.  I screamed like a 14 year old and loved every minute of it.  Fortunately there were plenty of other nutters there too who got just as carried away as I did.  They played most of my favorites and some new ones too, plus they played ‘Girls on Film’ which apparently is unusual, and ‘Notorious’ was just brilliant.  They certainly have plenty of energy for their age and John can still play that bass like no one else – he’s still hot too – I think I yelled ‘I love you John’ a couple of times much to my friend’s embarrassment.  My Husband did well with the tickets and we were on the side of the stage where John was – perfect.  I have to say that Simon needs to be careful – with his beard he’s starting to look a little like Ricky Gervais.  You can read a far better written review here from The AJC.

I decided to go along with the 80s theme and wore pink and grey much to MM’s amusement.  The jeans and scarf are H&M, t-shirt is an old Diesel favorite, and the boots are the the Bonny Cubans from AllSaints.

Yesterday was a real struggle after too much fun and wine and somehow I discovered I was covered in bruises – I think I was leaning over the seats in front of me to get closer…I nearly did a bit of stalking as @ThisistheRealJT was tweeting about eating BBQ down the road…but I decided that at 41 harassing my teenage crush was not the way ahead.

I think Fall has arrived early here – it’s gorgeous outside, lovely and cool, so I am urging the onset of cooler weather by sporting my Frye Jenna studded boots – I am just in love with these.  Frye seem to be doing a great job of coming out with some great on trend new boots and they continue to diversify from the cowboy boots and Campus boots that they are famous for.  I will be a Frye fan forever.

I had to take my photo in the bathroom at the local supermarket today as the painters are back in to put a last coat on the new windows.  Not the best style runway ever but it serves a purpose.  With my Fryes I’m wearing my Boden quail egg skinnies (in stock at just $49 in the clearance!), an Express snake skin print t-shirt and my favorite AllSaints Cerulean cardigan.

Now back to some form of normality – the birthday celebrations have come to a close:)


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3 thoughts on “Duran Duran – OMG!

  1. dinagideon

    Love this. I actually saw Duran Duran when I went to an Arbonne conference a few years back. They were so good, it was crazy. But lol to the Ricky Gervais comment. Ha.

  2. wrw1852

    Wow–Duran Duran and Chastain–what an awesome combination! They are one of my favorite bands, and Chastain is one of my favorite venues (I got to see BB King there once–it was incredible). Lucky girl! Glad it was a great show. Simon was my favorite when I was a teen, but I think John has aged the best 😉


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