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My first attempt at HACing!

So following on from my post yesterday where I rashly promised photos of my attempts to Highlight and Contour, here’s my first attempt documented with the good, the bad and the down right ugly!

1. The tools of the trade


2. Straight out of the shower – pimples and dark circles included!



3. Moisturised and then applied L’Oreal BB cream, eyes done using L’Oreal Infallible liner with a smudging brush, MAC Brun powder used for brows, and L’Oreal Volumising mascara.



4. Blush applied on my cheek ‘apples’ using my finger tips and some contouring done with the bronzer – but NOT blended yet – you can see my right cheek looks a little orangey still.



5. Blended bronzing powder and then Maybelline highlighter applied around the eyes and down the nose using a concealer brush.  Revlon super lustrous lip gloss in Pinkissimo applied.



6. Hair dried with a round brush and the ghd dryer and voila!



The verdict – well I certainly need some practice – especially in the application and blending of the contour/bronzer powder – but I love how it has shaded around my nose and eye sockets.  It feels lighter than using foundation, but takes a little more time and patience.  Have you tried it yet?  Let me know how you get on!

And now…with full face of makeup applied we’re off to another swim meet!  Happy days:)

Boden Westbourne jumper


Sneakers – Golden Goose // Jeans – H&M boyfriend jeans // Jumper – Boden Westbourne sweater // Scarf – H&M (old)

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A new approach to makeup.

We all have our favorite blogs and I scroll through hundreds of posts every day on bloglovin’ – some are regular reads and others are posts that just catch my eye.  I tend to read lots of fashion/style blogs, and sometimes food and fitness blogs – normally when I need some motivation to get back on track.  Rarely do I read beauty blogs.  Till now that is.

I have probably used many of the same products and had the same basic makeup routine for 20 years.  Only about 5 years ago did I even attempt a ‘smoky’ eye or try liner on my upper lid. So I’d say I am pretty lazy, or at least unadventurous, when it comes to makeup and my beauty routine.  That was until a friend shared the amazing blog MaskCARA.com with me.  I have been hooked reading Cara’s posts all week.  Her videos are inspiring and make her techniques look so easy that it’s impossible not to want to try them – especially when you see her make over results.

I really want to try her HAC (highlighting and contouring) technique – it looks amazingly simple with the right products and tools, and the results are incredible.  I’ll never look as stunning as Cara, but with some trepidation I have bought the following products recommended on MaskCARA.com, and the great thing is they are all drugstore brands so won’t break the bank!

Bahama Mama bronzer for contouring:

Bahama Mama bronzer

Maybelline Highlighting concealer for highlighting:

Maybelline highlighting concealer

Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush (I’ve NEVER used a cream blush before):

Maybelline dream bouncy

L’Oreal Voluminous mascara in carbon black:

Loreal voluminous mascara

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation:

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation

Some fabulous new makeup brushes – I am embarrassed to even guess when I last washed my brushes – never mind when I bought them!

Sephora brush set

Finally while I was at it I bought this beautiful new Essie nail polish – at least I know how to make my nails look better if I overdo the bronzer and end up looking like Snooki.

Essie cashmere bathrobe

Please check out Cara’s blog – I think you will find it inspiring, as I have, even if you don’t think you are stuck in a makeup rut!  I promise to share some before and after photos of my HAC attempts over the weekend! xx

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