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A new approach to makeup.

We all have our favorite blogs and I scroll through hundreds of posts every day on bloglovin’ – some are regular reads and others are posts that just catch my eye.  I tend to read lots of fashion/style blogs, and sometimes food and fitness blogs – normally when I need some motivation to get back on track.  Rarely do I read beauty blogs.  Till now that is.

I have probably used many of the same products and had the same basic makeup routine for 20 years.  Only about 5 years ago did I even attempt a ‘smoky’ eye or try liner on my upper lid. So I’d say I am pretty lazy, or at least unadventurous, when it comes to makeup and my beauty routine.  That was until a friend shared the amazing blog MaskCARA.com with me.  I have been hooked reading Cara’s posts all week.  Her videos are inspiring and make her techniques look so easy that it’s impossible not to want to try them – especially when you see her make over results.

I really want to try her HAC (highlighting and contouring) technique – it looks amazingly simple with the right products and tools, and the results are incredible.  I’ll never look as stunning as Cara, but with some trepidation I have bought the following products recommended on MaskCARA.com, and the great thing is they are all drugstore brands so won’t break the bank!

Bahama Mama bronzer for contouring:

Bahama Mama bronzer

Maybelline Highlighting concealer for highlighting:

Maybelline highlighting concealer

Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush (I’ve NEVER used a cream blush before):

Maybelline dream bouncy

L’Oreal Voluminous mascara in carbon black:

Loreal voluminous mascara

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation:

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation

Some fabulous new makeup brushes – I am embarrassed to even guess when I last washed my brushes – never mind when I bought them!

Sephora brush set

Finally while I was at it I bought this beautiful new Essie nail polish – at least I know how to make my nails look better if I overdo the bronzer and end up looking like Snooki.

Essie cashmere bathrobe

Please check out Cara’s blog – I think you will find it inspiring, as I have, even if you don’t think you are stuck in a makeup rut!  I promise to share some before and after photos of my HAC attempts over the weekend! xx

Find these products:

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