Bra shopping.

Having worn my Topshop camis a few times I came to realize that I was in desperate need of a new strapless bra.  I hate bra shopping.  Not that I mind being measured or anything – I just really dislike spending money on something that will never be seen by anyone except by me.  Having said that the results of a badly fitting bra are plain for all to see, as you will see from my photos today!

I had already tried to order 2 strapless Wonderbras from but it was one of the most painful experiences ever.  Firstly as Figleaves are in the UK I was charged a bank fee for my transaction – a flipping hidden fee I knew nothing about until it appeared.  Then the bras never arrived and I had to deal with Figleaves’ Customer Service.  I have to say they were the rudest, most patronizing, most aggressive, most evasive CS representatives I have EVER dealt with.  Most unpleasant.  Thank goodness I eventually got a refund – I shan’t be ordering with them again.

So that meant I was stuck with my strapless bra that I last wore pre-kids – why it was even still in my lingerie drawer I’ve no idea.  Today I braced myself and headed into Victoria’s Secret – not a pleasant experience for someone who has carried and breastfed two children.  Perky my boobs are not.  The service in the store was fabulous.  They couldn’t do enough for me and I walked out with two multi-way bras and two bandeaux bras, very happy indeed.

I’ve been suffering from a miserable head cold all week and today I needed something vibrant to wear to cheer me up.  Pink was obviously the color of the day, even the lighting in the VS changing rooms was VERY pink!

VSTrousers – Topshop (now on sale here) // Sandals – Tory Burch Emmy (old) // Top – TopShop cami // Neckace – Macy’s (old) // Bangles – H&M // Bag – YSL Roady

I also may have popped back into Diesel to try on the Jogg Fayza jeans again.  I love the Fayza’s I won on eBay – but the Jogg version, with the jersey lining, is still calling my name.  I’ll just keep trying them on until I cave.  If you do decide to buy be warned the come up HUGE – I tried these 25″ and they were perfect.  These are the 807 wash which is a lot lighter than the 601 – I think I prefer the 601 myself.

I swear there aren’t that many creases in my cami – bad lighting again.  See what I mean by the bra though?  The nips were on full show for the poor guy helping me in Diesel.



Finally here’s an outfit from the other day.  It got mixed reviews from the Husband.  In all honesty I was going to wear a blouse with the skirt, but found a hole as I was putting it on, so quickly made the decision to try the double denim look.  The husband thought the skirt was sexy but the top not so much.  Oh well we all learn the hard way:)

IMG_7477Skirt – Zara (old) // Top – Zara (old) // Shoes – Lotta of Stockholm


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9 thoughts on “Bra shopping.

  1. Cous Cous and Cork Wedges

    Oh my! I love that first outfit on you but then you knew I was going to say that! You look amazing! I want those trews! I think we all neglect our undies draw from time to time & don’t spend enough on our underwear but think nothing of spending on outerwear! I’ve been adding some nice bits to my undies draw recently & have promised not to neglect it again! Ax

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I bet you are loving having full access to M&S again aren’t you?? I always stock up when I go home – in fact I should have looked there for strapless bras as they ship here – but it’s a bit trickier making sure you get the sizing right with a bra…x

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Aren’t they great – and a great price in the sale too. I really was disappointed with Figleaves – but when you get such superb CS from companies like Boden I come to expect it from all online retailers…

  2. Ash

    You look fab in those jeans. Buy them! I love the first outfit too – the cami is a lovely colour, really suits you. And I agree the last skirt is lovely too. You are brave to do double denim, and you know what – you make it work! xx

  3. Sue

    You’re like my sister – all jeans and trousers suit her. They just hang right.

    And the picture in the Diesel changing room made me laugh – are you sure “poor guy”? He probably loved it.

    Get the Jogg Fayza’s. Or else you’ll be back in there again tomorrow.

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