An evening with One Direction

Thank goodness I was alerted by a friend on Facebook that the concert was last night. I’d been telling myself for weeks that it was October 10th – can you imagine if we’d missed it!? Thankfully our evening with Harry et al. was well worth the chaos – I think every mom and daughter from the South East was at the Georgia Dome last night. One criticism was that they didn’t come on till 9.30pm! Knowing their audience was full of screaming school girls I thought this was a bit disrespectful, but the screaming girls didn’t seem to care! I’m very tired today and I had to drag poor Poppy out of bed but she was thrilled that ‘she heard her favorite song’!

Poppy naturally wore her Marks & Spencer 1D t-shirt along with H&M harems (old) and Sam Edelman Petty boots. I wore coated skinnies from Zara, an AllSaints tank, green jacket from Zara, with my AllSaints Bonny Cubans (similar here).

1D 1 1D 2 Poppy and me 1D Poppy

Back on Tuesday I wore one of my favorite new tops that happens to be in the sale right now at J.Crew. The cut out sleeves are gorgeous and add some femininity to the outfit.

jcrew 3

j crew 2

Sneaker – Nike from J.Crew (on sale) // Jeans – Zara (old) // Top – J.Crew (on sale)

Today I am so tired I may fall asleep in the hairdresser’s chair later, but still I fancied wearing a pair of heels to perk me up!

Khaki khaki 2

Shoes – Sam Edelman Anastasia (on sale) // Trousers – Zara // Sweatshirt – Splendid (similar here) // Bag – Zara // Scarf – Zara (old)

Now if I can just shake the ringing out of my ears I’ll start feeling much better #toooldforonedirectionconcerts



11 thoughts on “An evening with One Direction

  1. re:style blog

    Your hair looks amazing in the first photograph! Luckily, 1D is passing my six-year-old by, but I know it’s just a matter of time before I’m dragged off to see the latest boy band. Can’t wait to embarrass her with my mum dancing 🙂

    Becky x

  2. Jane

    Great hair in these pics! How did you style it in the first pic?? My husbands family live in Atlanta, and his little sister went to see 1D as well! As usual I love all your outfits, wish I had the time to put more thought into mine (hopefully this will be easier when bubs is a bit older!) x

  3. Melissa@AllThingsSimplified

    I love the selfie of you two! You are gorgeous and she is such a doll! So glad you had such a good time at the concert. I’m sure Poppy must have been beyond excited. I can remember liking Duran Duran like that back in the day. Of course, we didn’t have boy bands back then, but there were still plenty of screaming just the same. Forward to today, and now I have 4 boys, so there is never any mention whatsoever of 1D or any other boy band in our house. 😉

  4. Sue

    Gah! I need a daughter so I have a legit reason to go to a 1D concert and ogle young men (they are all of age thankfully). But it sounds like a fab night!

    And I’m loving the burgundy hues coming through in your last outfit! Spot on!

  5. Martha Wills

    When I took my girls to Katy Perry she didn’t come on stage until 9:00! Needless to say, we had to leave early as they were melting by then!

    You two looked fab! I bought a pair of coated skinnies recently. Think I’ll wear them out with my friends tomorrow night!


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