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Lunch date.

This week has dragged!  The cold probably hasn’t helped but I sure am happy to get to Friday.  The added bonus today is that MM got to take some time off too.  Of course his idea of a fun morning is shopping – NOT – but I persuaded him to nip down to Atlantic Station with me to the local West Elm to look at vanities/dressing tables.

For nearly 20 years I have been in search of the most perfect dressing table.  I see it in my head but cannot find it anywhere.  I want a modern design, clean lines, drawers for storage – but it must also allow for a chair to be pulled up like a desk.  Now all the vanities I can find here are very traditional and ornate, with large overwhelming fixed mirrors.  Surely us contemporary girls need somewhere to apply our make-up too?  I thought, online, I had found the perfect answer – the mirrored Parsons desk from West Elm.  Unfortunately, having seen it in real life, $599 is ridiculously expensive for this piece.  I don’t mind paying $600 for the right dresser but not for something that looks and feels cheap:(  So on we go, hunting for my perfect dresser.  Maybe I need to just get a carpenter out to create my vision?

The Parsons desk, West Elm:

We have just got back from lunch at Houston’s – my new favorite lunch spot.  It’s lovely and cosy and dark…perfect for a Fall lunch.  Two crab cakes and a glass of suavignon blanc later I am feeling remarkably chipper.  As I was having ‘a day out’ I decided to make a bit of an effort clothes wise.  I chose the Zara grey harem pants, Zara animal print t-shirt (no longer online), Sam Edelman Louie boots in rose taupe and finally the Boden blossom tipped blazer (some sizes left in clearance) from SS 2012.  My favorite combination of colors – grey and pink – and yes I LOVE harem trousers right now – so comfy:)



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Supper club.

Close game for the Falcons today but exciting and perfect watching on a grey day.  The photo session was postponed due to threat of rain so we walked by the river with the dog and the kids raced their bikes.  I then did my Trader Joe’s shop so I have a kitchen full of yummy treats – including a massive NYC cheesecake that I will try not to devour in one go tonight while watching Homeland and Dexter!

Last night MM and I started our Fall supper club.  We are the only members.  Each week, once the children are in bed, we take it in turns to wine and dine each other at home.  It’s lovely – it’s an evening each week where we turn off all screens, put on some good music and converse while cooking and eating – it’s like dating again and I love it.  Last night I cooked carbonara – who can resist the smell of bacon and garlic?  The food was even better after a couple of glasses of a fabulous Malbec.  I’m looking forward to his choice of menu next week – he’s a far better cook than I am!

Today is a day for comfort – Gap boyfriend jeans, a Gap brown tank, H&M linen top and Sam Edelman Alvin loafers.  The necklace is an old one from Target but it’s fun and works well with the casual outfit.  The new glasses are still making me feel fabulous!

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A quickie.

Between dashing from the dentists, doing some work and heading to swim team practice there is very little time for blogging today – but I was quite happy with my casual ensemble this morning so wanted to share it with you:)

This t-shirt is an old Gap one that I found in a bin bag of tops still lurking in the basement after the renovations.  It now has just the perfect washed, faded appearance of a well loved tee.  I used to just wear it around the house but I love it with my Zara off white jersey jacket.  I was going to wear some very loud, acid bleached jeans that I got from H&M a month or so ago but I was a tad worried about them being far too distracting for my lovely dentist so I saved those for another day and went for my Gap boyfriend jeans again – I haven’t worn so much Gap for years!  All finished off with my new favorite shoes – my Ash Thelmas.  I jumped on the band wagon a bit late with these as they are a rare shoe here in Atlanta.  My friend at work just swooned over them and went straight to the Ash website to order some.  My Ash Bowies arrived the other week and if you are tempted by this style be warned they fit much smaller than the Thelmas and I had to size up, but the leather is divine and lovely and soft – they’ll be a Fall favorite for me that’s for sure.



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Guilty as charged.

I buy too much.  I’m a hoarder.  I buy things because I like them, not because I think I will wear them or use them.  I think I’ve been aware of this for some time but since I’ve been trying to reduce the number of items hanging unworn in my closet I have been stunned at just how much I have bought.

I am an online shopping addict.  I love the buying experience online – I can browse, compare prices – so I think I’m getting a bargain, my size is almost always available, I know it won’t have been tried on by 500 people and all I have to do is click a button and I’m done.

This weekend I made a vow to myself to 1) stick to a monthly clothing budget and 2) be more discerning about what I buy.   I’m already putting this into practice – having returned all my Boden preview order for the Fall I know there are just 2 items that I really would like to reorder – both knitted tunics – and neither will be worn here till November.  I am determined to wait till November to order – I know it’s a risk but by then I may have reappraised what I need/want and changed my mind…if I buy them now I could end up with 2 more tunics hanging in my closet unworn.  I think this is how I’ve ended up with so many rarely or never worn items – I buy them in the preview before the weather is appropriate to wear them – so I either forget about them or have moved on to another item I want!

Here’s one of the tunics I ordered and returned – it’s the Boden smocked tunic dress and it is gorgeous – so soft and works perfectly as a dress with tights and boots.  Fortunately there is a long wait right now for my size to be back in stock so that is helping me to stand my ground and wait to order until it is cool enough to wear it.

The second is from the Winter preview – and it is the bottle green collared tunic.  I am actually just in love with this photo too – it makes me think of Twiggy every time I see it, not to mention the setting reminds me of my old haunt Notting Hill.

I will wait to order I swear.  In the meantime I am going to try and go cold turkey and stop browsing the Zara website and Zappos.com – let’s see how it goes.

Fall arrived here this weekend – we’ll still have temperatures up in the 80s each day but this morning I actually had to wear a jacket at the bus stop – it was in the low 60s – just gorgeous!  I took Tennyson, our boxer, for a long walk – another promise I made myself this weekend – I will walk him every morning!

I’m wearing my Hudson Collin jeans, Zara animal print t-shirt, Zara black jersey blazer and my Tory Burch black patent Eddies.  I love wearing a jacket with jeans – and these jersey ones are so comfy and easy to wear.

To those of you who are helping me purge my closet I want to say a huge thank you and USPS are going to be busy with shipments of fabulous items all day.  I am trying to be ruthless and have posted more items over the weekend on my Facebook store.


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Ready for Fall.

Oddly, given that it’s still only August, leaves are falling in the garden and the temperature has dropped due to lots of rain – it feels great.  The long summer months here always have me pining for Fall, especially now all the September magazines are out crammed full of fabulous Fall clothes and boots.  From what I have seen we’re in for a real treat this year and I have already ordered my winter coat from Zara as I know this will disappear fast:

It will hang in my closet for a few months yet but it is lovely – more like a chunky knitted cardigan than a coat, with leather quilted sleeves – perfect for Atlanta winters and really edgy looking.

I eventually moved my mirror upstairs last night so I am now taking photos in my empty closet!  MM and I have decided to take a breather for a month before embarking on the closet fixtures and fittings – we’re feeling a little overwhelmed after the renovations!  Today I am wearing my Express blush Zelda jeans, Zara cat top (a bit of a rip off from Victoria Beckham’s cat print dresses) and Zara off white jogging blazer, along with my nectarine Tory Burch Revas.  It’s lovely being able to do hair and make up all in one place again even if I do have to run downstairs to get my clothes:)

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