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Well they’re not clothes…

To my horror I discovered that the kids don’t go back to school till Tuesday!  I thought I had my routine back tomorrow!  Don’t get me wrong we’ve had an amazing break – but 2 weeks is plenty thanks.  Of course the other issue at stake is the fact that Atlanta is due to get temperatures of -10 degrees Fahrenheit on Tuesday – yes I said Fahrenheit!  This means that school may be out anyway due to severe weather – God help me.  I will not complain about the cold, especially as I am currently watching the NFL playoffs – Green Bay are at home and the stadium is full – talk about risking frostbite!  I’m not kidding when I tell you they are Arctic conditions.

We did venture out yesterday before the cold arrives.  It was one of those lovely spontaneous outings.  We mooched around a couple of boutiques and furniture stores and then took the kids for ice cream – even when it’s cold they won’t refuse it!   I suggested our initial destination, a fabulous mid-century modern furniture store in Inman Park called City Issue.  I mentioned a long time ago that I was looking out for my perfect vanity.  Well before the holidays I noticed a desk on their Facebook page.  I’d long ago realized that anything described as a ‘vanity’ or ‘dressing table’ was going to be too ornate for my tastes.  A contemporary, slim line desk seemed the perfect option – if I could find one.  Well after a teeny, tiny bit of ummming and ahhing this beautiful Danish masterpiece is now mine.  I am in love with her.  I love the fact that she has been used before, and I like to imagine that love letters were once written on her.  I’m using an IKEA chair till I find the perfect partner for her – but I quite like the contrast of the wood with perspex.

vanity vanity 1


After arranging my new love and organizing the drawers it was time to eat.  I want to share my brilliant new gadget with you.  As you know I’m trying the Paleo diet – I’m really enjoying cooking so much, but I do miss pasta and rice sometimes.  My rice substitute is ground cauliflower (blend it), fried with onions – it is delicious.  As for pasta I’ve tried spaghetti squash but there is a lot of prep required.  Today I used my spiral vegetable cutter to make noodles from zucchini/courgette – it worked a treat!! I LOVE it!  It comes with 3 blades and lets you cut ribbons too.  I made a thai shrimp curry using them – just throw them in at the end so they don’t get soggy.  DELICIOUS!

noodles thai


My final recent acquisition is the Conair InfinitPro spin air brush.  Many of my UK blogging friends have raved about the Babyliss Big Hair version – most recently Trea.  For the life of me I couldn’t find it anywhere here.  Then I realized it is branded differently – Conair own Babyliss and here it is called the Conair InfinitiPro spin air brush.  I do as Trea does – I dry my hair with my ghd dryer till it is about 80% dry and then use the spin brush.  It catches hold of my hair nicely and works a treat on my shorter length hair giving me lovely smooth locks.  I highly recommend it – my only criticism is that it seems quite loud after the quietness of my ghd dryer – but the price point is significantly different too!

Infinit pro

So there we go – a vanity, a vegetable slicer and a hair styler – and like I said none of them can be worn so I’ve not broken any shopping rules yet – though admittedly I’m still trying to determine what those rules are for 2014 – I cannot subscribe to any kind of total abstinence.

Here’s my outfit from yesterday.  I bought the Only jeans back in the sale from ASOS before the Holidays.  I was trying to resist, but a couple of the AllWornOutBlog.com girls (here and here) and Avril all looked amazing in them, so I resisted no more.

Onlyjeans M&S shearling jacket

Boots – Petrol Rag & Bone Newbury boots (similar here) // Jeans – Only from ASOS (on sale) // Tank – H&M // Grey sweatshirt – ASOS // Jacket – M&S (old – similar here) // Scarf – Zara (old)

Today I used the InfiitiPro spin brush and hopefully you can see how much smoother and less curly my hair looks.

ASOS dress


Sneakers – Converse (similar here) // Leggings – H&M (old) // Dress – ASOS (on sale)

So now to watch the end of the football and do some menu planning for next week.  Let’s hope we don’t get iced in as I might have to crack the wine open in desperation!

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Lunch date.

This week has dragged!  The cold probably hasn’t helped but I sure am happy to get to Friday.  The added bonus today is that MM got to take some time off too.  Of course his idea of a fun morning is shopping – NOT – but I persuaded him to nip down to Atlantic Station with me to the local West Elm to look at vanities/dressing tables.

For nearly 20 years I have been in search of the most perfect dressing table.  I see it in my head but cannot find it anywhere.  I want a modern design, clean lines, drawers for storage – but it must also allow for a chair to be pulled up like a desk.  Now all the vanities I can find here are very traditional and ornate, with large overwhelming fixed mirrors.  Surely us contemporary girls need somewhere to apply our make-up too?  I thought, online, I had found the perfect answer – the mirrored Parsons desk from West Elm.  Unfortunately, having seen it in real life, $599 is ridiculously expensive for this piece.  I don’t mind paying $600 for the right dresser but not for something that looks and feels cheap:(  So on we go, hunting for my perfect dresser.  Maybe I need to just get a carpenter out to create my vision?

The Parsons desk, West Elm:

We have just got back from lunch at Houston’s – my new favorite lunch spot.  It’s lovely and cosy and dark…perfect for a Fall lunch.  Two crab cakes and a glass of suavignon blanc later I am feeling remarkably chipper.  As I was having ‘a day out’ I decided to make a bit of an effort clothes wise.  I chose the Zara grey harem pants, Zara animal print t-shirt (no longer online), Sam Edelman Louie boots in rose taupe and finally the Boden blossom tipped blazer (some sizes left in clearance) from SS 2012.  My favorite combination of colors – grey and pink – and yes I LOVE harem trousers right now – so comfy:)



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Accessorizing my home.

So we are half way through the renovations and I’m really starting to see how it is all taking shape.  The new huge windows are in the bedroom so we can wake up to the garden every day, the wall is in for the new closet, and the bath tub is sitting ready to be installed.  Thankfully we’ve also gotten rid of the remaining carpet on the main level – I find carpet a complete no no with two dogs and two children.  Of course with a remodel there is the expense of the actual work itself, but a bit like losing weight or changing your appearance with a new haircut, there has to be some new attire and accessories.

We’re going for a very minimal contemporary look so our walls will be some kind of white – there are hundreds to choose from!  For the interior of the closet we have set ourselves the challenge of designing it ourselves using the Pax modular closet from IKEA.  Again it is very modern and extremely versatile with different drawer and hanging options for all types of clothes.  Personally I LOVE IKEA though would probably never furnish my entire house with it.  They offer the best furniture for children’s rooms and solutions for storing all the shrapnel that children seem to collect, and dare I say it – I love assembling a flat pack.  This week I have assembled two Expedit storage cubes for the kids – one for our family/tv room and the second for Poppy’s room.  They are brilliant and look fab – I’m even thinking of getting a red one now for our laundry room as a place for all our bags etc. when we walk in from the garage.

For years now I have been on the hunt for my perfect vanity/dressing table and I’m glad I have waited till now to buy one as I think I have a much clearer idea of where our aesthetic is heading.  I have always liked the idea of a mirrored vanity but most are either ridiculously expensive, are too traditional in style, or have zero storage for cosmetics.  I think I might have just found the most perfect one at West Elm – the mirrored Parsons desk.  It’s not cheap at $599 but has the sleek look that I was aiming for plus 2 small drawers for cosmetics.  To soften the blow I am considering the Tobias chair from IKEA to pair with it.  We have 2 of these around our Big Sur breakfast table and they add a great contemporary feel, open up the space and contradict other styles like natural wood well.

To allow me to continue to indulge in my outfit of the day blogs, and to open up the bedroom given the fact it will be slightly smaller due to my immense walk in closet, I also have the Parsons floor mirror from Crate and Barrel on my wish list – it is huge and will look fabulous leaning against the exterior of the closet wall.

We also thankfully got rid of the dogs’ chaise.  Yes the dogs had their own chair but as they would now rather lie on any other piece of furniture than their own I decided that it was time for it to go.  It smelt and looked rather horrid after years of use.  So a large area has opened up in the kitchen where I plan to create a ‘coffee nook’ that can be transformed into an area for entertaining given that all our parties end up in the kitchen…though our house has very few walls it can be argued where the kitchen actually begins and ends…I’m going to get two Tullsta arm chairs in black leather from IKEA which are cheap enough to get trashed by the children, but look neat and sleek enough to be pleasing on the eye too.

As a coffee table solution for this small space I’ve ordered another Stow ottoman from Crate and Barrel in persimmon.  We have a green one already which I love – the lid flips over so it can be used as either a seat, a foot rest, or a table – and it can easily be moved around the house – brilliant!  Given our house is full of neutral tones accessorized with either pops of orange or green I went for this lovely orange.


So no clothing allowance for me for a while – at least till I have accessorized my home…

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