A new obsession.

So I like to work out.  I also like to ‘dress the part’ and ‘look cute’ while working out – if possible when sweating buckets, huffing and puffing and as red as a beetroot – I don’t do ‘low impact’.  My favorite brand of work out gear for some time has been Lululemon.  They do fabulous fabrics for wicking and support, great colors, cute prints, and I LOVE their skorts.  Over the past few months though there has been some concern over their colors ‘bleeding’ in the wash.  There have been LOTS of comments on their FB page and their CEO even addressed quality issues.  I have noticed the trim on a couple of my beloved skorts that have changed color:(  Now I’m not ready to abandon Lululemon, but the quality concerns and their more mainstream presence i.e. seeing everyone in the same gear, has made me question whether the extra cost is worth it at all.

So I ventured out the other day to Atlantic Station to investigate the Athleta store.  I always receive their catalog and to be honest haven’t paid it much attention till now.  Flicking through it, what really appeals to me is the variety of clothing they offer – not just capris and tanks for gym wear – but they also have – dare I say it – ‘lounge wear’ and ‘travel attire’.  Don’t shoot me, but here is why I love it.  Sometimes I do just want to hang out at home in sweats – BUT not sweats that have a brand emblazoned across my butt, or elsewhere for that matter.  I still want to look cute in my, here we go again, ‘lounge wear’.  As for traveling – there is nothing worse than sitting on a 9hr transatlantic flight in skinny jeans, no matter how stretchy they are.  But I refuse to wear sweatpants and Uggs.  Plus on my trips abroad – especially for summer vacation I love to have something easy to throw on that can be packed rolled up, and will not reach it’s destination completely creased.

They don’t have too many bricks and mortar stores right now (though owned by Gap I expect real estate will be no problem, and they seem to be popping up stores where ever there is a Lululemon close by!).  The one here at Atlantic Station is HUGE.  It is beautifully merchandised, has great spacious changing rooms, and the staff are fabulous.  Nothing was too much trouble.  No pretentious yogis here.

These Allegro pants were what I really wanted to try.  They are super light weight, have a great stretchy waistband and I walked away with a black pair.  Ideal for travel and at home.  I love them.  As a note I got in a US 4 bottoms and size small tops so I suggest they fit on the larger side!


I also love these capri skorts – the ‘seamless skirts got legs‘ –  and will be trying them as soon as they are in store.


Their dresses are also great – especially for hot Atlanta summers and for summer vacations.  I have my eye on this ‘Twist and Turn maxi‘ for Cyprus this summer.


On another note – my paranoia about the sun is growing annually.  I’ve heard too many horrifically sad stories recently and so I plan to be more guarded on the beach.  I have completely fallen in love with their rashguards.  Perfect protection, and also pretty darned cute too!


As for today, well it seems a long way to go till beach weather that’s for certain.  I’m wearing the Boden velvet trim blazer from 2011, Boden Must Have Jumper in blackberry layered over an H&M tank, Hudson skinnies and my Newburys.  The scarf is also Boden from 2011.



Boden are currently having a Spring Trim – 15% off selected items – and this stacks when you use my banner ads!  Enjoy:)


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11 thoughts on “A new obsession.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I wonder if they will come to the UK? I can’t think of any brand that does that kind of gear there…where would you shop for work out or leisure stuff there?

  1. Sue

    Is a rashguard just a sun cover up garment?

    I have to say I’m one of those who don’t sweat – I don’t come anywhere near to sweating when I “work out” which I don’t. I’ve been banned from taking out any gym memberships too because I don’t use them after the initial consultation. Besides, I have lots of stairs in my house to run up and down to keep fit :o)

    Love the colours on this outfit. I was thinking I was a bit premature thinking about summer clothes today as it was sleeting outside.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Yes it’s a top for wearing over a bikini top or alone if you have no boobs:) It gets it’s name from wind surfing – I think it protects from getting a rash when you’re on the board:) JCrew have some gorgeous ones too – we’re all getting overly paranoid – sun cream isn’t enough these days!

  2. The Flaky Fashionista

    My sister in Boston brought Athleta to my attention recently and browsing on their website I saw lots of really nice things … and this is speaking as someone who is hugely averse to exercise of any sort!! Those ‘lounge’ pants are really nice and in fact the maxi dress you picked out for Cyprus looks really lovely too. I wonder when the stores will hit this side of the ocean? Given how long we had to wait for Gap in Ireland (only here a few years). I won’t be holding my breath!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      They’ve been around here for a while but mainly as a catalog company – their stores are very experiential – they hold yoga classes and have a resident yoga instructor etc….lots of fun!

  3. cc

    Athleta does have nice merchandise, and they will be opening up new stores (part of Gap’s growth strategy). I have bought merchandise on and off from their catalogues for awhile. They also have nice acitve-wear flip-flops and sandals. I sometimes buy workout clothes from Title Nine as well, and for rash guards/board shorts from Patagonia. Love your styling with your outfit. I’m a big fan of the Must-Have Jumpers.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I love them too – I have a few:) I just found some gorgeous rash guards on the JCrew site too:)

  4. dinagideon

    I have worn athleta for years, but stopped buying from them after I had CW. I think it was because I had enough workout gear. LOL. 😉 But hands down, most comfortable clothing ever.

    I adore your outfit, very chic!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thank you Dina!! I’ve never had any of their clothing before but the Allegro trousers are fabulous – SO comfortable and the added bonus is they don’t attract dog hairs – I have to wear stuff in the house that won’t get covered in my Boxers’ hair!:)

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