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Cirque du Soleil and Columbus Day sales!

We’re on Fall break here till Tuesday. Its a new break they have introduced into the school calendar year and I love it! Previously we have gone from early August to Thanksgiving with no break – which take it from me – is a LONG slog. These few days off give us time for some well earned r&r in the perfect Fall weather that we’re enjoying.

Last night we took the children to Cirque du Soleil and all I can say is AMAZING! We saw them a couple of years ago at the same venue – a huge chapiteau erected down at Atlantic Station. I say huge but once inside it is remarkable how close you are to the action, they are masters at involving the audience in the story. If you ever have the chance to go and see a Cirque du Soleil show go! I was skeptical before my first show but these guys even make juggling a jaw dropping experience!

cirque du soleil

Sneakers – Adidas Stan Smiths // Skirt – Mango leather drawstring skirt // Top – AllSaints (old but similar here)

My friends on Instagram mentioned how well my black eye has healed up – I have to say Bare Minerals concealer is the BEST – it literally conceals any blemish! Plus it is in powder form so never looks caked on – check it out the next time you walk into a glass door!

Fall break coincides with Columbus Day here which is on Monday. Another excuse for retailers to punt their Fall clothes. Don’t miss out on the following fabulous sales that are currently underway!

AllSaints – 20% off select items using OCTOBER

J.Crew – 30% off using WEEKENDPLANS

J.Crew Factory – 50% off entire site

Piperlime – 20% off with FALL20


leather skirt

Sneakers – Adidas Samoas // Skirt – Mango leather skirt // T-shirt – J.Crew (old but similar here)



Some H&M treasures.

It’s been a crazy week.  Mostly spent cleaning and preparing to host all of the kindergarten parents, then cleaning and recovering!  The party was fun though and I was relieved to find that many of the parents are as odd as we are:)

This morning I had my annual physical so after being prodded, pricked and poked (oo-er misses) I was in desperate need of some retail therapy.  I headed down to Atlantic Station to our big H&M store, convincing myself that it would be a great place to find a present for a party that Poppy is heading to today.  Of course I had to take a peek at the women’s section which conveniently you have to walk through to get to the kids’ section!  It’s actually a bit of a minefield choosing clothes for someone else’s eight year old, especially as I am basing my choices on Poppy’s current obsessions.  She loves anything with animals or leopard print (I wonder who she takes after?) and H&M have animals in abundance!

So before heading up to the children’s section here’s what I found myself with – nothing I wore goes with what I bought – forgive me – not how I plan to style them!

This great shaggy gilet may not be everyone’s cup of tea – but I love the fact it is longer and shaggy – though we’ll see how much dust and dirt gets trapped in it!  I used to have a coat just like it bought on Portobello Market years ago that my Husband loved!  I can’t see it online right now but it was $69 and there are similar here.  Oh it’s big too – this is a small.



This is also a small – again $69 – a great coatigan with a cocoon shape.  I think this will look great with skinny black jeans and ankle boots.



Finally I loved this sweater with a silky print front.  I love the greenish color of the snake print – it coordinates with my petrol newbury boots perfectly!  This is a medium – I think H&M sizing is definitely on the large side!  Again sorry I can’t see it online.


And here is what I wore today!  Probably still too warm for a jacket but I wanted to wear it!:)

Mango trousers Zara jacket Trousers – Mango (old) // Top – TopShop camisole ($10 from Nordstrom!) // Jacket – Zara (old) // Shoes – Lotta from Stockholm clogs


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What to do on a grey Friday.

With tropical storms/depressions passing through the Atlanta Metro all week, yesterday continued with dark clouds, heavy rain and warm temperatures.  The weather in the UK looks far preferable and I never thought I’d be saying that sitting here!  So what to do on a grey Friday?  Why what else but head to the shops?  Just for a browse mind.

Actually I had a top to return to Athleta.  Their return policy is fabulous.  I bought a sweater a while ago, and I’d worn it a couple of times but found it a tad itchy.  It had sat in my closet taking up space so I decided to test their ‘anytime, any reason’ policy.  They gave me a full refund yesterday!  Pretty good hey?

So while I was down in Atlantic Station I popped into H&M for a browse.  I left with nothing.  Nothing I tell you.  The main reason is that I leave for the UK in a week and a half – I know what I’m packing, well pretty much, and I can’t add anything to that pile.  With heading to Cyprus after Bury, I’ll be out of the country for a bit, so there’s really no point in having a ‘new’ item hanging in the closet unworn.  Travel is great for curbing my spending – until I get to the Trafford Centre that is.

I did however spot some gorgeous items on my wander through H&M.  I just wish they wouldn’t try and cram so much on the racks – it’s so frustrating trying to find a size in there!  As they still don’t have online shopping capabilities here in the US here are some snaps of my top picks if I were buying.

This dress was the perfect nude blush – the pattern is hard to make out here – but so subtle and girly for summer.


LOVE this embellished top – perfect with white jeans.


Okay so I’m going to say Marant again – but these jeans are very Marant – gorgeous embroidery on the legs – if it was the Fall I would have bought these.


I love the Divided section of H&M for cheap and cheerful tees – this animal print tank is lovely.


How perfect!  Neon and animal print shorts – a great weight fabric too.


I have several of these tank dresses that I use for layering in the cooler months – they are great under sweaters with skinny jeans.  The new colors they had yesterday were lovely – yet more neon.


This t-shirt is so me – pink and grey, what’s not to love?  Why the pocket – why, why, why do we need pockets on our boobs?  Gap and J.Crew are guilty of doing this too – please NO pockets.  Just $10 though – I could have picked the pocket off at that price I guess.


This maxi skirt was divine – lovely light weight jersey for the summer – but only XS left in our store here.  If I see this in the UK I think I’ll buy it.


After H&M I nipped into The Gap.  As I’ve mentioned I am completely enamored with The Gap at the moment.  Their neons, cuts and fabrics have led me straight back to their door this summer after not buying from them for nearly 5 years.  They just got so boring with their chinos and white shirts.

Currently they have a tonne of t-shirts and shorts on sale, and all weekend in the US there is 25% off online.  My favorite this season are still their sunwashed t-shirts that are now in the sale.  Gap do fit big though, and even with my boobs I’m a small in their t-shirts.

sunwashed tshirt


Browsing done, I headed off to get the kids from camp and take Poppy for her dentist appointment.  We have the best pediatric dentist ever and after two new sealants Poppy was still grinning.  My lovely Husband finished work early and we all trooped off to try Yeah! Burger on the Westside – my favorite spot in Atlanta.  It was perfect.  Great food, great margaritas, great company – sitting on a covered porch as the torrential rain passed over.  Another steamy summer afternoon in Atlanta.

IMG_4017 IMG_4019


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A new obsession.

So I like to work out.  I also like to ‘dress the part’ and ‘look cute’ while working out – if possible when sweating buckets, huffing and puffing and as red as a beetroot – I don’t do ‘low impact’.  My favorite brand of work out gear for some time has been Lululemon.  They do fabulous fabrics for wicking and support, great colors, cute prints, and I LOVE their skorts.  Over the past few months though there has been some concern over their colors ‘bleeding’ in the wash.  There have been LOTS of comments on their FB page and their CEO even addressed quality issues.  I have noticed the trim on a couple of my beloved skorts that have changed color:(  Now I’m not ready to abandon Lululemon, but the quality concerns and their more mainstream presence i.e. seeing everyone in the same gear, has made me question whether the extra cost is worth it at all.

So I ventured out the other day to Atlantic Station to investigate the Athleta store.  I always receive their catalog and to be honest haven’t paid it much attention till now.  Flicking through it, what really appeals to me is the variety of clothing they offer – not just capris and tanks for gym wear – but they also have – dare I say it – ‘lounge wear’ and ‘travel attire’.  Don’t shoot me, but here is why I love it.  Sometimes I do just want to hang out at home in sweats – BUT not sweats that have a brand emblazoned across my butt, or elsewhere for that matter.  I still want to look cute in my, here we go again, ‘lounge wear’.  As for traveling – there is nothing worse than sitting on a 9hr transatlantic flight in skinny jeans, no matter how stretchy they are.  But I refuse to wear sweatpants and Uggs.  Plus on my trips abroad – especially for summer vacation I love to have something easy to throw on that can be packed rolled up, and will not reach it’s destination completely creased.

They don’t have too many bricks and mortar stores right now (though owned by Gap I expect real estate will be no problem, and they seem to be popping up stores where ever there is a Lululemon close by!).  The one here at Atlantic Station is HUGE.  It is beautifully merchandised, has great spacious changing rooms, and the staff are fabulous.  Nothing was too much trouble.  No pretentious yogis here.

These Allegro pants were what I really wanted to try.  They are super light weight, have a great stretchy waistband and I walked away with a black pair.  Ideal for travel and at home.  I love them.  As a note I got in a US 4 bottoms and size small tops so I suggest they fit on the larger side!


I also love these capri skorts – the ‘seamless skirts got legs‘ –  and will be trying them as soon as they are in store.


Their dresses are also great – especially for hot Atlanta summers and for summer vacations.  I have my eye on this ‘Twist and Turn maxi‘ for Cyprus this summer.


On another note – my paranoia about the sun is growing annually.  I’ve heard too many horrifically sad stories recently and so I plan to be more guarded on the beach.  I have completely fallen in love with their rashguards.  Perfect protection, and also pretty darned cute too!


As for today, well it seems a long way to go till beach weather that’s for certain.  I’m wearing the Boden velvet trim blazer from 2011, Boden Must Have Jumper in blackberry layered over an H&M tank, Hudson skinnies and my Newburys.  The scarf is also Boden from 2011.



Boden are currently having a Spring Trim – 15% off selected items – and this stacks when you use my banner ads!  Enjoy:)


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Off to join the circus.

We had the most amazing day yesterday.  To start the Thanksgiving Holiday I got tickets for us to see Totem by Cirque du Soleil.  Each year they put up a Big Top down in Atlantic Station, and I’ve always wanted to go, but in previous years I’ve been aware that the children were just too young to sit though it.  This year though at 4 and 6 – I thought it was worth taking a chance.

I got the cheap seats – which as it turned out were not bad seats at all.  As it is in a Big Top it is really intimate and wherever you sit you have a great view as everything takes place in the ring below and in the air above.  It was a thrilling show.  Years ago my Mum and Dad used to take me to Blackpool Circus, and it took me back to the good old days of acrobats and clowns, like Charlie Cairoli.  In fact I was reminded of the year we went for my birthday and I was invited down to the ring to meet Charlie – fantastic until panic set in when I had to find my seat again – I had no idea where my Mum and Dad were sat when I looked up at what seemed like a million spectators!  A couple of years ago I took Poppy and Hugh to see Ringling Bros. circus – I have to say I HATED it.  The use of animals and the look of sheer misery on their faces turned me completely off it.  I swore I’d never go to another circus with animals again.

I left Totem wondering why we had left it so long, the four of us watched the whole show spell bound.  At some points in the show I was so in awe of their performances I was moved to tears – yeah I’ve said before I cry easily.  The whole performance including the music was incredible.  When they gave their encore at the end, all dancing together and grinning ear to ear, it took all my will power to stop me jumping up and running down there to join them.  Surely there’s a job for me with them doing something?

It turned out to be a stunning day here too – and MM giggled asking me whether I was off to the circus or the opera when he saw me wearing my new faux fur from Target🙂  I love it and wore it over my Boden slouchy merino jumper and Gap black jeggings (of which they now have some gorgeous colored jegging cords).  The boots are my favorite Fryes – the Jane Tall Cuff – which I never wear cuffed and the scarf is from Zara.

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A week of family fun?

I’ve no idea how it got to the week before Thanksgiving.  All of a sudden I am panicking about the children being home for a week and needing to organize activities, food, and of course prepare for Thanksgiving Day itself.  Since being in the US Thanksgiving has become our favorite holiday.  You get to eat, drink and be merry without any of the material aspects of Christmas.  We love it.

With a 6 year old and 4 year old I find a week at home for the four of us requires planning in order to avoid the cries of ‘I’m bored’ – and that’s just from me.  For the first time we’ve bought tickets for Cirque du Soleil.  We went for the cheap seats in case the children can’t sit still through the whole show.  I’m really looking forward to it so let’s hope it’s good!  MM and I are planning an itinerary of all sorts of trips and adventures for the week, heading North, South, East and West from Atlanta, and avoiding any kind of retail outlet.  Thanksgiving Day will consist of the usual – watching the Macy’s parade, some football and then a fabulous meal of roast turkey with all the trimmings and some good wine.  No Atlanta half marathon for me this year due to injury, lack of training and laziness – but I’m quite looking forward not having to be up at the crack of dawn.

I mentioned MM and I went to Atlantic Station on Friday – an outdoor mall in midtown.  It has a huge H&M and I nipped in to get the kids some hat and glove sets, which unfortunately they didn’t have.  Not wanting to waste a trip I had a quick peak at the Grey Concept that was just arriving.  To be honest I was disappointed with the choice available – they told me they were expecting more – but I did manage to grab the grey long skirt in my size for $18.  I rarely wear long skirts – I had a Diesel one back in the 90’s that I bought from Harrods – a complete splurge back then – but I lived in it.  This H&M one is great for the price – perfect color, fits well, has good stretch so it’s not restrictive.  It’s a little thin but with grey tights underneath it works well.  Keeping with the grey theme I’m wearing my AllSaints grey Godiva cardigan bought in the sale back in June from the Trafford Center.  The white top is Zara and the scarf is my animal print favorite from H&M.  I have a couple of pairs of boots that would have worked but I opted for comfort and chose the Frye Jenna studded in grey – love these.

How do you keep the family busy when everyone is home?

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Lunch date.

This week has dragged!  The cold probably hasn’t helped but I sure am happy to get to Friday.  The added bonus today is that MM got to take some time off too.  Of course his idea of a fun morning is shopping – NOT – but I persuaded him to nip down to Atlantic Station with me to the local West Elm to look at vanities/dressing tables.

For nearly 20 years I have been in search of the most perfect dressing table.  I see it in my head but cannot find it anywhere.  I want a modern design, clean lines, drawers for storage – but it must also allow for a chair to be pulled up like a desk.  Now all the vanities I can find here are very traditional and ornate, with large overwhelming fixed mirrors.  Surely us contemporary girls need somewhere to apply our make-up too?  I thought, online, I had found the perfect answer – the mirrored Parsons desk from West Elm.  Unfortunately, having seen it in real life, $599 is ridiculously expensive for this piece.  I don’t mind paying $600 for the right dresser but not for something that looks and feels cheap:(  So on we go, hunting for my perfect dresser.  Maybe I need to just get a carpenter out to create my vision?

The Parsons desk, West Elm:

We have just got back from lunch at Houston’s – my new favorite lunch spot.  It’s lovely and cosy and dark…perfect for a Fall lunch.  Two crab cakes and a glass of suavignon blanc later I am feeling remarkably chipper.  As I was having ‘a day out’ I decided to make a bit of an effort clothes wise.  I chose the Zara grey harem pants, Zara animal print t-shirt (no longer online), Sam Edelman Louie boots in rose taupe and finally the Boden blossom tipped blazer (some sizes left in clearance) from SS 2012.  My favorite combination of colors – grey and pink – and yes I LOVE harem trousers right now – so comfy:)



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A visit to H&M.

H&M has had a huge store here in Atlanta for a few years now down at Atlantic Station and I recently discovered there is also one at Cumberland Mall.  I never used to shop there much when I lived in the UK, but having been introduced to their children’s clothing I found myself appreciating their cheap, disposable fashion more and more.  When MM and I used to venture out more often (we’re much happier watching t.v. and cuddling on the sofa these days) I could always count on H&M for a fabulous, cheap dress that would work for a one off occasion.

Having reviewed some of my recent posts I realized that my uniform of skinny jeans and patterned pants was getting a bit old, and with the onset of colder weather I find myself pining to wear snuggly tights and a dress.  Now Boden tunics have always been my go to, but I fear I have OD’d.  I’ve recently had a great clear out of all my tunics, and though I did order the collared tunic recently, it worked on me like a lead balloon – NOT flattering in the slightest on my busty, waistless, hipless frame.  So I am still in search of great weekend/day dresses that aren’t too long, are jersey or knitted so they work on my frame, and can preferably be worn with leggings or tights.  Hence I took a rare wander through H&M at the weekend.  I felt like I was cheating with a Swede behind my Spanish lover’s back…but it was fun:)

Here’s what I found – it’s neither jersey or knitted, nor do I think it will work with leggings but it is a stunner!  Above the knee, full of fabulous colors and it will work with black or burgundy tights, plus at $35 it is a steal!

There’s also a cute tunic version of the dress for those days when a fitted dress is not going to be comfortable enough!

These t-shirt dresses are fab – though I would venture to say too short with tights – better with leggings worn as a long t-shirt.  The website only shows this color but in store they had grey, burgundy and green stripe too.  At $14.95 they are worth one in every color.

Finally this knitted dress was perfect – I love the asymmetrical hem, again though a little too short at the front for my years to wear it as a dress – but I particularly love the black and the brown melange – both would look great with black leggings – again a great price at $25!

Very impressed I have to say H&M…I will be back for a gander soon once I let Zara know about us.


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