Boden Spring Picks

After the launch of the Boden Spring 2013 season yesterday, I spent quite a lot of time surfing the Boden site – well it would be rude not to.  I’d briefly seen the preview site late last year but chose not to order then – my wants/needs/wishes always change so even with the 20% discount I wasn’t tempted.  It was lovely to navigate through the new season at my leisure.

My first impressions after a couple of hours surfing the site are:

1.  I LOVE the color palette used – the yellows, blues and soft reds really speak to me for Spring and Summer.

2.  I love the knits like the Notting Hill jumper – just a shame I can’t wear them here in the spring when it’s already climbing to the 80s.

3. Where are all the tunics? – Normally my staple, go to items for summer dresses and so far only two styles to choose from:(  The Breton tunic does nothing for me with the contrast pockets I’m afraid – the pockets are an unnecessary distraction.  I’d probably take it in all 4 colors if it weren’t for the pockets!

Unusually for me – my top picks are mainly accessories.  I’ll take the leather folded clutch in every color please!  What a fantastic, versatile bag for all occasions.  The Greengage, Sunset and black are top picks for me.


The oil cloth bag is another favorite.  I bought my first Boden oil cloth tote last year and it has turned out to be the best bag ever – easy to keep clean and dry, stylish and Tardis like in it’s ability to hold everything – a true Mary Poppins bag.  I love this season’s irregular spot and have my eye on these two to use for my various trips this year.  I also think the folded leather clutch will drop easily into either of these so you can carry a bag for all occasions.


Given all the Boden in my closet I only own one dress – the cream sixties dress from a couple of years ago.  I struggle with their dresses given my boobage and lack of hips, plus I don’t wear a dress very often anyway.  Having said all that I LOVE this drop waist dress.  It’s almost the antithesis of Boden given the muted colors and absence of pattern – but I think it’s really youthful and looks a really comfortable, yet sassy dress.  I’d like this in grey and black please.


Finally a beautiful neutral scarf – with my 15% off it might be worth nabbing now at just $23.80 – the chincilla color is lush!


What have you seen that you’ve ordered or are lusting over?  Don’t forget to click on the banner here for 15% off plus free shipping – grab them while they are in stock!  Oh – and some new items are on promotion this week with 20% off and this 15% code stacks!  Apparently there will be a different selection of items every week with 20% off – I love it!  Take a look at the short rainy day mac (gorgeous in yellow) or the palazzo jumper for example!

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20 thoughts on “Boden Spring Picks

  1. Sharon

    Hi, love your picks – always helps to see the season through new eyes 😉 spotty bag + fold over bag = great justification for 2 new bags, I like!
    Is your code US only?

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Hi Sharon!! I think it is US only – but if you are ordering from other locations and have an iPad – download the current app – it gives you 15% too I think! Enjoy:)

  2. cc

    I love the new Boden clutch as well as the dro waist dress. I did preorder both of those. I think that the clothing line is split – some winter or early spring and some late spring items. It seems as if there should be a couple of roll-outs instead of one. Maybe this would account for the lack of tunics (and hopefully those will be in the summer roll-out). Anyway, I did purchase the Notting Hill Jumper becasue I live in the northeast and winter just goes on and on and on…..Thanks for your picks!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Oooh – what color did you get in the dress and the bag? I’m really tempted by the sunset bag…Which Notting Hill knit did you get too?

      1. cc

        In the dress, I purchased the grey and black, and in the clutch, I purchased the navy and tan (although I may return if the tan is too “orangey” although I love the lime trim on the bag). They also have the bag in a stone with a pink/red trim which I don’t believe they had at the preview. I think that I am going to also purchase the black clutch. The sunset is a real pretty color. I am just being boring and practical since I could use the other bags year round. Although, the sunset would be beautiful mid-winter. In the Notting Hill Jumper, I purchased the pewter colour block (I’m a big “pewter” fan). It is an extra 20 off right now, very attractive price if you’re on the fence as you can always return. I’m also looking at the Canonbury Coat which is also an extra 20 off and is a bit over $100, down from $148.

      2. Poppy's Style Post author

        I LOVE the Canonbury coat and keep looking at that too…trying to stay away from the site right now as I may end up ordering all the clutches! I’m hoping it will be 20% off one week in which case I might just do that. I love the pewter Notting Hill knit too – I’m just not sure I need another long jumper as I have two of the slouchy merino jumpers from last season…aaagh the temptation is awful!

  3. deadleighsims

    Notting Hill jumper for me too – I’ll be wearing it now! Also got the Hotchpotch Breton, Colourblock bag, lime spot scarf and the grey suede plimsolls, but some of the order may be returned due to tight funds!!

      1. Honor

        I’ve ordered the black clutch too! They are the stand out items for me this season out of everything. Also ordered the long sleeve navy breton and lightweight scarf in menthe – never been one for boden dresses particularly, but do like the look of that plain one you’ve highlighted above.

      2. Poppy's Style Post author

        I think the clutches are such a fabulous design – especially as you can wear them cross body too with a long strap. I ordered two scarves – I hope they are lovely and soft! Let me know what you think when they arrive!

  4. evi

    I like their spring range so much better than their A/W range… that´s because of the colors, those autumn colors make me look sick 😉 so I love the new pastell colors…
    The oil cloth tote is tempting me too, but I can´t decide which color I like the most.
    I´m also thinking about the Ledbury Dress and the Textured Ponte Dress and the Grecian Tee…AND they´re going to have my favourite, the Loulou Dress in Pink 🙂
    Oh my gosh, I realize I should have started saving much sooner…. 😉

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Oh they’re bringing the Loulou back?! How did you find that out!? I loved it but it hated me – it was so unflattering on my apple figure. I know about saving – I didn’t think I’d want anything and now Spring clothes look so tempting! x

  5. Di

    Hi Poppy, love your picks! I was disappointed there are only two tunics… I just received my Preview order earlier today – I ordered both tunics and the empire line top (which looked quite long on the model). The Breton tunic is on a few days delay so can’t comment on that yet, the printed jersey tunic was VERY straight up and down so no good for me with big hips and thighs! Also I wasn’t keen on the piece of extra material going across the bustline. But the surprise hit for me is the empire line top – it is fab – great fabric, hangs beautifully and covers the bum splendidly! Slightly longer at the back than front which is extra flattering! Would highly recommend it! My other top fave is the Hotchpotch jumper in Gold – it’s gorgeous – I am returning for a bigger size though as it fits true to size and I want it to look a bit baggy with jeans. The sparkle textured jumper is also gorgeous but a lot shorter and I am a bit concerned about gold thread pulling. The straightleg jeans in almond are my other keeper, they’re a great fit. Biggest disappointment was the vintage shirt dress in the gold colour – just too short on me even in long it was half way over my knees – it really needs to fall below to do it justice! 🙂 Di xx

  6. dinagideon

    Great choices. I love the accessories you chose. I always forget to look at all the colors of the accessories, often the Boden team will put up the least pretty color, and I am not tempted to look any further…

    I can’t believe how quickly you received the sunset clutch…that one must have come from PA, yes? I have yet to receive a single Spring item…even my son’s pants which were definitely sent from PA. I also have yet to receive some clearance items I ordered on 12/31. Sigh. LOL.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Yes it came from PA – hopefully they have more stock there this year – I just ordered a bunch of stuff for Hugh and it is all on its way from PA too so good news! I hate the shipping time from the UK! Patience my dear…x


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