Wish it was time for school!!

We’re climbing the walls here.  MM is back at work and I am going stir crazy with 2 little ones at home.  Yesterday we spent the morning at the Y and then had a play date to keep them busy.  Today we headed out to Zoo Atlanta.  Far too cold for most animals to be out but at least my animals got to run around and let off some steam for a couple of hours.  They are now in front of The Aristocats for the afternoon:)

It was nice to get dressed after a day in work out gear – though it was definitely a day for layering.  I chose the emerald green Zara jeans – in the sale at $30 – (I dreamed about wearing them – I must be outfit planning in my sleep now…), paired with my H&M stripe t-shirt dress with my fab Boden Off Duty jumper.  I really do love the neck on this – really snuggly for a cold day like today – though I had to de-feather it after wearing it under my puffa the other day in NYC.  The boots are some old favorites – Frye Shirley over-the-knee.  They are buttery soft and super comfy because they are nice and flat – a beautiful riding boot that I also own in taupe.  Hurry quick to Zappos.com here as they’re reduced by nearly $100!


So before we headed out I donned my J.Crew cashmere hat, H&M wrist warmers and a favorite coat from last year.  It’s a faux sheepskin waterfall coat from Marks & Spencer.  I bought it in their coat sale last December when I was back home.  I love it – really warm and stylish.  This might be the one that comes to the UK with me in February.  This is the closest to it I can see online, and online it is sold out, at just 30GBP in the sale.  If you are in the UK there may still be some in store – worth checking out!


Now please send oodles of patience my way as I resolve conflicts over movie preferences….


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6 thoughts on “Wish it was time for school!!

  1. Martha Merrill Wills

    I’m not sure I could pull off the over the knee boots, but buttery soft is appealing! At nearly $100? Very appealing!

    My kiddos went back to school yesterday. It was time!!!!!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I wish they were just $100 – but I meant reduced by nearly $100:) Lucky you to have your routine back – I can’t wait for mine to return on Monday! xx

  2. cclayton65

    Ooh hello! Found your blog quite by chance, I’m another exiled near-Mancunian, although not so far removed as you…I live in London. I love your blog! Look forward to dropping by again soon! Caroline

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Welcome and thanks for stopping to comment too!! We lived in London for a long time – in fact I think I did one of my early posts back last year on my time in London! We still have our flat in Spitalfields where we ended up before moving here. The North/South divide is similar to the one here – though in reverse!:)

      1. cclayton65

        I looked at the post you mentioned…I used to be a Camden girl too, back in the day …met my husband at a gig there!
        He and I had a long road trip to the deep South of the USA backin 2000. We had a quick pit stop in Atlanta, staying two nights in Marietta with old family friends!

      2. Poppy's Style Post author

        So funny how paths cross! We used to live on Camden Square – long walk to the tube and from Sainsbury’s with lots of bags:) Lot of our friends live in Marietta!

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