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We’re going to the zoo, zoo…

Blimey it ain’t half hot mum!  In the mid 90s today and of all days we decide to head to the zoo.  With just about every other family in Atlanta it seemed!  It was fabulous though – we know the zoo like the back of our hands now so we took a leisurely stroll around our favorite spots including the tigers, wart hogs and pandas.  We were very excited to hear a panda has just had twins – the first to be born in the US in over 30 years!  I even let Hugh and Poppy ride on the carousel which I normally avoid due to queues:)  They’ve promised me a relaxing evening tonight in return…we’ll see…

Atlanta Zoo TopShop trousers

Trousers – TopShop // Top – J.Crew (really old) // Sandals – Zara (just $15 in the sale!!)

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Wish it was time for school!!

We’re climbing the walls here.  MM is back at work and I am going stir crazy with 2 little ones at home.  Yesterday we spent the morning at the Y and then had a play date to keep them busy.  Today we headed out to Zoo Atlanta.  Far too cold for most animals to be out but at least my animals got to run around and let off some steam for a couple of hours.  They are now in front of The Aristocats for the afternoon:)

It was nice to get dressed after a day in work out gear – though it was definitely a day for layering.  I chose the emerald green Zara jeans – in the sale at $30 – (I dreamed about wearing them – I must be outfit planning in my sleep now…), paired with my H&M stripe t-shirt dress with my fab Boden Off Duty jumper.  I really do love the neck on this – really snuggly for a cold day like today – though I had to de-feather it after wearing it under my puffa the other day in NYC.  The boots are some old favorites – Frye Shirley over-the-knee.  They are buttery soft and super comfy because they are nice and flat – a beautiful riding boot that I also own in taupe.  Hurry quick to Zappos.com here as they’re reduced by nearly $100!


So before we headed out I donned my J.Crew cashmere hat, H&M wrist warmers and a favorite coat from last year.  It’s a faux sheepskin waterfall coat from Marks & Spencer.  I bought it in their coat sale last December when I was back home.  I love it – really warm and stylish.  This might be the one that comes to the UK with me in February.  This is the closest to it I can see online, and online it is sold out, at just 30GBP in the sale.  If you are in the UK there may still be some in store – worth checking out!


Now please send oodles of patience my way as I resolve conflicts over movie preferences….


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Santa at the Zoo.

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days what with the Thanksgiving festivities.  Now the children are getting older I have to say it is getting more and more enjoyable.  It was fun watching Poppy hooked on the Thanksgiving Day parade while I was getting the turkey ready to go in the oven.  We were all very organized and sat down to eat early at 1.30 – at the request of MM so that he could justify eating leftovers later in the day.  In the evening we cracked open the box set of The West Wing – my those first episodes look dated now – but it was thoroughly enjoyable accompanied by a bottle of Barolo.

Yesterday we headed to some friends for their annual post Thanksgiving party that includes BBQ and a fun jam band.  The kids had a blast and let off some steam and I talked and talked all afternoon.

This morning we were up at the crack of dawn for a visit with Santa at the Zoo.  Now I know Santa is a busy guy at this time of year – but come on 8.30am??!  At least we had cookies and hot chocolate to warm us – it is freezing here today!  I’m now enjoying some alone time while everyone else is at the park riding their bikes.  It’s bliss – I’ve got the coffee pot on and Radio 2 playing and I may go and hold the sofa down for a minute or two:)

Poppy was very excited to select her perfect outfit for Santa this morning:

Hugh joining in the fun, somewhat under duress:

The all important lists which were an exercise in patience for Mom:

Hugh explaining to Santa that he is just going to stand next to him – under no circumstances is he sitting on his lap – smart boy:

Me wrapped up for the first winter day in Atlanta – my new Boden Iona coat which I love, over my Boden Must have jumper in blackberry, layered over a Hampton t-shirt (mine is a 2011 version), my Hudson skinnies, Frye Phillip studded harness, and snood/infinity scarf what ever you call them and wrist warmers are from H&M.  The bag is my ever loyal and trusty YSL Roady (couldn’t find a link to mine with the sting ray handle).

Believe it or not I didn’t buy anything on Black Friday – even though I had lots of fabulous offers arrive in my inbox – some of Net-a-Porter’s were very tempting – but I resisted.  Did you get anything?

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A stormy saturday

Well the weather is downright crappy in Atlanta today – it hasn’t stopped raining all morning and my daughter’s swimming lesson was canceled due to the thunder and lightning.  I somehow still managed to muster the motivation to head the gym after a week of inactivity.  Caring for a poorly child this week has meant my usual routine has gone out the window and I’ve been climbing the walls waiting to get out of the house again, so now I am feeling invigorated after a good session on the bike.

I find Atlanta a tough place to entertain kids when it is wet – so many of our activities as a family involve the outdoors like playing soccer at the park, walking by the river or heading to Zoo Atlanta. It might have to be a movie and popcorn day which I’m fine with but could mean another day in sweatpants for me:( I really am a girl that likes having a place to go so I can make an effort and pick out some lovely clothes to wear. When I’m at home I’m always in sweats or jeans mainly because every sofa I sit on these days runs the risk of being covered in dog hairs! Owning 2 boxers, who admittedly have very short hair, means I’m constantly sweeping, vacuuming and brushing furniture – but then I am the one that has allowed them on the sofa for a cuddle and I’m not sure if you’ve tried it but it’s really difficult to teach a dog that they can only get on the warm, comfy sofa when I’m there…

Last night was quite a lazy evening for us but my friendly UPS man did pay us a visit again a brought me these lovely new Tory Burch Eddies in Tory navy.  So much of my wardrobe for spring seems to be red and navy and I already have a pair of red Revas so just needed a navy pair too – yes I did say ‘needed’…I’ll tell more of my Tory Burch shoe obsession another time….

Tory Navy Eddies

Here’s the Boden tunic I forgot to post too yesterday – it’s the Chic Spotty tunic and I love it – ideal with skinny jeans or on it’s own and it’s a very slinky cotton knit – it feels lovely. I’m wearing it here with Tory Burch Eddies in musk which are currently in the sale and match perfectly.

Boden Chic Spotty Tunic

Today’s outfit after much debate consists of my AllSaints Decay top which must be out of stock as I can’t find it on the US site, Gap jeggings and Nike 6.0 Dunk high tops. I’m embarrassed to say that I bought the high tops after seeing this photo of Heidi Klum wearing them – the only other thing we now have in common is a hot Husband:) Poor Tennyson is staring out of the window waiting for the rain to stop too…

Heidi Klum High topsAllSaints, Gap, NikeNike 6.0

So here’s to a day at home where Daddy is baking cupcakes and the most challenging thing I have to do is choose a nail polish color…

Nail polishes

p.s. Sincere thanks to my 5 year old daughter who is relishing her new role as Mommy’s photographer.