At the Pumpkin Patch with the rest of GA!

Another beautiful, if busy day in Georgia.  After an early rise and a quick Skype call to the UK we headed North to Burt’s Pumpkin Patch.  With the rest of Georgia apparently.  In hindsight yes it was madness to go on a Sunday two weeks before Halloween, but we did it.  MM suffered the hay ride under duress and the kids loved it.  Two pumpkins later and a 90 minute drive home we swore we would never head to Burt’s again.  I’d rather grow my own pumpkins thanks.  The pumpkins are now carved and will sit on my front doorstep rotting till the 31st…I’m now remembering all the reasons why Halloween is my least favorite Holiday.

For the trip I wore my H&M sweater dress – it’s the L.O.G.G. label and was just $25, with my favorite Zara bordeaux skinny jeans.  Zara’s pants seem to be perfect these days – they have so much stretch it’s like wearing leggings.  Along with every other girl in Dawsonville I had my cowboy boots on – these are Frye Carson pull-ons in fawn – some of the first Fryes that I owned.  All topped off with an H&M nude sparkly scarf, and Prada sunglasses – I didn’t get the memo to take my mirrored wrap around sport shades – the most unflattering shades ever by the way.


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5 thoughts on “At the Pumpkin Patch with the rest of GA!

  1. Heather

    Hi Joanne, looking good as always. The Pumpkin Patch looks amazing. I have never seen anything quite like it. The American way of life certainly does look lovely! Heather x

  2. Martha Merrill Wills

    Joanna, I’ve been meaning to try the Zara skinny jeans, but I’m not sure about the fit of the skinny versus the super skinny stretch. I’m afraid my middle has gotten awfully soft without the running and I am tired of squeezing into my Genetics and Citizens (actually, all of my jeans really). What’s your take on the Zara’s? Do you go with your regular size too? You are the authority! 🙂

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Hi!! These are the ones I have – I don’t have any regular ‘blue’ jeans from Zara. I tend always size up a bit with them as they are designed for beanpoles – with these though I had to go down to a 6 as they are super stretchy and the 8 was huge on the waist. I have NO waistline so always find them a bit snug after washing but after a day of wearing they are perfect. I have to be honest I rarely wash jeans – unless they need it – they get comfier with each wear. Try the Hudsons too – super soft and stretchy and they do a mid-rise that is perfect for us Moms:) xx


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