A fun weekend!

Wow, considering I packed so much in, I feel like it was actually a long, restful weekend.  Friday afternoon I headed to a friend’s house for a play date for the kids and a wine date for the Moms.  Lots of fun indeed.  It’s a wonderful feeling when the children are old enough to play amongst themselves and the Moms can catch up…we were supervising – promise – bundled up in our puffer coats watching them play in the yard!  I did feel a bit guilty as I made my friend aware of some websites that were new to her – I think she had ordered a shirt, shorts and pants within 10mins of clicking:)

Saturday night MM and I went out together.  It was lovely.  He is lovely.  I’ve been enjoying my recent ‘girls nights out’ but there really is nothing better than a night out with the Husband, enjoying some great food, wine and conversation.  As I’m off back to the UK in a couple of weeks we decided to plan a few ‘date nights’ before I abandon ship.  I over indulged with oysters, shrimp and grits and a fine Rioja – perfect:)

I did, however, get a couple of jibes about my attire.  MM has a very wry sense of humor:)  For those of you familiar with British culture you will be more than aware of Blackadder.  Anyway MM wanted to know where Lord Melchett was when he saw me – cheeky s*d:)

The dress is Converse for Target, the fabulous fur vest is Skaist Taylor for the Neiman Marcus/Target collaboration from Christmas (no longer available on the Target website), and the boots are the Rag & Bone Newburys.  Really a dreadful photo but I was in a hurry – the cab had arrived!



Here’s a close up of the vest – the shoulders are fab-u-lous:



Sunday was of course Superbowl and I am thrilled the Ravens won – I’m completely crushing on Ray Lewis – he is so psyched before a game – and I will miss his pre-game dances next season.  Beyoncé killed it with her half time performance – totally amazing – she certainly silenced her critics.   How awesome to see Destiny’s Child back together too!

As for the ads – hmm – hated the Audi Prom ad – I thought it was totally irresponsible:

Loved the Dodge Ram Farmer ad though I’ll never buy a Dodge Ram:

I wanted to dislike the Budweiser ad as it was so sappy, but I saw it again this morning and it actually made me tear up – I think it has more to do with Stevie Nicks than the Clydesdale though.

The Doritos ads were hilarious.

Which was your favorite ad?  Any that irked you or moved you?


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10 thoughts on “A fun weekend!

  1. School Gate Style

    Looking great Joanna – as you know I’m a big fan of a fur gilet. Glad you had a great weekend. I’m still looking for a link to the Destiny’s Child performance. The NFL appear to have taken them all off YouTube 😦 Boo! Can’t wait to meet up in a couple of weeks!! Avril

  2. Martha Merrill Wills

    Dying to know which websites you shared with your mommy friend. I love that she found some things she wanted! p.s. the fur gilet is great. Totally missed it during the Target/NM colab.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Ha – just JCrew Factory – she didin’t know they had it online – oh and Athleta too:) I didn’t really think the NM/Target thing worked that well – they were just sticking a brand on cheaper goods – I did get the Rag & Bone hip flask to though which I love:)

  3. emma

    No way Edmond Blackadder, that gilet is just amazing and you look super chic in it. Watched some of the superbowl with my poorly 4 year old at 1 in the morning – he wanted to know why the men were wearing tights?


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