Local weather report.

I hate to sound like an amateur meteorologist, but the weather is throwing a spanner in the works.  Remembering it is still early January – this weekend it was 76 degrees Fahrenheit here!  Unseasonable to say the least.  Today it’s in the high 50s and chucking it down.  A flexible approach to wardrobe planning is required!

It turned out to be quite a sporting weekend in our household.  After my great night out on Friday, Saturday was spent sitting in a warm, steamy swimming pool watching my daughter compete – I was a tad dehydrated it has to be said.  Sunday was then spent cheering on the Atlanta Falcons as they won their play-off game – it was a nail biter and now we just have to face the 49ers to make it to the Superbowl!  So it was a weekend that required little thought regarding attire and I will admit I spent it in slouchy sweatpants – lovely.

Today I’ve gone for the jacket and t-shirt again.  The blazer is the fabulous Zara tartan jacket – I love this and it fits perfectly.  I feel really sharp in it.  The t-shirt is a $14 Forever 21 bargain.  Yes their tees are all synthetic but they are actually really soft and drapey – perfect under a blazer.  Jeans are the Hudson Collin skinnies, belt is Gucci and the sneakers are the Ash Gwen – perfect for a rainy day.


How was your weekend?

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5 thoughts on “Local weather report.

  1. School Gate Style

    That is mental weather! Our weekend was baltic but thankfully we had no snow, unlike the rest of the UK. Not a fan of tartan but you totally rock this jacket…I think it’s the wedge trainers that make it work so well. Enjoy your week and hopefully the weather will sort itself out over there…should you not have snow this time of year? Avril x

  2. dinagideon

    You always look so chic!

    We had warmer temps, but we were fog covered both Sat and Sun. We get fog from time to time, but in all the years I have lived here, I have never seen it this thick. It was a lot like your home–England!

    I remember the years of sitting and coaching swimming in mid-January and the condensation that would build up on the windows and doors of the pools was amazing. I hope you carry a nice big bottle of water next time… 😉

  3. Pauline McEllin Pichoff

    Weird warm temps here in SC too – made for a lovely weekend – barbeque with friends on Saturday evening – who would have thought that sitting out on the deck was an option in the middle of January!! Think it’ll be back to normal this weekend…….thinking of the past weekend as a “Spring Preview”!!

  4. Sue

    It snowed where I was today! I have to say that I love the tartan jacket on you and I’m really liking these blazer looks on you. Like the grey long sleeved tee too – I’ve found that some of the softest tees like the Splendid one I have are not even made of cotton – so that’s a bit of a turn up for the books.


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