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I love the 80s

I hope all you US folks had a great long Labor weekend – we certainly did – very relaxing with a baseball game thrown in there for some good fun too.  Most of it was spent around the pool which in turn leads me to one big gripe I have living over here – why are so many Americans uncomfortable with nudity?

I really think next time around I need to come back French or Scandinavian or similar.  Leaving the pool on Sunday we were reprimanded by the lifeguard for changing our children by the pool instead of using the nasty changing rooms (someone must have had a party in there the night before).  Another swimmer had complained about us.  Now feel free to disagree, but anyone who is offended by a 4 and 6 year old changing discretely by the pool has some real issues.  I’m neither a prude nor a frequent visitor of nudist beaches, but when in France I often sunbathe topless and the last thing I want is for my children to have any hang ups about their naked bodies, or anyone else’s for that matter.  I want them to retain their innocence and cavort naked when they please – in the appropriate setting of course.  Unfortunately this is not the first time I have encountered this kind of concern about nudity here.  Once in the Y a woman complained to another lady changing her 3 year old son in the ladies changing room.  The complainer actually said it was ‘like pornography’ – I stepped in irate that anyone could suggest this about a naked 3 year old.  I was so angry I was almost in tears.  Please get over it – we all have the same bits, relax and stop imposing your hang ups on everyone else.

We were lucky enough on Sunday evening to head to Turner Field to watch the Braves.  MM and I used to go to the baseball quite often before the children arrived.  It is a fun spectacle – great for people watching and enjoying a hot dog and a cold beer or two.  Sunday was the first time we had taken the children and in Chipper Jones’ last season it was an important game.  We all had a fabulous time with great seats close to home plate.  We left at the 7th innings as the children were getting tired and the Braves were heading for defeat…unfortunately we missed a cracking final innings when the Braves won with a home run from Chipper!

For the game I wore my J.Crew chambray spotty shorts, AllSaints Tilly t-shirt and fab Ash Thelma wedges.  It always surprises me how comfortable these shoes are.

Once again I am loving the 80s and today I feel very Nik Kershaw with my baggy Top Shop pants and Zara jacket with rolled up sleeves.  Even the Sam Edelman Alvin loafers have a retro feel about them.  I’d fit right in back at Live Aid.

One last note – I’ve just had a vent on one of the posts on The Frye Company’s Facebook page.  They have just released some boots in collaboration with Coach.  Why oh why would they do this??  It is a dangerous partnership if you ask me with my marketing head on.  I cannot believe that their research tells them the same people that buy Frye buy Coach.  I am so disappointed – Coach has become a masstige brand and I fear the halo effect will reduce the credibility of the Frye brand…What do you think about brand partnerships?


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On ice.

So it’s my birthday soon – I’m a fiery Leo – probably no surprise to most that know me, as we are renowned for our lack of modesty, patience and ability to be quiet – I make no apologies.  In the 20 years I have been with MM he has been overwhelmingly generous on my birthday and regardless of our circumstances he has always gone above and beyond to make it a special day for me – without any prompting I hasten to add.  This year, after my VERY extravagant 40th last year, I have asked him not to buy me anything – partly because of the huge expense of the house renovations and partly because I’d like any extra cash to go on furnishing my new walk in closet (so yes still all about me).

I did happen to be browsing though on some other WordPress blogs and found my birthday present for NEXT year!  I have been very lucky to have been gifted a couple of items from Cartier in the past few years – both from MM so he has raised the bar substantially.  I love their unusual, statement rings.  One of my favorite pieces of jewelry is my Cartier Trinity ring in white, rose and yellow gold – he bought this as a random, surprise gift – just because he loves me – I presume:)

So for next year I’m already hankering after the Juste un Clou ring.   I love it in silver – it’s an iconic 70s piece and looks fabulous with a little bit of ice:)  He reads my blog occasionally so nothing subtle about this ‘hint’!

Keeping with the ice theme I took Poppy to see ‘Ice Age: Continental Drift’ at the movies yesterday – cute as kids movies go, but I know I must be getting old when I sit and dissect a movie analyzing all the bits that have been stolen from other movies – there were the ubiquitous pirates and even Guinea Pigs that resembled Eewoks.  Ah well – Poppy isn’t to know yet and she seemed to enjoy it.  Knowing it was going to be icy in the movies with the crazy air conditioning most public places have I opted for another scarf.  This one is a gorgeous H&M scarf – great colors – really nude pastels – a little green, peach and pink in a very subtle rose print – I love it.  I wore it with my Top Shop asymmetrical t-shirt and Boden quail egg skinnies – these jeans are just fabulous and fit me perfectly.  The quail egg is like a mint color without being too green.  For a bit of neutrality I added my Tory Burch tan Emmy sandals.  Oh and two pieces of great news for us shopaholics – Top Shop is opening in Nordstroms throughout the country and H&M will start selling online in the US in October!

Today I know I am definitely flogging a dead horse with the scarf thing – this is a new scarf from H&M.  I nearly didn’t get it as I rarely wear blue but the blue in this scarf is so vivid and contrasts well with the nude/peach in the scarf – plus it’s animal print – so as with my addiction to all things grey marl I had to have it.  The photos show me wearing it with my new Boden Florence tunic from the sale.  Now I love these linen knit tunics, yes they are a little sheer but they’re not indecent and here in the heat and then frigid air conditioning they work a treat.  A bargain to boot at $26.40.  Again worn with my Tory Burch Emmys.

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Shopping with no kids!!!

After the harried shopping trip at the Trafford Center the other week I was determined to have a trip to the shops without the kids so this morning my sister and I ventured into Bury without 3 of our children but decided not to overwhelm Mum too much so took baby Tom with us – who was an absolute joy and slept the whole time!  Bury has been somewhat transformed in recent years and now hosts a Primark, H&M, Oasis and Top Shop so I was excited to experience some UK style and buy a couple of ‘souvenirs’:)

I have heard a lot about Primark‘s renaissance from my blogging buddies but had yet to visit a store myself.  I must admit I was a bit overwhelmed when I entered but knowing time was on my side I started to work through the store systematically.  I actually entered the changing room with quite a few tops – I think I was just terribly excited about seeing all the five pound stickers!  Some of it, I hate to have to say it, was just too ‘young’ for me – way too much mutton dressed as lamb going on.  I did leave however with two fabulously patriotic t-shirts that I can have fun wearing under a blazer or with shorts back home – I just wish the London bus was going somewhere more glamorous than Croydon.  The floral jeans that I have seen Doesmybumlook40 and Suburban Style endorsing were in the sale, also at five pounds, and I even though I am still extremely skeptical about them, I bought them – who can put a pair of jeans back on the rack that only cost a fiver??  That’s less than a margarita!

On then to H&M which of course I have access to in Atlanta but I wanted to do a compare and contrast.  If anything the prices are pretty similar when converted, the selection in Bury of course was just a wee bit limited.  Ever the conquering hero I still managed to walk out with 3 items.  I’d tried on a similar top to the grey one shown below in Express back in Atlanta – I love the ruching that is very flattering over a ‘yes I’ve had babies’ tummy.  The one in Express was $49.90 which I thought was pretty pricey and these in H&M were only 12.99GBP (have you guessed yet that I can’t find the pound sign on my laptop!).  Anyway I walked out with it in this gorgeous grey and a white one – both will pair perfectly with my Zara harem pants.

This dress caught my eye due to my love of prints and also the fact it’s a jersey dress with a fuller skirt – snapped up for just 12.99GBP – what a bargain!

Finally on to Top Shop.  I used to love going into their flagship store at Oxford Circus in my London days and had the best silver skinny trousers from there circa. 1995!  Anyway again the mutton radar kicked in so I avoided anything shiny but fell in love with this asymmetrical t-shirt and only 16GBP!

My final purchase was another risky one – they could make me look like a complete hippy or they could be the coolest, comfiest pants ever – I’m going to wear them to travel in on Sunday just so I can gauge MM’s reaction when he meets us – he was wearing pants like this in 1990.  Oh how fashions come around again.  Speaking of which the late 80s/early 90s are in full swing in Bury – I’ve never seen so many pairs of pants with elastic ankles paired with espadrilles – and that’s just on the boys – very Howard Jones:)

I headed out in my Express cropped black jeans which are super comfy and my AllSaints plume jumper, worn with an old H&M scarf – it started of fairly warm here but there are plenty of clouds rumbling over us!

Oh I forgot – there was one more purchase – a bag of Holland’s steak and kidney puddings – I can’t really leave the North West without having one can I?  So a fabulous haul and a fabulous morning with little sis.  Now on to an afternoon of drinking Pimms – well Wimbledon is on isn’t it?  I just cannot wait for the Tour de France to start this weekend!!

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