Shopping with no kids!!!

After the harried shopping trip at the Trafford Center the other week I was determined to have a trip to the shops without the kids so this morning my sister and I ventured into Bury without 3 of our children but decided not to overwhelm Mum too much so took baby Tom with us – who was an absolute joy and slept the whole time!  Bury has been somewhat transformed in recent years and now hosts a Primark, H&M, Oasis and Top Shop so I was excited to experience some UK style and buy a couple of ‘souvenirs’:)

I have heard a lot about Primark‘s renaissance from my blogging buddies but had yet to visit a store myself.  I must admit I was a bit overwhelmed when I entered but knowing time was on my side I started to work through the store systematically.  I actually entered the changing room with quite a few tops – I think I was just terribly excited about seeing all the five pound stickers!  Some of it, I hate to have to say it, was just too ‘young’ for me – way too much mutton dressed as lamb going on.  I did leave however with two fabulously patriotic t-shirts that I can have fun wearing under a blazer or with shorts back home – I just wish the London bus was going somewhere more glamorous than Croydon.  The floral jeans that I have seen Doesmybumlook40 and Suburban Style endorsing were in the sale, also at five pounds, and I even though I am still extremely skeptical about them, I bought them – who can put a pair of jeans back on the rack that only cost a fiver??  That’s less than a margarita!

On then to H&M which of course I have access to in Atlanta but I wanted to do a compare and contrast.  If anything the prices are pretty similar when converted, the selection in Bury of course was just a wee bit limited.  Ever the conquering hero I still managed to walk out with 3 items.  I’d tried on a similar top to the grey one shown below in Express back in Atlanta – I love the ruching that is very flattering over a ‘yes I’ve had babies’ tummy.  The one in Express was $49.90 which I thought was pretty pricey and these in H&M were only 12.99GBP (have you guessed yet that I can’t find the pound sign on my laptop!).  Anyway I walked out with it in this gorgeous grey and a white one – both will pair perfectly with my Zara harem pants.

This dress caught my eye due to my love of prints and also the fact it’s a jersey dress with a fuller skirt – snapped up for just 12.99GBP – what a bargain!

Finally on to Top Shop.  I used to love going into their flagship store at Oxford Circus in my London days and had the best silver skinny trousers from there circa. 1995!  Anyway again the mutton radar kicked in so I avoided anything shiny but fell in love with this asymmetrical t-shirt and only 16GBP!

My final purchase was another risky one – they could make me look like a complete hippy or they could be the coolest, comfiest pants ever – I’m going to wear them to travel in on Sunday just so I can gauge MM’s reaction when he meets us – he was wearing pants like this in 1990.  Oh how fashions come around again.  Speaking of which the late 80s/early 90s are in full swing in Bury – I’ve never seen so many pairs of pants with elastic ankles paired with espadrilles – and that’s just on the boys – very Howard Jones:)

I headed out in my Express cropped black jeans which are super comfy and my AllSaints plume jumper, worn with an old H&M scarf – it started of fairly warm here but there are plenty of clouds rumbling over us!

Oh I forgot – there was one more purchase – a bag of Holland’s steak and kidney puddings – I can’t really leave the North West without having one can I?  So a fabulous haul and a fabulous morning with little sis.  Now on to an afternoon of drinking Pimms – well Wimbledon is on isn’t it?  I just cannot wait for the Tour de France to start this weekend!!

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6 thoughts on “Shopping with no kids!!!

  1. dinagideon

    Shopping with no kids is my deepest desire some days. 🙂 I look forward to doing it again in the next three months. LOL.

    I have really enjoyed all your recaps from your vacation home. I only lived in England for six months in 1995 but remember those times (and the fab shopping!) fondly. I have been back a handful of times since, but not the same, you know?

    My favorite store in the UK for shopping (besides Boden, of course!) is Next and Dorothy Perkins. There is another one, but its name escapes me. I don’t even know if these stores still exist anymore (my last trip to the UK was in 2005), but they had some lovely items.

    I think your sales shopping was a success! Very very good prices, indeed.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Next is still going strong – one of my sister’s favorite places to shop and yes Bury has a Dorothy Perkins! I used to get all my school clothes from there once we didn’t have to wear uniforms! There used to be Chelsea Girl too and River Island…the styles worn over here aren’t too different from the US but everyone seems to dress more similarly here – not too many non-conformists unfortunately!

  2. Diane

    Glad you’re enjoying your trip back. I think primary is great for kids clothes especially for my daughter who’s 9 .i love Boden but she is a bit too old for a lot of the mini Boden deisigns and too young to fit into the teen Boden line, also Sadie loves it as it is a bit trendier than some other shops and she can buy an outfit with her pocket money ( like mother like daughter my hubby says) . Anyway love reading your blog as always


    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thanks Diane – I always love getting your comments! I can really see how a young girl would love Primark – I would have been in heaven when I was a teenager – especially as you say being able to afford clothes there with pocket money. I’d be in every week for a couple of 5GBP items. What I love even more about my purchases is that back in the US no one will know where they were from and how cheap they were lol!

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