Last supper.

Two weeks have flown by and tomorrow we will be leaving on a jet plane to return to soaring Atlanta temperatures.  We’ve had a fabulous vacation seeing family, days out, shopping trips and great food so it is bitter sweet that we head home to see Daddy and the dogs who have been missed greatly.  The bags are packed and yes I managed to squeeze in my ‘souvenirs’ though I have sacrificed MM’s tea bags – though we can buy them over there!

My brother and his family are heading over for dinner again so Mum is making one last family dinner for us all before we return next year – we’ve had lamb and beef so of course today it’s time for roast pork and crackling mmm!

I wish I had a long mirror to show you the Primark jeans in their full glory – they are definitely growing on me – especially now I have styled them with my white AllSaints Tilly t-shirt and my H&M linen top – more muted colors are definitely required with these jeans!

So see you soon back on the other side of the Atlantic!


Okay asked Poppy to take a photo for the legs – she would only take it sitting down while watching CBeebies so it is hideously unflattering and dark but here you go:)


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11 thoughts on “Last supper.

  1. Poppy's Style Post author

    I know – 2 weeks of rain too! You should see it here today – HUGE drops of rain lashing it down and it’s supposed to be triple digits back in Atlanta – something is going on with this global climate…Hope you manage to pick a pair up today – can’t go wrong for 5 quid:) x

  2. Nicky Hayward

    I think those jeans look fab, and I love the way you’ve styled them. And actually, the thing that stood out most to me in the photos was how healthy and tanned you look, compared to everyone else I’ve seen in this damp UK summer. I bet everyone you’ve seen here has commented on this too!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Oh Nicky you do say the nicest things:) The jeans are definitely a winner – I was very unsure at first but can actually see myself wearing them lots as they go perfect with browns/tans and white which I have a lot of in my closet. I did get a bit of sun while I was there but I tell you what the rain is preferable to the 100 degree heat I have returned too – it’s too hot to leave the AC!

  3. claire

    Haha, I have those floral jeans but OH and kids gave them a definite thumbs down. They are in a bag to give to my 14 yo niece, maybe I should give them one last try …

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      LOL – I was very skeptical at first and I think they look far better on than off styled with a slouchy top to tone down any fussiness. I was surprised by the reaction mine received – I thought my Mum and Dad would hate them and make some kind of ‘look like curtains’ comment – but I got a thumbs up – and my Mum always says what she means! Try them again:)

  4. Claire B

    I think the jeans are fab & I’m off into Chester tomorrow to try and find a pair…won’t hold my breath at finding a pair, I know I’m a bit late in the season to search for them but I’m prepared to give it a go.

      1. Claire B

        I was lucky enough to find a pair, little bit snug so think a longer top is in order! My friends thought they were very me!

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