Sensible Sandals.

Let’s talk spring, summer and sandals.  Sensible sandals.

I have succumbed to the Birkenstock trend I’m afraid.  A little late to the table, but it has taken me since last summer to convince myself that they can be both comfortable and ‘trendy’.  I’ve had a pair of Boston Birkenstocks for years as they are very much part of the Georgia summer uniform here, but I have rarely worn them in recent summers, opting for my Havaianas instead.

Here are some of the images that convinced me they were worth trying again.

Ashley Olsen loves her black patent Gizeh birkies.

AO birkies 3 AO birkies 2 AO birkies

And Heidi Klum is also a big fan of the Gizeh.

Heidi Klum b1 HK b2 HK b3

They look fab on a dude too – he looks so cool here.

dudes in gizeh




I have the white patent which I love.  They are super comfortable and for my ‘funny feet’ they are amazing offering great arch support.

I also love the traditional Arizona, but in this blue – it seems a little more feminine than the black if that is possible.

Arizona wtf

I’ve just received the Mayari in black to try too – very feminine and I love the toe piece on this style.



Another favorite of mine is very similar to the Mayari – the Yara – this time with an ankle strap.  I think they are so cool looking in this neutral brown.  Great with tanned feet on the boardwalk!



The other style of sandal that I have fallen for in a big way is the traditional Menorcan Avarca Pons.  Made in Spain, the leather is super soft, with no seams to rub on hot feet, and they conceal my crazy toes perfectly.  The soles are made of recycled bicycles tires so they are non-slip and I like the idea of ‘repurposing’ for my feet!  I find them incredibly flattering on – actually quite slimming on my wide feet.  The only downside is choosing which color to buy.  I have the taupe, but I’m thinking about a brighter color too – and maybe an ankle strap version🙂  I LOVE them and haven’t taken them off all weekend.

As for sizing it says they come up small but I am usually a US 8 – 8.5 and I went for a US 8.  I was nervous as often I am a EUR 39 and the US 8 here is labeled as a EUR 38.  The 8 is perfect though – the leather is so soft that it gives and stretches quickly to mold to your foot, so I would stick with your normal size as they may end up too big otherwise!

IMG_5702 Avarca pons AP1 AP2 AP3 AP4 AP5

Just to assure you I haven’t gone completely ‘sensible’ on you I’ve also ordered these Ancient Greek sandals…with wings…oh yes indeed how awesome are these?!

Ancient Greek


For those of you that prefer something a little less embellished how about this version?

Ancient Greek 1


Now if the rain clouds could just move to the Atlantic I’ll be a happy girl.  Get those pedicures done and the sandals on…sensible or otherwise!


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17 thoughts on “Sensible Sandals.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Oooh they are nice – but you know I really do like the cork footbed of the Birkenstock…the contours really do add comfort…it’s funny I remember all the Germans wearing them on French campsites when I was a kid…I thought they were weird shoes back then!

  1. Sue

    I love the Avarca Pons with the ankle strap and was trying to find if they ship to the UK but I think they are US based :o(

    And speaking of the Arizonas – I ordered a pair in white. I think the black will be a bit harsh for me too so I went the opposite way. Whether I keep them remains to be seen of course :o)

    And I can’t believe you got the winged sandals!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      They are made in Spain though so there must be a supplier – I buy mine off Amazon? Can you get them off These are similar…but I am not familiar with the brand – let me dig around for you – I’ll ask on their US FB site.

      Oh I think you will look fab in the Arizonas too!!! They are very you! And yes – we’ll see if the winged sandals work – a bit worried about my toes escaping – I normally need a thong! xx

  2. Michelle

    I just ordered the Birkie’s…..Arizona in black from Amazon!! I am loving the idea of a sensible sandals after a Winter wearing trainers, Spring donning slip on skater shoes!! Comfort is now my middle name!! xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Yes but they were all the rage last summer so may be a bit old hat now! Sue says she has ordered some too!!! We’ll all be sporting out birkies this year:) xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Aren’t they lovely – and yes Birkies might be too much if lovely long slim legs like yours or big feet for that matter!!

  3. Cous Cous and Cork Wedges

    I love Birks but they’ve always rubbed my arch red raw to begin with & then end up the most comfortable sandal ever! I had a pair of white ones (the ones with one strap across your foot) when pregnant with my son & lived in them! I’d love another pair & I for one am happy they’re cool again! Ax

  4. EveWornOut

    I ordered some of the Avarcas last summer but just couldn’t get the right fit. They look lovely though and the kids’ ones are just too cute.

    I’m joining you with the Birkies. I’ve dug my white Gizehs out and have my eye on a pair of black Arizonas too as long as my partner promises not to wear his this summer!

    Love the Ancient Greek ones. The quality is meant to be fantastic.

    Great post and how fantastic to have comfy fashion! X

  5. fashion40ish

    I love the ancient greek sandals. I am pretty sure they had a similar style, last year, but it was a tad more ott. I just love them. I like the chunkier styles here too. I will be giving them a go. H x

  6. Schoolrunstyle Mum

    What a completely cool selection of sandals I am sooo on the ‘fugly’ sandal bandwagon this year and yours are just gorge. I have seen some worn leopard print birko tributes that I am planning on purchasing! Love all your inspro! Xx

  7. Keri Gray

    I must admit I do love a Birkenstock – back in the late 90’s early 00’s when we were in London we used to frequent the store on Neal Street, my husband laughs about it now, but he also had a pair of felt Birkenstock clogs that he loved (at the time)!

    I still buy one or two pairs every year or so, because they are sooo comfy, especially on holidays, and apart from Birkies, I don’t really do ‘sensible’ shoes for walking around in. I have always stuck to pretty colours though – white or pink.

    The last pair I ordered from Amazon and I had them delivered to my dad’s house and forgot to tell his wife. She opened the box and thought to herself who the hell has sent me these bloody awful shoes and sent them back to the post office!! I was chasing Amazon for weeks wondering where my shoes where, until she realised what she had done!

    I’ve spotted Lauren Laverne tweeting her white pair this week 🙂


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