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The Alhambra and tapas.

After a day lazing on the beach near Motril yesterday, we headed out for some proper sight seeing today.  Just 45 minutes North lies the beautiful city of Granada.

Spain became my top pick for our vacation destination this year after seeing Anthony Bourdain visit Granada on his series ‘Parts Unknown.  Granada relies almost entirely on tourism for it’s revenue, and is the location of the stunning Alhambra Palace – one of the best examples of Moorish architecture.  Thankfully we booked tickets before we departed for Spain as the queues were huge even at 9am this morning – though not that surprising really given it was almost 38 degrees celsius at midday when we were leaving.  If you ever head to Andalucia the Alhambra is a must see – it is spectacular and incredibly romantic offering some amazing views of Granada and the Sierra Nevadas.

DSC_0498 DSC_0500 DSC_0556 DSC_0562 DSC_0565My dress is River Island, bought from ASOS.  Incredibly comfortable for the heat though I did nearly come a cropper when I stood on it walking up the stairs in the castle!

After the Alhambra we met up with Simon and Karin who are staying with us this week.  Lots of fun, laughter, chat and wine of course!  We headed to one of the most highly rated Tapas Bars in Granada – the Bodegas Espadafor.  When you order a drink you get free tapas – at least in this part of Spain.  We ate sausage, squid, croquettes, paella, broad beans and ham – just the most amazing food – all washed down with beer and sherry – well for us non-drivers at least;)

DSC_0659 DSC_0654

Finally I forgot about this outfit photo from our last night in Sevilla.  The M&S playsuit got an outing with the Oslo sandals from Nine West – the most comfortable sandals that I own – and they are now in the sale.

M&S jumpsuit.jpg




Sensible Sandals.

Let’s talk spring, summer and sandals.  Sensible sandals.

I have succumbed to the Birkenstock trend I’m afraid.  A little late to the table, but it has taken me since last summer to convince myself that they can be both comfortable and ‘trendy’.  I’ve had a pair of Boston Birkenstocks for years as they are very much part of the Georgia summer uniform here, but I have rarely worn them in recent summers, opting for my Havaianas instead.

Here are some of the images that convinced me they were worth trying again.

Ashley Olsen loves her black patent Gizeh birkies.

AO birkies 3 AO birkies 2 AO birkies

And Heidi Klum is also a big fan of the Gizeh.

Heidi Klum b1 HK b2 HK b3

They look fab on a dude too – he looks so cool here.

dudes in gizeh




I have the white patent which I love.  They are super comfortable and for my ‘funny feet’ they are amazing offering great arch support.

I also love the traditional Arizona, but in this blue – it seems a little more feminine than the black if that is possible.

Arizona wtf

I’ve just received the Mayari in black to try too – very feminine and I love the toe piece on this style.



Another favorite of mine is very similar to the Mayari – the Yara – this time with an ankle strap.  I think they are so cool looking in this neutral brown.  Great with tanned feet on the boardwalk!



The other style of sandal that I have fallen for in a big way is the traditional Menorcan Avarca Pons.  Made in Spain, the leather is super soft, with no seams to rub on hot feet, and they conceal my crazy toes perfectly.  The soles are made of recycled bicycles tires so they are non-slip and I like the idea of ‘repurposing’ for my feet!  I find them incredibly flattering on – actually quite slimming on my wide feet.  The only downside is choosing which color to buy.  I have the taupe, but I’m thinking about a brighter color too – and maybe an ankle strap version🙂  I LOVE them and haven’t taken them off all weekend.

As for sizing it says they come up small but I am usually a US 8 – 8.5 and I went for a US 8.  I was nervous as often I am a EUR 39 and the US 8 here is labeled as a EUR 38.  The 8 is perfect though – the leather is so soft that it gives and stretches quickly to mold to your foot, so I would stick with your normal size as they may end up too big otherwise!

IMG_5702 Avarca pons AP1 AP2 AP3 AP4 AP5

Just to assure you I haven’t gone completely ‘sensible’ on you I’ve also ordered these Ancient Greek sandals…with wings…oh yes indeed how awesome are these?!

Ancient Greek


For those of you that prefer something a little less embellished how about this version?

Ancient Greek 1


Now if the rain clouds could just move to the Atlantic I’ll be a happy girl.  Get those pedicures done and the sandals on…sensible or otherwise!


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