Another VB inspired dress.

My Husband and I are watching the World Cup games recorded, in the evening, once the kids are in bed.  It is far more relaxing and enjoyable without a 6 and 8 year old asking every 5 minutes “who is the yellow team?” or “which goal keeper is he?” etc. etc.  So in order to avoid the fervor around the England game I thought I would do a quick outfit post to try and avoid any updates or scores.  I just have to make it through a hair appointment with the kids before I can lock myself away till later when I can enjoy our inevitable victory with a glass of white.

I adore this dress and I know it will be disliked by many – but hey I like to try new things.  It can make me look shapeless where I need shape, but I love how it accentuates my legs.  It’s from Asos and when I ordered it it was also available in white.  This is a US 6 so it fits large.  The sandals are new from Nine West.  I was looking for the perfect mid height heel for running around in on vacation and these fit the bill.  The black are in on sale on and I also have the orange/coral pair which are lush.  Yes – I have so many issues with sandals fitting my wide feet and curly toes, that once I find a style I buy in multiple colors!  I’ve found them in the UK too – here and here in black suede.  These are a US 8 and I am normally an 8 or 8.5 but hate too much sole showing in sandals so tend to always take an 8 in a heeled sandal.

Asos dress 4.jpg Asos dress 2.jpg Asos dress 1.jpg





15 thoughts on “Another VB inspired dress.

  1. Diane

    Love the dress, I prefer it to the m&s version (although I loved the colour of the m&s one), I feel a cheeky purchase coming on (as I watch the footy)!!!!

  2. EveWornOut

    That dress looks great and I LOVE the sandals. I forgot to say how much I liked the orange jumpsuit too. Super cool.

    Fashion should be fun! The real world is so serious, surely our “hobby” should give us joy! Forget the haters. I think most of them are sat at home posting nasty comments on the net in a cowl neck tunic, dodgy jeans with a jaunty mac hanging by the door. X

  3. Siobhan Nolan

    You look great and enjoy your fashion all the time!! My favourite outfit on you was the Orange jumpsuit yesterday… fab colour!

  4. Kim

    Great dress, I promised myself I would stop shopping after too much sales shopping recently, but I may have to make an exception to investigate this….

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