We did it…!

…We got through the week and survived! The chaotic week ended on a high note with Mother’s Day and Poppy’s 6th birthday party.

Mother’s Day was celebrated with two beautiful notes from my children.  I was ecstatic with Hugh’s for the most part, especially only weighing 10lbs and eating salads…little does he know…but I’m a bit confused about the ‘visitor’?  MM thinks it’s the UPS delivery man:)

Poppy’s was lovely and made me well up especially as I could see how much time and effort she had taken in writing it.

“My mommy is the best mommy anyone can have.  I love you mommy.  I love going outside with you.  I love going to the beach with you.  I love spending time with you.”

What more can a mother ask for?

So then it was on to the birthday celebrations at a huge indoor gymnastics center with inflatable castles, slides, zip lines, swings and trampolines.  It was brilliant and everyone was thoroughly worn out afterward.  Thank goodness we went for the indoor option as it rained hard all day.  Previously we’ve hosted all the parties at our house with a bouncy castle in the garden, which just wouldn’t have been used today!

So it was back to sweaters again.  Not sure why I’m surprised as I remember taking Poppy to the Zoo for her 3rd birthday and it was freezing so I should be acutely aware that Atlanta’s weather is unpredictable till the end of May.  I wore my Hudson Collin jeans, Boden essential long sleeve scoop neck t-shirt from SS 2011, Boden Must have jumper from this season in quail egg and my favorite Adidas Gazelles.  I had a pair of green ones back in the 90’s and thought I was the bee’s knees wearing them around Notting Hill.

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1 thought on “We did it…!

  1. Wendy

    Looking good in your gazelles ive just bought a pair and as a 40 somthing lady looking for some fashion ideas I googled and found your page 🙂


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