Trying it for size.

So yesterday morning was a tad surreal.  I woke up with a stonking hangover to start with.  My tolerance for alcohol is pathetic these days and after a very relaxing Thursday evening spent in front of some DVRd Real Housewife episodes with a bottle of chardonnay I was useless come Friday morning.  A bit rubbish really as I had to rise early and head up way outside I-285 with our project manager to visit a bath tub manufacturer.  Uuuurrrggh.  I threw some work out gear on knowing I’d potentially be hopping in and out of tubs to try them for size and comfort.  All in all it was a successful trip but I did feel a bit weird sitting in a bath tub in the middle of a factory floor with 6 burly blokes looking at me.  Sorry no photo:)

Even with the bottle of chard the night before I was more than thrilled later in the day when I got to my Jenny Craig appointment that I’d lost just over another 2 lbs!  Whooopppeee that’s 6 lbs in 2 weeks!  Now imagine if I hadn’t had drank those 1000 calories the night before?  Obviously I’m allowed to cheat every now and then…

I think the reason I indulged on Thursday evening was that I knew this weekend was going to be manic.  This morning was Poppy’s ballet recital.  Now in the past she has done ballet through daycare, this year we signed up at Atlanta Ballet School and goodness me the rules, regulations and instructions have had me as a mother terrified all year that I’ll do something wrong.  The bun as to be perfect every week and the uniform has to be worn etc. etc…it has, if truth be told, taken some of the fun out of it for both of us.  I’m also a little aggrieved at the amount of money I’ve been asked for what with tuition, recital fees, uniform purchase, ticket purchase and then we were told no photographs at the recital but we could buy photos and videos for a fee – you’re kidding me!  I was also mad as hell when we arrived at the theater to find that all the girls had to wait in a room that was covered wall to wall in merchandise, displayed purely for 6 year old girls to fall in love with and then beg their parents to purchase for them.  I dug my heels in and managed to distract her but come on!  Anyway despite my irritation the recital performance was fabulous and Poppy yet again has a very proud Mommy and Daddy.

Tomorrow is Poppy’s birthday party, plus it’s Mother’s Day here – which I hadn’t realized when I booked it so I am really hoping some of her friends actually show up.  Shockingly bad organization on my part but I’d forgotten all about Mother’s Day once the UK one had been and gone with me successfully getting a card and flowers to Bury, but Happy Mother’s day Mum (again!) and to all the lovely Moms, Mums and Mothers out there xx

As it is MUCH cooler here today I opted for a jacket that I love but haven’t worn too much – the grey jungle cat Boden trimmed velvet blazer from AW 2011 – which is now in clearance at $41.40 – get one quick!!  I love it – it fits perfectly really well tailored.  I wore it with the LE pale iris Sassy Stitch top from AW 2011 – another of my favorite tops – I just wish it wasn’t dry clean only as I’m less likely to wear it often.  Going for an edgier look (amazing what a new haircut can do) I paired them with my Gap grey legging jeans, Gucci belt, and some Nine West mid heel pointed pumps similar to these.  My favorite black bag came out of the closet too after I had put it in storage for summer – a hint that a lovely nude YSL Roady would be perfect to add to my collection…

So Hugh doesn’t feel left out and to thank him for his Mother’s day gift hurled at me as he walked in from daycare on Friday, here is my lovely little man in his new Mini Boden tee shirt – he also has the cricket one which he is completely befuddled by.  Golly I love their clothes for boys.

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