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A good sweat.

One of the reasons I love working out is that I love to have a good sweat.  Sounds gross I know, and yes ladies are supposed to glow, but for me there is nothing more cleansing, purifying and invigorating than sweating buckets.  Yesterday afternoon I indulged in a couple of hours of sweating at the gym – treadmill, bike, and sauna – it was fabulous.  I don’t normally allow time to indulge in a sauna but it was SO relaxing – I need to do it more often if I can get over the awkwardness of sharing a small wooden box with other people for 20 minutes!

I was beginning to regret that I hadn’t planned my trip back to the UK to coincide with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.  I was really upset that I couldn’t watch the whole concert that was shown live yesterday in the UK.  It looked a treat with some good old British family entertainment with the likes of Sir Tom Jones, Sir Elton and Madness.  I’m thrilled though to have just discovered that ABC are showing highlights tonight at 9pm – I just hope it’s not all Stevie Wonder!  I chuckled to myself this morning while reading my guilty pleasure that is the Daily Mail – William and Harry certainly did look a little hungover this morning in St. Paul’s – I’d recognize that look anywhere:)

It’s raining and grey again here in Atlanta – very unusual for this time of year – but it allows me to wear my jeans and a jacket again.  I’m wearing the Zara jersey blazer in fuchsia which I love – the color is perfect – not to bright but lovely and summery.  The t-shirt is an old Diesel one that I love – it’s the perfect t-shirt for layering and adds a bit of interest to an outfit.  The jeans are Hudson, the shoes are my new Levity wedges from DSW – they’re high but I love them, especially the suede nude wedge heel, and the necklace is a great buy from H&M – I love it’s simplicity.

If you’re US based and you watch ABC tonight I’d love to know your thoughts on the concert!  I’m sure it’s a very different experience watching as a non-Brit than for someone like myself who can embrace the eclectic eccentricity and patriotism of the event.  Enjoy!

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A quick change:)

Okay I just threw on my Zara Union Jack t-shirt (unfortunately I can’t see it on the US site but they were still in store on Friday) and white denim J.Crew shorts – feeling much more appropriate and patriotic – if I’m allowed to given I’m a US citizen!


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