Grilling out.

Even though we have been having temperatures in the 80s for some Memorial weekend marks the beginning of summer.  It’s always quite a  landmark and this year more so as Poppy is ‘out of school’ for the summer.  After the chaos of May the plan has been to do absolutely nothing except sit by the pool, grill out and enjoy the odd cocktail.  The plan is working out well and even if I say so myself I made some of the best burgers ever yesterday – Worcestershire sauce mixed in with the ground beef makes them delicious!  Our house is well set up for grilling – the grill is on the patio and we have outdoor speakers so I can boogie away (to Blunderbuss of course) while flipping the burgers and enjoying my mojito – it doesn’t even feel like cooking:)  Of course I had justified a little indulgence after an incredibly hot, sweaty 8 miles in the humidity early that morning though I’m not sure beer by the pool is the best way to rehydrate?

I had lots of questions about the pink pool party tunic the other day, and foolishly I omitted to take a photo of my aqua pavillion version that I wore yesterday.  I also have the yellow loopy colorway that I’ll try and model today.  The yellow and aqua were absolute bargains in the sale and you can still find all the colorways floating around on eBay – I highly recommend them – gorgeous, eye catching, easy to wear and great over a bikini in the heat.

Pool party tunic in pink pavillion:

Pool party tunic in aqua pavillion:

Pool party tunic in yellow loopy:

Enjoying a deserted pool with Mom:

Poppy and I went for a pedicure on Friday in preparation for the pool and I now have the gorgeous Opi Austin-tatious turquoise on my toes – I love it for summer!

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