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Grilling out.

Even though we have been having temperatures in the 80s for some Memorial weekend marks the beginning of summer.  It’s always quite a  landmark and this year more so as Poppy is ‘out of school’ for the summer.  After the chaos of May the plan has been to do absolutely nothing except sit by the pool, grill out and enjoy the odd cocktail.  The plan is working out well and even if I say so myself I made some of the best burgers ever yesterday – Worcestershire sauce mixed in with the ground beef makes them delicious!  Our house is well set up for grilling – the grill is on the patio and we have outdoor speakers so I can boogie away (to Blunderbuss of course) while flipping the burgers and enjoying my mojito – it doesn’t even feel like cooking:)  Of course I had justified a little indulgence after an incredibly hot, sweaty 8 miles in the humidity early that morning though I’m not sure beer by the pool is the best way to rehydrate?

I had lots of questions about the pink pool party tunic the other day, and foolishly I omitted to take a photo of my aqua pavillion version that I wore yesterday.  I also have the yellow loopy colorway that I’ll try and model today.  The yellow and aqua were absolute bargains in the sale and you can still find all the colorways floating around on eBay – I highly recommend them – gorgeous, eye catching, easy to wear and great over a bikini in the heat.

Pool party tunic in pink pavillion:

Pool party tunic in aqua pavillion:

Pool party tunic in yellow loopy:

Enjoying a deserted pool with Mom:

Poppy and I went for a pedicure on Friday in preparation for the pool and I now have the gorgeous Opi Austin-tatious turquoise on my toes – I love it for summer!

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Getting ready for Spring Break!

As Spring is growing ever nearer plans for Spring Break are afoot.  This is the first year we have ever really had to consider Spring Break as we’ve never previously been constrained by school vacations.  With this being our year of house renovations I wasn’t sure we would get away at all, but the thought of over a week at home with the children filled me with such fear that we have just booked 2 nights away!  Hooray we’re off to Tybee Island for 3 days!  We thought it safer to book just 2 nights as we’re staying in a cabin and really have no idea what to expect – if it works out well we can always stay longer next year, and if not, well we’re only paying for 2 nights and can jump in the car to head home!  I actually think we will all love it given our fun experience in a caravan last year in France – at least Tybee will be warmer, even in April!  I just can’t wait to get to a beach and feel the sand between my toes…

In preparation for the holiday season I ordered two new bikinis from Boden.  I always have a couple of cheaper Target bikinis on the go but this year I really wanted some decent, age appropriate bikinis – I’m not ready for the tankini or a full piece yet but still a little more coverage may protect my children from embarrassment over their mother for a little while longer, at least by the pool.  Anyway I have to say both the Retro bikini and Ruffle bikini are DIVINE.  They arrived in a fabulous little bag too for storage – Boden always go the extra mile and long may it continue.  Oddly enough I photographed the bikinis without me in them:)

New bikinis

I went with a US size 8 top and size 6 bottoms.  I definitely think the bottoms are on the generous size especially if you are not used to a lot of coverage.  My previous bikinis have all been little string things so the Boden ones do feel a bit bigger and I’m glad I sized down.  My only irritation with the Retro bikini top is that I wish the tie had a stitch in it so it doesn’t come undone – I think it might drive my OCD mad.  The Ruffle bikini is perfect – it is a great sporty fit, good coverage for my C cups that have breastfed two children:)  I love the Ruffle one so much I have just ordered it in the Bluebell Bud and Apple Stripe colorways too while the ‘buy 3 get the 4th for a $1’ offer is still available.  I’m planning a LOT of time by the pool this year in lieu of Biquet Plage.

Retro bikiniRuffle BikiniRuffle Bikini Bluebell BudRuffle Bikini Apple Stripe

Trying the bikinis on did again reveal my soft, round tummy to me.  I’ve run 20 miles in the past 4 days and I’ve eaten a million calories.  So the plan is to keep up with the exercise and ditch the calories.  In order to rest my weary legs I swam 30 lengths this morning.  It was so much fun, the pool was so quiet, and it was great to sit in the sauna for 15mins afterward.  I’ll be lucky if I can move tomorrow after using all those upper body muscles that rarely get worked out at all.

Today I fancied wearing some Fryes so I planned my outfit starting with the boots first.  I’m wearing my Sabrina Fryes in clay, Hudson Collin jeans, Boden essential scoop neck tee, and my Boden Fairisle cardigan (no longer in stock).  The cardigan is one of my favorites – it’s very snug and cropped and always feels very neat when I wear it.

Sabrina Fryes and Boden

Oh and I changed my nail polish – I’m wearing Opi ‘We’ll always have Paris’ in suede finish which is nice and matte.

We'll always have Paris Suede

Civic duty.

I was so hoping that I would get chance to post yesterday but I was on Jury Duty and didn’t get home till late.  I can’t believe that I got summoned for duty after only 18months as a U.S. citizen – maybe they have a list of us newbies that they know will be keen and eager to take on their civic duty?  I was really happy to do it, and actually I was quite looking forward to it, but little did I know what a convoluted, chaotic day it would turn into.  Firstly getting to the Court House in Downtown Atlanta for 8am is no mean feat – what with getting ready, kicking the kids out of the door, driving to Turner Field, connecting with a shuttle bus, security screening etc. etc. I was lucky to be on time.  Then once you are there you have no idea whether you will be called or not, so I armed myself with 2 books which could be read in a day if needed – boy did I wish my new iPad was here!  As much as I love ‘proper’ books they’re damn heavy!  Then as I was getting stuck into Enigma by Robert Harris (brilliant book…) the alarms went off and we were evacuated for an hour or so.  I was happy to be out of a potentially dangerous situation but bloody cold standing in Woodruff park for over an hour.  It turns out there had been a suspected domestic in a parking lot nearby where shots were fired and after a shooting in the Court House a few years ago I guess they are more vigilant than ever.  Eventually we were back in the court house and I was called immediately for duty.  They call 14 jurors and then the prosecutors and defense select six to stay on the panel – I was one of the six.  So our case didn’t start till almost 2pm.  It was a minor offense – but obviously we still carried out due diligence and we ended up deliberating for almost 3hrs.  I hadn’t realized that a majority wasn’t sufficient so we had to keep going till we were all unanimous – I wish I’d learned some skills in the debating society!


So all in all a long day, but thankfully it was spent in the comfort and style of my Boden Joyful Jersey dress in black, and the warmth of my Boden quilted jacket.  Smart, comfortable yet understated – perfect for jury duty!

Today I was happy not to have to venture far – the only thing on my list of ‘to dos’ was to get some new swimming goggles (we have a black hole in our house where all children’s swimming goggles disappear) and some soft towels for swimming lessons as the YMCA’s are ‘too scratchy’.  My children don’t know they are born and I now sound like my Mom.

My lovely Husband took me out for lunch to our favorite Mexican where I devoured enchiladas and a margarita (I’m so crazy) – it’s my guilty pleasure on the occasional Friday lunchtime, and a welcome break before pandemonium that takes over again at 3pm with swim team training for my daughter.  I vaguely remember days when all I thought about on a Friday was getting ready to hit the town – how shallow of me;)


It’s damn cold here today and will be even colder this weekend so I am enjoying my Boden tunics – today it’s the funky knitted tunic from SS 2011 with my Boden leggings and Boden black wedge boots (currently in the clearance).

Funky knitted tunic, wedge boots

My pop of color is thanks to Opi‘s Nicki Minaj collection and the color is a fab turquoise called Fly – very fun and I suspect it will look even better with a bit of a sun tan in the summer!  Roll on sunshine!


Monday comes around quickly…

We had a lovely lazy Sunday yesterday – just a shame it was still a bit dank and cold.  My son still wasn’t completely better but well enough to irritate his sister for most of the day.  I spent the evening eating homemade pizza delivered by my favorite pizza guy and watching the recording of Downton Abbey while MM watched the playoffs on the big screen in the basement – I’m sorry I just couldn’t bring myself to watch another football game – try as I might I just can’t get into it.  On the other had Maggie Smith as Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham is just fabulous and makes me laugh out loud every episode.  I’ll be so sad when season two of this brilliant period soap comes to and end.  So you can appreciate what I mean here’s a little compilation of the Dowager’s one liners that is also on my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/poppysstyle).

We woke this morning to pounding rain again – it was quite miserable standing at the school bus stop at 6.50am though my daughter was in considerably good spirits for a Monday morning.  They are doing a read-athon at school – which is basically another opportunity to raise money and give parents more stuff to do.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t begrudge the fund raising but I’m starting to feel a little out of control with all the paperwork, things to remember, forms to sign, read and return, homework etc. and this is only kindergarten!  I must get better organized.  Anyway as part of read-athon they are also having ‘spirit days’ where they do something ‘crazy’ each day – today is inside out, backwards day – hence her considerable glee and excitement about wearing all her beautiful Boden items inside out and backwards!  Is it snobbish of me to be relieved that they are ‘Mini Boden’ labels showing all day and not ‘Circo’? – Probably.

I did rise to the challenge and chose a suitable nail polish at the weekend – I’m wearing OPI Nail Lacquer in Louvre Me Louvre Me Not which is a lovely pinky-purple color with a touch of sparkle.


Getting dressed this morning required a little more thought than usual due to the rain and a doctors appointment – so I needed something easy on/easy off (sorry for TMI!).  I opted for my lovely Boden roll neck knitted dress which I snapped up in the sale, argyle tights purchased from Marks and Spencer (or Markses as we like to say in my family) when I was back home in December, Boden black quilted jacket (the red and blue are in the clearance sale) and Boden black Bloomsbury boots, also sale bargains.  The nail polish matches perfectly with the little purple thread that runs through the tights:)

Though I possess some vanity (you have to in order to write a blog and photograph yourself each day…) I have never really dissected my best and worst body parts.  When I’ve posted photos on Boden’s Community page, for reviews and so on, some folks have commented on my legs – I guess from the running they probably are my ‘best’ feature – but I’ve never consciously tried to draw attention to them.  Having looked at my photo for today though, there is very obviously something sub-conscious going on!

Apologies for the dark photo – I was back to taking it myself and the lighting isn’t great.

Boden knitted roll neck dress, Bloomsbury boots, quilted jacket

With the roll neck I don’t like to wear anything too flamboyant in my ears so I chose my Tiffany Frank Gehry studs, which unfortunately I couldn’t find on their website for you – but here is an image.

Tiffany Frank Gehry

Now back to work after three days at home!  Happy Monday!