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Make up free and wrapping up!

Whoa the weather can change here in a heartbeat.  It’s dark, grey and cold and Hurricane Sandy is heading up the East coast.  A perfect day for bacon butties, pumpkin coffee, layers and movies.  I might even have to find my Ugg slippers out later – I have the grey and there are some amazing new colors available now!

I plan to curl up with my new Robert Harris and snuggle with the kids while they watch ‘Shrek’ or ‘The Sound of Music’ for the 100th time.  Boden grey marl leggings are the order of the day with a new stretchy Zara skirt – I love my camo and Zara is providing buckets of it this season.  All topped off with a Zara t-shirt and comfy sweater – perfect for holding the sofa down.  It’s lovely going make up free for a day and I’m wearing my new Oliver People Wacks in matte blue havana.

Stay safe up in the North East – looks like getting out of NYC is bedlam today.

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Reading material.

I pity the poor folk who have less IT literacy than I do and try to borrow eBooks or audio books from Fulton library system!  I have been trying to get a few alternatives to listen to and read on the plane on Monday but blimey you need a flippin’ IT degree to figure out the library’s system – I used to work in IT and have still been struggling!  There appears to be a cluster of issues making it nigh on impossible to borrow a book.  A combination of few available books, several file formats, several apps needing to be downloaded, and zero compatibility with my Macbook – resulting in one frustrated borrower.  It’s easier and cheaper time wise just to buy a couple of books on iTunes or go back to the good old paperback.  MM thinks I’m fooling myself anyway – thinking that I will have time to read with a 4 year old and a 6 year old in a confined space for 9 hours is just asking for trouble:)  Anyway the third book in the Larsson trilogy will be joining me on the plane and I will get to read it – though I’ll be sad when I’ve finished it – I’ve loved these books so much.  Next on my list is the new Robert Harris book – The Fear Index.

I’m off to the pool with Poppy this afternoon again to avoid the workmen at home.  I had a sneak peek in the room yesterday and my oh my – it’s all gone!  The old bathroom is completely demolished and the old closet wall is gone!  So we’re almost at the ‘fun’ bit – that is bringing in the new bathroom!  It does look a bit creepy in there now – as MM pointed out – they get their plastic sheeting from the same supplier as Dexter Morgan🙂

I opted for a bit of summer color today with my Boden fab jersey tunic in prune (I have the moss here too).  This really has been the surprise of the season – it is so lovely in real life – the colors really pop.  Luckily I also have the perfect J.Crew cashmere cardigan to coordinate with the orange in it – and my nectarine Tory Burch Revas work perfectly! Apologies for the dark photo again and all the stuff behind me – my packing is in full swing!

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Civic duty.

I was so hoping that I would get chance to post yesterday but I was on Jury Duty and didn’t get home till late.  I can’t believe that I got summoned for duty after only 18months as a U.S. citizen – maybe they have a list of us newbies that they know will be keen and eager to take on their civic duty?  I was really happy to do it, and actually I was quite looking forward to it, but little did I know what a convoluted, chaotic day it would turn into.  Firstly getting to the Court House in Downtown Atlanta for 8am is no mean feat – what with getting ready, kicking the kids out of the door, driving to Turner Field, connecting with a shuttle bus, security screening etc. etc. I was lucky to be on time.  Then once you are there you have no idea whether you will be called or not, so I armed myself with 2 books which could be read in a day if needed – boy did I wish my new iPad was here!  As much as I love ‘proper’ books they’re damn heavy!  Then as I was getting stuck into Enigma by Robert Harris (brilliant book…) the alarms went off and we were evacuated for an hour or so.  I was happy to be out of a potentially dangerous situation but bloody cold standing in Woodruff park for over an hour.  It turns out there had been a suspected domestic in a parking lot nearby where shots were fired and after a shooting in the Court House a few years ago I guess they are more vigilant than ever.  Eventually we were back in the court house and I was called immediately for duty.  They call 14 jurors and then the prosecutors and defense select six to stay on the panel – I was one of the six.  So our case didn’t start till almost 2pm.  It was a minor offense – but obviously we still carried out due diligence and we ended up deliberating for almost 3hrs.  I hadn’t realized that a majority wasn’t sufficient so we had to keep going till we were all unanimous – I wish I’d learned some skills in the debating society!


So all in all a long day, but thankfully it was spent in the comfort and style of my Boden Joyful Jersey dress in black, and the warmth of my Boden quilted jacket.  Smart, comfortable yet understated – perfect for jury duty!

Today I was happy not to have to venture far – the only thing on my list of ‘to dos’ was to get some new swimming goggles (we have a black hole in our house where all children’s swimming goggles disappear) and some soft towels for swimming lessons as the YMCA’s are ‘too scratchy’.  My children don’t know they are born and I now sound like my Mom.

My lovely Husband took me out for lunch to our favorite Mexican where I devoured enchiladas and a margarita (I’m so crazy) – it’s my guilty pleasure on the occasional Friday lunchtime, and a welcome break before pandemonium that takes over again at 3pm with swim team training for my daughter.  I vaguely remember days when all I thought about on a Friday was getting ready to hit the town – how shallow of me;)


It’s damn cold here today and will be even colder this weekend so I am enjoying my Boden tunics – today it’s the funky knitted tunic from SS 2011 with my Boden leggings and Boden black wedge boots (currently in the clearance).

Funky knitted tunic, wedge boots

My pop of color is thanks to Opi‘s Nicki Minaj collection and the color is a fab turquoise called Fly – very fun and I suspect it will look even better with a bit of a sun tan in the summer!  Roll on sunshine!