Monday comes around quickly…

We had a lovely lazy Sunday yesterday – just a shame it was still a bit dank and cold.  My son still wasn’t completely better but well enough to irritate his sister for most of the day.  I spent the evening eating homemade pizza delivered by my favorite pizza guy and watching the recording of Downton Abbey while MM watched the playoffs on the big screen in the basement – I’m sorry I just couldn’t bring myself to watch another football game – try as I might I just can’t get into it.  On the other had Maggie Smith as Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham is just fabulous and makes me laugh out loud every episode.  I’ll be so sad when season two of this brilliant period soap comes to and end.  So you can appreciate what I mean here’s a little compilation of the Dowager’s one liners that is also on my Facebook page (

We woke this morning to pounding rain again – it was quite miserable standing at the school bus stop at 6.50am though my daughter was in considerably good spirits for a Monday morning.  They are doing a read-athon at school – which is basically another opportunity to raise money and give parents more stuff to do.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t begrudge the fund raising but I’m starting to feel a little out of control with all the paperwork, things to remember, forms to sign, read and return, homework etc. and this is only kindergarten!  I must get better organized.  Anyway as part of read-athon they are also having ‘spirit days’ where they do something ‘crazy’ each day – today is inside out, backwards day – hence her considerable glee and excitement about wearing all her beautiful Boden items inside out and backwards!  Is it snobbish of me to be relieved that they are ‘Mini Boden’ labels showing all day and not ‘Circo’? – Probably.

I did rise to the challenge and chose a suitable nail polish at the weekend – I’m wearing OPI Nail Lacquer in Louvre Me Louvre Me Not which is a lovely pinky-purple color with a touch of sparkle.


Getting dressed this morning required a little more thought than usual due to the rain and a doctors appointment – so I needed something easy on/easy off (sorry for TMI!).  I opted for my lovely Boden roll neck knitted dress which I snapped up in the sale, argyle tights purchased from Marks and Spencer (or Markses as we like to say in my family) when I was back home in December, Boden black quilted jacket (the red and blue are in the clearance sale) and Boden black Bloomsbury boots, also sale bargains.  The nail polish matches perfectly with the little purple thread that runs through the tights:)

Though I possess some vanity (you have to in order to write a blog and photograph yourself each day…) I have never really dissected my best and worst body parts.  When I’ve posted photos on Boden’s Community page, for reviews and so on, some folks have commented on my legs – I guess from the running they probably are my ‘best’ feature – but I’ve never consciously tried to draw attention to them.  Having looked at my photo for today though, there is very obviously something sub-conscious going on!

Apologies for the dark photo – I was back to taking it myself and the lighting isn’t great.

Boden knitted roll neck dress, Bloomsbury boots, quilted jacket

With the roll neck I don’t like to wear anything too flamboyant in my ears so I chose my Tiffany Frank Gehry studs, which unfortunately I couldn’t find on their website for you – but here is an image.

Tiffany Frank Gehry

Now back to work after three days at home!  Happy Monday!


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