Music that inspires…

The plan this morning was for MM and I to work out at the gym while we dropped the kids in their care facility – well little did we know there are no carers there on a Sunday so we had to turn right back around and head home.

My running has been sporadic since the New Year so I decided to get myself out pounding the pavement instead.  Blogging about my running might make me more accountable but I don’t want it to get tedious for you guys either.  So in an effort to make it more interesting I’m going to post my last ‘tune’ from each run that has inspired me to sprint the last few hundred yards…today I did 4 miles comfortably (had a lot of pent up energy from a week at home!) and I have the Scissor Sisters to thank for shaving a few seconds off my time.


1 thought on “Music that inspires…

  1. Julie

    I look forward to hearing what gets you motivated! I definitely need some more work out/running songs in my repertoire, however this Scissor Sister’s songs won’t be one for me; not my thing.

    I ended up listening to Avril Lavinie’s I wanna Be Your Girlfriend for 30 minutes during a jog the other night (user error with some apps I was using.) While I don’t recommend looping it, it was a good song to have in a mix.


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