Red, white and blue.

It’s rubbish weather here in Atlanta today – dark and dreary, such a shame after a fabulous weekend, but easier to bear now I’m back in the office.  We had a fabulous time at Virginia Highlands Summerfest – the weather was perfect for mooching and watching some great live music.  I was in awe at a group of 14-16 year olds rocking out on stage – called ‘My Homework Ate My Dog‘ – they were brilliant – and it got me thinking about how to introduce music lessons to my two.  I think music is so important and there is evidence that reading music can also help with numeracy.  I was reading basic music at elementary school and playing the recorder, and then I graduated to the flute which was challenging once orthodontics started!  I really think understanding rhythm and reading music can boost your appreciation of music and we always have some sort of music playing in the house – anything from Led Zeppelin to Robyn to Mahler.  So maybe I should start them with piano lessons?

Brightening up the day today and sticking with the patriotic theme I’m wearing my Boden long sleeved Breton, Boden Effortless cardigan in radish, white Express Zelda crops and Tory Burch Eddie flats in Tory Navy.

Oh and one final very important note the Boden Autumn preview is out for women!!! In my opinion this is THE BEST season of clothes I have seen from them.  Very ‘on trend’ with a retro, younger vibe – I’ve already placed two orders!!!  My most favorite items are the Scoop Neck Tunic, Loulou dress, Cable knit dress (I’ve only ever previously bought 1 Boden dress!) and Skye jumper.  Enjoy browsing and until June 25th there is a 20% discount.

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7 thoughts on “Red, white and blue.

  1. annewoodman

    I stopped a woman as she was leaving church yesterday to tell her I loved her skirt… it was Boden. Gorgeous blue, with a big appliqued flower over the left side. Loved it! So different! I’ll have to check out the fall preview.

    I used to love going to Virginia Highlands. Glad you had good weather.

  2. Sian

    Hi Joanna
    Really enjoy your blog and your great style.
    Highly recommend piano lessons for children – my two boys are now 15 and 13 and each started piano with the Suzuki method at around 4. It was great fun and I think has had a wonderful impact on their development – memory capacity, concentration skills and love of all kinds of music. They both still play – the younger one still playing piano and the older one switched to the oboe three years ago! I think there are Suzuki teachers all over the world.
    Cheers Sian

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thank you Sian – I love to hear from people who enjoy reading my posts – it really makes my day:) Thanks so much for the feedback – I have hear of Suzuki and will definitely investigate! I love the sound of the oboe:)

  3. dinagideon

    The autumn preview is killing me. MUST BUDGET now. LOL.

    I heard from a neighbor that starting piano lessons should occur early enough that they are able to really soak it in but late enough that they can read. So in my world, that means Rex is ready but not CW. 🙂 Your kids are for sure ready!!!

    Love the radish/black/white combo, very fresh!

    Also…you were in VA? Yay!

    1. dinagideon

      Gah! That’s navy, not black.

      And gah, part two! Virginia Highlands is a neighborhood, not the Virginia highlands in my lovely state. Must read forwards, not backwards. LOL.


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