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Red, white and blue.

It’s rubbish weather here in Atlanta today – dark and dreary, such a shame after a fabulous weekend, but easier to bear now I’m back in the office.  We had a fabulous time at Virginia Highlands Summerfest – the weather was perfect for mooching and watching some great live music.  I was in awe at a group of 14-16 year olds rocking out on stage – called ‘My Homework Ate My Dog‘ – they were brilliant – and it got me thinking about how to introduce music lessons to my two.  I think music is so important and there is evidence that reading music can also help with numeracy.  I was reading basic music at elementary school and playing the recorder, and then I graduated to the flute which was challenging once orthodontics started!  I really think understanding rhythm and reading music can boost your appreciation of music and we always have some sort of music playing in the house – anything from Led Zeppelin to Robyn to Mahler.  So maybe I should start them with piano lessons?

Brightening up the day today and sticking with the patriotic theme I’m wearing my Boden long sleeved Breton, Boden Effortless cardigan in radish, white Express Zelda crops and Tory Burch Eddie flats in Tory Navy.

Oh and one final very important note the Boden Autumn preview is out for women!!! In my opinion this is THE BEST season of clothes I have seen from them.  Very ‘on trend’ with a retro, younger vibe – I’ve already placed two orders!!!  My most favorite items are the Scoop Neck Tunic, Loulou dress, Cable knit dress (I’ve only ever previously bought 1 Boden dress!) and Skye jumper.  Enjoy browsing and until June 25th there is a 20% discount.

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Sinks, tubs and faucets (taps!)

Thoroughly exhausted.  I woke last night to the panicky feeling that I needed to do something, though I had no idea what and then couldn’t get back to sleep – and that was at 2.45am!  I can’t complain though as I have a feeling that my sister is feeling more tired than I am after a marathon labor that produced my new nephew at 6 minutes to midnight last night.  He still has no name which makes me giggle.  It demonstrates how different my sister and I are as I had both my children’s names picked before my third trimester – I think I’d even practiced writing them down and Googled them to check there were no criminals or weirdos with the same names.

This morning was spent having fun picking out tiles, tubs, sinks and faucets for our new master bathroom.  Talk about overwhelming – I had no idea there were so many types of white subway tile, never mind worrying about picking the right kind of sink for the modern aesthetic we’re aiming for.  I even had to get in tubs to check them for comfort which was a tad embarrassing given the unsightly state of my feet after losing a toenail after the weekend’s race!  Anyway I feel like we’re on the right path to the desired end result, though I’m dreading the weeks of turmoil, dust and workmen ahead.

Needing a bit of color I opted to wear my radish Effortless cardigan over my AllSaints Tilly Tee, with my Hudson jeans and Tory Burch navy Eddies.  I love the cardigan and had several complements throughout the day – this color really is one of my favorites.

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