…And suddenly everything is right.

Firstly it is confession time.  After contemplating growing my hair I then decided that before embarking on such a painful process I should at least go as short as I dare.  So on Thursday evening I went to see the lovely O’Neil at Van Michael and got it all chopped off – even my trusty little asymmetrical fringe that has been my comfort blanket for so long.  I have to say I quite like it, it requires no time at all to style, not even a blow dry, and it is certainly very different from the ubiquitous long, blonde hair seen here in Atlanta.  I’m still giving myself a little fright every time I check the mirror as there is a lot more ‘face’ showing, but it’s definitely settling in on me.  I find I’ve been spending a little more time on my make-up especially around my eyes as I want to keep it soft and feminine.  There’s definitely a danger of looking too severe with such short hair.  The other bonus is that MM loves it – I’m very lucky to have a man that appreciates the confidence it requires to sport such short hair, he very kindly said it was very ‘Paris chic’ – hey I’ll take it!  As of now I’m planning on keeping it like this for a couple of months, maybe over the summer too as it is super for the heat and humidity we have here.  Then I’ll start growing it – for sure this time.

Today I am wearing my new haircut along with a 2011 Boden cashmere tunic, Gap jeggings, and my taupe Frye Shirley over the knee boots.

Friday was hectic, first a bike ride with an old friend, then lots of cleaning and preparation for Saturday’s birthday party for my son.  Prior to the tornadoes arriving, I managed to persuade my daughter to visit the shoe shop with me for her new spring/summer school shoes.  I’m very old school and have inherited my obsession for ‘sensible’ shoes for my children from my own wonderful Mum, who bought me Clarks shoes every school year, long after many of my friends were wearing ‘trendy’ shoes.  Unfortunately it didn’t save me from wreaking havoc on my feet in my late teens with badly fitting white stilettos.  I find the choice here to be pretty minimal compared to the children’s shoes available in Europe.  We have Stride Rite but I find them pretty predictable with their styles and the boys shoes are just so nerdy!  This time we visited a store here in Buckhead called Sprong.  Again though I was a little disappointed with the choice.  Am I the only Mom in Atlanta who wants closed toe and closed heel shoes for their daughter even in the summer?  I know it gets hot here, but from painful experience, sandals with no socks in the heat tend to lead to blisters, not to mention all the gravel that can get stuck under your foot.  With some help from a lovely, patient sales lady we struck gold.  I think you will agree that these See Kai Run shoes were made for Poppy, and thankfully she adores them.

The birthday party on Saturday had to be amended slightly.  After the rain all Friday night the yard was a mud pit so the bouncy castle was cancelled.  Fortunately the magician, white rabbit and twenty something kids all turned up and had a fabulous time.  The photo cake from Publix turned out a treat too and was demolished by 5pm.  We co-hosted with great friends whose son also turns 4 tomorrow, and both birthday boys were ecstatic with their haul of gifts.  Now all I have to worry about is taking Hugh for his four year old shots, ouch…

What with the chaos of the weekend I didn’t get my long weekend run so I am planning on it this evening.  I’m getting frustrated with my increased appetite from the increased running so I just ordered a bag of chia seeds.  Another fad I know, but they were recommended by Christopher McDougall, the author of “Born to Run”.  They are apparently packed full of nutrients and they swell to a gel when mixed with liquid, so not only are they supposed to give you more energy for long runs, but the also curb your appetite.  Let me know what you think if you have tried them…


10 thoughts on “…And suddenly everything is right.

  1. annewoodman

    A. I have never heard of chia seeds and will have to look into them.
    B. I agree with you about the shoes, but I do like the Keen sandal-type (closed toe but open air slots) for kids. So practical! Though not cute or dressy. ; )
    C. I love your short hair! Mine is short, too, and I’ve thought about growing it out, just for variety, but every time I do, it gets annoying. Mine’s about 3/4 of the way down my neck, and I’m ready to chop it way back again.
    D. Happy birthday to your son!
    E. My husband’s English, and his sister is named Poppy (she’s 19)–I really like that name.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Have you read “Born to Run”? I just downloaded it and it’s a fairly interesting read about why a Mexican tribe is so superior at running than the rest of us. Thanks for the complement on the hair too – I am enjoying it – for the shock factor as well as the ease of styling lol:) Poppy is a great name – it just sounds happy – though I’m sure her disposition won’t always reflect it:)

  2. Eva

    Love the haircut, really very Paris chic!! But I must say that I also loved the pictures of with the Bob. That’s definetly a cut for you!
    And the poppy shoes!!! Even I would wear them!

  3. DeeDee

    A shared kids party sounds like a great idea! Hopefully the prep, costs and clean-up were also shared, haha.
    Happy Birthday to your little one. My daughter turned 11 last week as well.
    Must say you are brave to pull off the shorter crop. It suits your face very well though. Do you find yourself ‘invisible’ to men now that your hair is shorter? I know it’s a bit odd but I got used to harmless male attention while sporting longer hair. I cut it short and became invisble. Yes, I am married but hey, these things do boost your confidence.:)
    Of course one obvious reason would be that it did not suit me at all.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      LOL DeeDee I have never suffered from a lack of male attention from my Husband or otherwise:) I don’t seek attention from other men but I actually find I get more attention with short hair as I don’t blend into the crowd – but I must say it’s more about confidence and I’ve never lacked that. In London last February, when I was sporting a hair style similar to this, I was chatted up by a lovely 28 year old who thought my short hair was fabulous, bless his heart, – I certainly didn’t feel invisible;) I think it’s cultural too – short hair is much more common in Europe.

  4. Happy Runner

    Love the hair! Thanks so much for the tip on Chia seeds on my blog. I read Born to Run, but never thought much about the Chia seeds. Hope you will tell us about your experience with them and share some recipes.

  5. Linda

    I started eating Chia seeds after reading Born to Run. They never gelled dramatically for me, but I continue to use them in the hope of running like a Mexican 🙂 Did the book inspire you to go barefoot? I run in much flatter shoes now and have no more problems with my knees.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Not quite barefoot yet – though tempted to try some Nike Frees or similar. I’m in New Balance W890s right now which are much lighter and flatter than my old Kayanos. I’ve had no injuries with them touch wood – and I definitely feel my form has improved. The Kayanos were so heavy and the insole actually created pain on my instep. Tried the chia seeds this morning for the first time with lime and honey and water – we’ll see if I suddenly discover incredible endurance:)

      1. Linda

        Did the Chia seeds gell for you? I waited ages and they just got a little fuzzy looking. There are some chia pancake recipes on the Internet, which are great before a race.
        I have a pair of Nike Free, and can highly recommend. Have you seen the new Adidas ones, shaped like a glove? They look too freaky for me.

      2. Poppy's Style Post author

        They didn’t gel completely just got a bit gooey around the edges:) I’m drinking them with honey, water and lime juice – will look into the pancakes!

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