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Movie day.

So what do I pack for the UK next week?  Is it really that bad that I just need to take jumpers and jeans?:(  Am I being crazy if I pack shorts or a skirt?  Is it really going to be wellies and rain coats?  To be honest I don’t mind the rain too much – we had torrential down pours here yesterday and it was lovely – I miss it in an odd way.  But rain for 2 weeks in the UK will restrict my footwear choice – i.e. no suede, and also means my bags will be heavier with colder weather clothes – unfortunately rain in the UK does not equate to saunas and steam room heat and humidity like it does here…I’m slowly building a pile of possible items to take but I’m now getting to the stage where I am throwing things at the pile for the hell of it.  I need to keep reminding myself that I am not Victoria Beckham and will not be wining and dining every night in Bury’s finest establishments – therefore I do not need 3 pairs of ‘going out’ shoes, a pair of heeled boots, or a pair of strappy sandals.  I WILL be going out though and obviously if I am seeing people from my past i.e. school etc…then I need to look drop dead gorgeous, skinny and fabulous so maybe I do need some heels?:)  Shallow indeed;)

Yesterday afternoon I went shopping with Poppy for gifts for the nephews and nieces and my sister’s birthday gift.  I truly am creating a diva – while at the Jo Malone counter in Saks she was asking very relevant questions about certain scents and then had the audacity to ask for extra samples – I love her nerve!  We then had fun at the library doing much more sensible things for a 6 year old like signing up to the book club.  I LOVE libraries – even the smell of the old books appeals to my inner nerd…entering one takes me straight back to school – I really did like to study!

Today after her gymnastics camp I’ve promised to take her to watch the new Madagascar movie.  I’m quite relieved to have something to fill my afternoon given the demo of the bathroom is in full swing – the last place I want to be right now is home.  I’m looking forward to my popcorn:)

I was again very uninspired with what to wear – I think it’s because I feel overwhelmed with packing and wading through my clothes – it’s times like these I can really see the benefit of a capsule wardrobe.  Anyway I picked out my J.Crew skirt from a couple of years ago, Zara Union Jack tee (feeling a little patriotic with the imminent trip and England’s not too shabby performance yesterday in Euro 2012!), and then I opted for my Frye Sabrina’s in clay which I’d probably take to England were it not for the hassle of taking them on and off at airport security – and I don’t want to pack them as they will take up precious cargo space!  So sorry for the rubbish photo again – ’tis dark in the basement!

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