Donkeys, cows and sheep.

It was curry night last night.  I’m surprised there wasn’t a queue outside the front door it smelled so good.  Chicken madras with all the trimmings – yum.  My brother and his family joined us – apparently he pops round every so often when Mum is cooking his favorite or Dad has stock piled some beer – what a coincidence:)

I’ll mention it again but won’t go on I promise – the weather really hasn’t improved.  In fact before the calorific curry I went out for a run and I’m sure it took me twice as long as the wind was so strong.  Despite the weather we bundled up this morning to head for Bury Show.  It’s an agricultural show so it was a great opportunity to show Poppy and Hugh cows, horses, sheep, sheep dogs and a few real life farmers.  Once the falconry ‘expert’ retrieved his hawk we also saw a a few birds in flight – though the funniest part was watching him chase after said hawk while telling us how well trained his birds are.  It’s a wonder he wasn’t cursing over his mic.

Poppy met a member of the Bury constabulary and when he asked where she was from he proceeded to tell us he was off to the Jersey Shore for his holiday.  I asked him if he had seen the show and he replied “no but the Mrs has which is why she wants to go”.  Hmmm good luck with that mate.

Having fun in the garden with Space Hoppers.

Have you ever tried to explain sheep dog training to children?

Gorgeous Shire horses.

Sheep dogs and geese?

PC Pritchard

The most expensive donkey ride ever – total scam!

With Nana and Grandad.

No real fashion stakes to talk about today – Patagonia Nano pullover was certainly needed and the obligatory green wellies – even cooler as they were the ones I had 20 years ago!

Massive cows – didn’t mention we are having roast beef tonight:)

Biggest load of bull – rarely meant literally.

Sunday afternoon now means sitting with my beloved, well missed, Sunday papers, savoring the smell of roast beef and waiting for the England game tonight!  Poppy and Hugh are ready in their official M&S t-shirts, though they are a little confused between the football and the Olympics as they keep telling me they are supporting Team USA too.  We’ll figure it out before August I’m sure:)

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4 thoughts on “Donkeys, cows and sheep.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      They are magnificent and we saw the mare and foal class too – the foals were the size of regular horses! It was a great day out – ready to be home now to some 100 degree weather!


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