Slam in the Lamb.

The weather today is similar to my last visit.  All well and good except my last visit was early December.  It has been raining non stop, blowing a gale and it is is very dark – and yes it’s June 22nd.  Hard to believe just hours away on a plane it is almost 100 degrees with blue skies.  After a little consideration given to venturing out this morning we all decided better of it so we’ve had a lovely relaxing day watching movies and vegging on the sofa.  No point complaining bitterly about the weather – we decided to behave like grown ups – embrace it and go with the flow.

The kids have watched Wallace and Gromit about 10 times now and still giggle at the same points, never tiring of it.  I have raised my game on Bejeweled, surfed Facebook and enjoyed a few more chapters of the last of the Larsson trilogy.  Mum and Dad – the complete nutters – have just decided to go out for their daily 3 mile walk.  Poppy was either in awe, confused, or both as they left dressed head to toe in waterproofs.  I guess if you live here 365 days a year you can’t let the weather dictate your actions or you’d rarely leave the house.

I am writing with the smell of dinner wafting through – roast lamb – it smells divine.  I think I might actually be drooling.  It is the perfect day for a scrummy roast dinner cooked by your mum, who happens to be the best cook in the world.  It’s just a shame that all I can see across the road is a field full of sheep with their new baby lambs – will just not look when dinner is served.

The weather has also allowed me to enjoy me new AllSaints purchases.  I bought the Boston cardigan thinking I would wear it just open in a waterfall style, but today I have been sitting with it wrapped around my neck in some kind of cardigan come scarf fashion.  I’m wearing it over an AllSaints Godiva tank with my comfy Zara cargo pants – perfect for stylish lounging:)  If you’re considering the trousers these seem to run big contrary to most of the Zara items I have.  I’m wearing a US 6 and they are perfect – nice and slouchy.  Thankfully here you can’t see my slipper socks that I have resorted to wearing my feet were so blue with cold, so happy I bought them to wear on the plane!

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2 thoughts on “Slam in the Lamb.

  1. Diane

    Sat in SAle looking out of the window at much the same scene as you are, it’s tipping it down!!! You are right though it’s exactly the weather for a roast or some other warming comfort food (I will be making chilli for me and mine later). Read your post about the Trafford centre yesterday (loving your all saints haul by the way) did you also spot the all saints concession in selfridges it sometimes has slightly different items . Hope you have got lots planned for the weekend, I don’t think it’s supposed to rain quite so much tomorrow ( fingers crossed).


  2. koco

    Glad you’ve made it safely to the UK, so sorry about the weather! My mouth is watering at the thought of a lovely roast lamb dinner cooked by Mom…considerably more appealing than the beans on toast we have planned. Love the trousers…may have to go to York and grab myself a pair 🙂


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