M&S is calling.

Given my trip back to Blighty is now just over a month away I thought I’d have a quick peak at the Marks & Spencer’s website.  M&S and Boots are the two stores that I miss most over here in the States – they are so quintessentially British.  No matter that M&S takes an occasional bashing, I am still a die hard fan.  I inherited a love for all things M&S from my Mum, and whether I’ve bought knickers and bras, oversize men’s cardigans or my first career suits, I have loved everything from M&S that I have ever owned.  I remember walking into the Marble Arch store and being flabbergasted at the choices available versus our little store in Bury (which isn’t so little these days).  M&S have dressed me for every occasion from my church confirmation to my interview for my first City job to friends’ weddings.  I can’t wait to get back in there!  MM still laughs at my story of a business trip to Paris when I was the junior member of the team and I had to collect lunch for everyone – M&S butties for goodness sakes – in Paris!!

In the 12 years I’ve lived here M&S has had it’s ups and downs and has diversified it’s offering significantly.  The Limited collection is still pretty new to me but here are some items I have my beady eye on, again some are very ‘British’ and I like to wear things that you can’t necessarily buy here in Lenox Square Mall.

I love this crown print jersey tee – very patriotic and a great on trend color:

Anything with animals on always grabs my attention and this very English Bull Dog print tank will look great with a fun pair of shorts.

This bird print shell top is again very on trend and similar to a lot of prints I’ve seen on ASOS online.  I have to get my hands on this:

Finally I adore this bird cage print tee and it’s in the sale at 12 GBP (no idea where my pound sign is on my keyboard)!  I might have to get Mum to pop in this week and see if she can pick it up for me.  My only quibble with it is that I wish the print ran along the back of the tee too.

Finally I’m lusting after this Per Una necklace:

It’s very similar in style to the chunky heart necklace I’ve just been looking at in this month’s issue of Lucky magazine on Gia Coppola:

Hmmm maybe I better start thinking about keeping some space free in my bags?  The kids won’t need to take much with them will they?

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