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Home comforts.

Here was me thinking I might lose a few pounds on holiday.  Errr not the way I’m going at the moment.  Copious wine, Mum’s fab cooking, plus a trip to Tesco where I stocked up on a few home comforts.




I’ve already had steak and kidney pudding and mushy peas, the bag of revels, and the Monster Munch have been opened.  It’s a good job I stocked up on some of my favorite shape wear from M&S this morning too!  Right now if you use BRAFIT48 at check out you will receive 8GBP off every 40GBP you spend!  I broke it up into separate orders online to benefit fully from the code!

These are my favorite pieces – they really do cinch the waist, and the legs have no elastic so completely eradicate the VPL.  At 25GBP each who can argue with that?  M&S also ship free to the US now so I can rest easy.



This afternoon we’re babysitting for my sister so the house has 4 children in it.  Poppy is enjoying every minute of schooling Hugh, Jack and Tom – poor boys.

Here’s my outfit for today – starting with a jacket and sneakers for a trip into Bury, followed by a cardigan and flip flops for hanging out at home.

IMG_4136 IMG_4139

Jacket – Zara TRF (old) // T-shirt – Gap // Jeans – Asos Saxby // Sneakers – Golden Goose


Flip flops – Havaianas // Cardigan – Boden (30% off everything till 24th June!!) Limited Edition sparkle pocket cardigan (old)

Off to help corral the children!

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Running over the moors.

We’ve arrived!! After a tiring but thankfully uneventful flight we landed in Manchester at 8.35 yesterday and were met by my Mum and Dad.  Poppy and Hugh were exceptionally excited and we had one of those ‘T Mobile’ Welcome Back moments that made me all misty eyed.  They both slept most of the way which was a blessing as having bought 3 movies for their iPads I realized on the plane that none of them had downloaded onto Hugh’s – what an idiot I am!  In my midst of syncing iPods, iPads, iPhones, and shuffles I had somehow completely omitted the most important thing – movies on Hugh’s iPad.  He is the only one that will obsessively watch “Hercules” over and over and over again…Thankfully for me his sister was gracious enough to switch iPads which allowed her to play games on his while he watched “Hercules” before passing out:)

Sensibly I took some ham sandwiches for them on the plane as I knew they’d turn their nose up at Delta food.

Once home we had lots of fun catching up with my sister and her boys, Tom the youngest just 8 weeks old and is grinning from ear to ear already.  My brother and his 9 month old, Alice, then came for dinner later.  It was so much fun seeing all the cousins play together with Poppy of course herding them around and playing ‘mom’.  I then watched the incredibly boring England game with Dad – good result but geez rubbish to watch.

After restful night’s sleep I headed off for a long run this morning.  It was a beautiful sunny morning and it felt great to shake some of the jet lag off and run up some massive hills, taking in the views of sheep, moors, mill chimneys and towns down below.  Little changes around here which is why I love it.

Mum and I decided to have a ‘potter’ around Bury just to M&S and Tesco but of course that can take 2 hours and the children were not impressed – their jet lag well and truly still present.  I did manage to take a few snaps while we were out of some items that I didn’t have time to try or consider but I thought were definitely worth a second look at some point.

Mum with Poppy and Hugh at a Bury landmark.

I pointed out this t-shirt online a few weeks ago and still love it in real life – once I have stopped converting pounds into dollars I may take the plunge.  Right now it seems exorbitant for a t-shirt!

I LOVE this swimsuit and had been admiring it in Mum’s M&S magazine last night – this could be going home with me.

I am loving all things butterfly and bird print currently so this shirt caught my eye, though it’s cotton and could require ironing, not something I like to spend my time doing.

These spotty ballet flats are so cute, but certainly no time to try them…I will be doing when we head to the Trafford Center this week – they are adorable!

My sister was laughing at the following photo – apparently I’m not supposed to take photos in stores as they suspect it may be competitive intelligence but I couldn’t resist this one for MM – the baked bean lover in the house.  Heinz have a packaging that is completely new to me and I LOVE the idea as I am always looking for tupperwares for half opened tins of beans.  I’m sure all you UK residents are completely up to date with the fridge packaging innovation but I’m blown away!  MM thinks it’s sacrilege for beans to come from anything but a tin and was more intrigued by the vegetarian sausage and beans behind Poppy!

Just don’t get me started on how much more advanced British supermarkets are with their packaging and product innovation – the scale of the country compared to the US must allow for more experimentation and variety.  Thankfully pickled onion Monster Munch are still readily available here!

Most of the morning was spent with the children telling me that they didn’t want to walk anymore – they are so used to jumping in an SUV and being driven store to store (on the rare occasion I shop with them), the pedestrian life is quite a shock for them.  Fortunately I was wearing my AllSaints boots (Bonny cuban which I can’t see on the UK or US site right now) which are so comfortable and I love the buckle and fringe detail, they are one of my favorite purchases so far this year.

Finally, a trip back home wouldn’t be the same without picking up a “Hello” magazine…I will enjoy reading this later this evening while the children play with their Euro 2012 football and Olympic Games silly bands – EVERYTHING is red, white and blue here:)

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