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My Addictions #2 Tory Burch Shoes

So it’s time to ‘fess up again about another addiction/obsession.  Up until a few years ago I would never have dreamed of spending $200 on a pair of shoes when I could get at least 4 for that price…that was until I discovered Tory Burch.  MM may live to regret this but he was the one that initially encouraged me to look her ballet flats.  He is a little bit of a shoeaholic himself in so much that he is a true believer of quality over quantity, so I have an enabler.

After having my son and in the heat of Georgia I found that I was only ever wearing flats.  I was tired of feeling frumpy and really wanted some ‘fancy’ flats for going out in.  I’m not a fan of ’boutique’ stores but with some trepidation I made my way to Phipps Plaza and entered the wonderful world of Tory Burch.  If you ever get the chance to go in one of her stores do.  They are so intimate and personal and the service I have experienced has always been great – not intimidating or snobby at all.  The stores are full of wonderful colors, her signature pink and orange, and they usually have one of her candles burning so it smells exquisite.  On my first visit I had my son in the stroller with me – not ideal for a small store but still we managed.  I knew exactly what I wanted – some gold Tory Burch Revas.  I had palpitations leaving the store with my pink and orange bag, I was so excited!  Revas are named after Tory’s mother and they are a classic ballet flat with the T logo, and I find they fit beautifully and really flatter my feet.  After the gold pair came a black pair that I wore for work with palazzo pants in the summer.  All in all I now have the following colors: gold, black, hibiscus pink, nectarine, bleach, Tory red, espresso suede, camel, mouse and grey flannel.  My caveat is that some were in the sale and one pair was a gift:)

Tory Red Revas

Tory Red Revas.

Yes that’s a lot of Revas I hear you say – but wait – then came the sandals – the brown Holly sandal and the black and tan Emmy sandals.  Most recently I have discovered the joys of the Eddie flat – it has a little less bling than the Reva having no emblem on it, and has the most gorgeous, spongy insole – they are incredibly comfortably – I adore them and have them in musk, silver, camilla pink, black and navy – all patent.

Tory navy Eddies

Tory Navy Eddies.

Maybe I should say here that I care for them well, and I’m not heavy on my feet so hope to get many years out of each of them…and obviously the more I add to my collection the less each gets worn.  Sometimes I open my closet door just to admire my tower of pink and orange boxes.

Towering pink and orange boxes

In need of a bigger shoe closet.

The collection

The current collection.

Going to her website to look for links for this post has been a difficult exercise – I’ve now started lusting after the peacock feather Revas, leaf green Eddies and turquoise Emmys – resistance is futile.