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2 dresses in 2 days.

I’m trying to find my running mojo again.  After a couple of months off, due to injury, getting back into the swing of things is tough.  My motivation seems to have buggered off.  After picking the Christmas tree out this morning I headed home with the intention of doing not much at all.  On my way back though I saw several runners and walkers out and about enjoying the cool air.  Suddenly I was attacked by a pang of guilt and no matter what I did I couldn’t shake it – I had to go out for a run.  So I did.  It was hard work but I did it and enjoyed it a bit.  Now I need to climb that hill back to where I enjoy it a lot – fingers crossed the stamina returns quickly.  Billy Joel helped me find my rhythm this morning – I really need to play him more.

Without a doubt connected to the lack of running, my choice of clothing has been driven more and more by comfort recently.  Another reason to get the running shoes back on otherwise half my closet won’t fit anymore.  I don’t wear dresses/tunics nearly as often in the winter as I do in the summer – not sure why as with a pair of tights and boots a knitted dress can actually be warmer than wearing trousers.  Yesterday I wore the Boden smocked tunic dress with M&S cable knit tights (mailed by Mum last winter!) and my Frye Phillip studded harness boots.  Now admittedly the tunic may not be the most flattering item of clothing I own, but I still like it a lot.  It is incredibly soft and really easy to wear.  Unfortunately most of the smaller sizes are currently sold out here – but definitely worth stalking – I’d suggest going down a size too if you are between sizes as it is generous.  On another note Boden have 35% off party pieces until midnight on Sunday – worth a look if you have some fun festive parties approaching!

Now yesterday I made quite a commitment to Poppy – I promised her we would make our own salt dough ornaments.  Yes my first foray into crafting – clearly I am losing my mind.  Once again I am all talk and no action – we’ve baked 6 so far…not enough to decorate more than 2 branches on my 8ft tree.  I’m trying to relax and not get too involved – but aaargh how difficult can it be to roll some dough out evenly…?  Step away from the children and leave them to it!

Anyway in my eagerness to be well prepared and collect salt, flour, acrylic paints etc. etc. I headed off to Target.  Fatal.  It took me 45 minutes to get past the clothing section.  Somehow this incredible beauty jumped into my cart – in both colorways too.  Now forgive me if I am wrong but it is incredibly similar in style (if not a complete copy) to the AllSaints solstice dress that retailed at a fair bit more than this Converse number at $30!  Rather happy with it it has to be said:)

I teamed it with H&M leggings, Newbury boots and then an old H&M scarf and my Zara quilted leather jacket.  I feel polished but comfortable…perfect!

I also walked out with my festive t-shirt for Christmas day!

Will have some exhibits regarding the tree and homemade ornaments soon hopefully! x

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Music that inspires…

On a slow, sluggish Monday morning Billy Joel got me moving in the gym and pumping some iron.  I love this song and it gets my foot tapping as soon as it starts:)  Now I want to go through his whole back catalog.


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