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In between cheer practices, runs, shelf assembly and dog walks, I dashed into Target on Sunday – mainly to stock up on Fall fashions for the kids, but also to take a quick peek at the Altuzarra collection for Target. If you are waiting for your package to arrive from NAP you may want to skip this part. In fact even though it is beautifully presented on NAP, I still don’t get why they are selling these collaborations, though it obviously increases the hype and desirability. In the flesh I was really disappointed.

I’ve read lots of bloggers who have loved it and even claim it is the best collaboration to date. Maybe it is my familiarity with Target that clouds my judgement. I love Target, don’t get me wrong. As I have mentioned for kids clothes they are fabulous – great value and great designs – but their women’s wear always seems cheap – which of course it is. Overall I found the fabrics on the Altuzarra items to be cheap feeling, and the finishing was poor – but having said that where else can you get designer duds for less than $50 a piece? My problem is I see them as Target, not designer. I just don’t get it. Why would you want to wear something that is instantly recognizable as Altuzarra FOR TARGET? One of the reasons I didn’t buy anything in the Pete Pilloto collection was that I recognize it through a crowd instantly. Anyway here are the photos so you can make your own decision.

I loved the color of these trousers but the velvet felt stiff and thin, and the finishing on the waistband was poor.


I loved the dresses till I inspected them close up – the sequins seemed cheap and the finishing poor.


This sweatshirt is nice – but really crumpled on the the hanger and there were threads hanging off everyone of them! Plus that print is too recognizable for me.

IMG_0920 I liked the peasant blouse and the shirt on the hanger. However, the peasant top did nothing for me at all…I tried to like it but just so not me.

IMG_0918 IMG_0923 IMG_0924

I liked the shirt a lot, and I actually carried it to the till, but I changed my mind, deciding I was buying for the hype and not because I loved it. I have no regrets about leaving it behind.

IMG_0921 IMG_0925

Maybe if the presentation in Target was nicer I’d be more enamored, but Target still feels like Target to me. I’m passing on this one.

The week to date has been crazy too with Drs appointments and school conferences, so I find a dress, jacket and sneakers is the easiest way to dress to stay presentable and comfortable.


Drop waist dress – ASOS // Sneakers – J.Crew (on sale plus an extra 30% off with SHOPFORFALL) // Jacket – J.Crew (extra 25% off with SHOPFORFALL)

IMG_9205 IMG_9209 IMG_9229

Skate shoes – Marks & Spencer (old) // Dress – ASOS // Jacket – Zara (old)

Did you buy from the Altuzarra collection? Am I being too harsh?



14 thoughts on “Easy dressing

  1. Vic

    Help me understand Target, I see it mentioned on a few US blogs…what’s the British equivalent? Primark, M&S? Am I correct in think they sell all sorts of stuff, not just clothes?
    On this collaboration, I was sorely tempted by the images on NAP, but stopped myself, feeling sure I was falling for the NAP endorsement rather than actually wanting any of it. From your pictures and review I think I was right!

    1. shopaccordingly

      I’d say it’s sort of like Primark but with food, home and cosmetics etc added. I like it for pretty much everything except women’s clothes. I agree they’re not great quality. In fact I think one of their labels, Cherokee, is sold in Tesco or somewhere if that gives you an idea. Actually, Tesco and Target are quite similar, bit less food in Target.

    2. Poppy's Style Post author

      It’s a really difficult one – definitely not M&S – no one else but the Brits can pull that off! As Shopaccordingly says the best I can think of is Walmart is to Asda as Target is to Sainsbury’s – only more homegoods and furniture maybe? It is very designer led in fact people refer to it as Tar’jey’ – their stores are always clean, bright, colorful and you can’t go in without spending less than $100 even if you only went in for toilet paper – it’s hard not to walk out with other ‘bargains’ – be it clothes, jewelry, kids clothes or makeup. In fact my Husband always does our ‘Target shop’ these days to avoid me going crazy in there:) It’s a place I would miss if I left the US – you’re either a Walmart shopper or a Target shopper I think.

  2. wockyjabber

    I’m 100% with you. I have never purchased anything from any of the Target collaborations, mainly because at the end of the day it is still just from Target. I’m never happy with fabric. I also refuse to carry a fake leather bag or wear fake leather shoes. I guess I’m a snob. I just figure you get what you pay for and if I want a real designer something-or-other I am going to have to pay designer prices. So, therefore I have no designer items. HA!

    Love those kicks! I have them in two colors. They are my favs.

    1. Beany

      The only target collab I’ve bought into was the philip lim bags, not leather of course, but hard to tell (if you squint haha!) I briefly considered the sweatshirt on NAP, but decided against it. And I’m glad after seeing the above pics! Thanks.

  3. Sue

    Now if they’d done the front of the flower sweatshirt in a polyester chiffon (shoot me now) – it would have worked better and no creasing but can see what they were trying to achieve and probably failed. All those clothes definitely need a good ironing before they go on the shop floor – I think even Primark present some of their offerings slightly better than this.

  4. jul1992

    These are really nice outfits. I like women wearing sneakers, especially the New Balance are great. 🙂 Looks like you’re wearing your sneakers sockless, indeed?

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