ASOS dresses further reduced.

I’ve previously shared with you my joy at discovering all the treasures that ASOS has on offer.  Only yesterday was I trying to resist the temptation of visiting again.  This week I have already ordered the oversized checked swing dress after seeing the gorgeous Frances at wearing it.  She is my new style crush.  She’s as adventurous as I like to be, but she looks fabulous in everything!

schoorunstyle Extreme swing dress in check

Thank goodness I ordered it when I did as it appears to be out of stock right now – take note – when obsessing do not procrastinate! (UPDATE: it’s back in stock here!).

Then Fiona was blogging about the joys of yesterday with her top picks, and I managed to resist cruising the site. sucks you in and then spits you out only once you have placed an order – at least in my experience.

Then darn them – today in my inbox was an email with 20% extra off dresses!  I just had to sneak a peek (for you Helen) didn’t I?

This is currently sitting in my cart.  It is the perfect spring/summer party dress and would be perfect for taking on vacation.  There is a maternity version too of this little sequin number.

Sequin dress

This silk front dress reminds me so much of my Ted Baker shifts but a quarter of their prices – again the perfect little Spring number.

High Neck silk front dress

I adore this navy dress with the embellished neckline.  The color is gorgeous – I’d wear this to a wedding in an instant – it’s only $42.59 right now!

Embellished neck dress

I am loving the vivid yellow in this dress – it can easily be worn with tights or bare legs.  The colorblocking will provide a fabulous silhouette too.

Baroque leather sleeve dress

This dress is an absolute steal at $25.  So classic, simple and elegant.

crepe v-neck dress

The same can be said for this Mango dress too – a great little vacation number – rude not to at $22!!

mango shift dress

Now to be fair the following dresses aren’t in the sale – they are new arrivals – but given how quickly stock can disappear on ASOS (as with the checked dress!) it is well worth continually checking the new arrivals in case something appears that you absolutely cannot live without.  For me it is these dresses.

This animal print dress also comes in green, but I love the pink here.

Animal print dress

The oriental print here is so pretty, I just love it.  Again the print is very reminiscent of Ted Baker.

oriental print dress

Finally this dress is just such a classic.  Great colors, with a contemporary feel.  Perfect for a garden party (ah hem I go to so many – not) or a wedding.

colorblock shift

It’s worth noting too that currently in the US you can become a VIP member for just $19!  It usually costs $39 a year and provides early access to sales, VIP only sales and free express shipping all year.  I’m a VIP as of this week:)

Can you resist a bargain?  Have you ever been trapped in the world of ASOS not to be seen again for hours?

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22 thoughts on “ASOS dresses further reduced.

  1. avenue57

    I ADORE that oversized check one that Frances is wearing and now you will be too – sob sob it’s out of stock in the UK and the US!

    The cream/grey asymmetric one is heavenly – I’m not sure the length would be on me though.

    I resisted the temptation – I shopped, added to basket and then REALLY thought about where I would store the clothes anyway .. my wardrobes are bursting and I need to get rid of some stuff before I can buy anything else!


    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      It is – I had to do a double take when I saw it – I have a Ted Baker Paris one from the sale last year which looks identical – or at least color wise!

  2. Sue

    Frances is fab isn’t she and you’re right, she looks good in everything.

    Can’t wait to see you in the dress as well. I need another dress that I don’t wear like a hole in the head but I think I might just pop over to Asos for a nosey. You’ve persuaded me :o)

  3. treasuresnpleasures

    Fab check dress- it may not be so oversized on me at the minute though!!lol I very nearly bought that sequin dress before Christmas, but also have my eye on the last one, I love the colours ans the quirkiness of it.

  4. Schoolrunstyle Mum

    Thanks so much for the kind mention…the check dress is genius, hides my Christmas tummy a treat! Completely loving the Ted Baker ‘homage’ and the blue dress with the embellished neckline..I could do some serious damage on it, when things are good they are really good and vice versa with bad! x

  5. Jody Brettkelly

    Wow, she is not only more beautiful than a model with style and verve galore she takes a brilliant selfie – how does she do that? Need instructions from her! (I’ve given up on dresses, esp during the day, but strangely they’re always the first thing I look at on a website…)

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I think the limit for duty from them here in the US is really high – $2500 – so I never come even close!! Duty is a bugger isn’t it – I will only shop at places who offer delivery duty paid…x

      1. Poppy's Style Post author

        Is that with ASOS too? Any other overseas company here without an office in the US has a limit of $200 before duty I think – but ASOS will pay duty up to the $2500 limit – it is nerve wracking as it seems to vary so much – I’ve been stung by River Island before. What makes me mad is that they offer incentives like ‘free shipping’ but then the duty not paid is in tiny print!

      2. ja4marti

        Yes I have had to pay duty on ASOS as well but there isn’t a Canadian office. Many retailers who have stores here have built a Canadian webportal and then the duty is free. Asos if you are reading – open a Canadian warehouse!

  6. Jo

    I’m a VIP too in the UK, it was £9.95 for a year, so well worth it for the deliveries. I’ve got my eye on a spring pastel stripe blazer and nude forever t shirt, as well as needing some new boyfriend jeans, anyone got a favourite pair? Jo x

    1. Support Post author

      I have the Asos Saxby boyfriend jeans and love them – they are a good loose fit almost like the Current Elliot Dad jeans! Try them – just size one size down…x

  7. Beany

    Hi Joanna, can I ask your opinion on Golden Goose high tops. My O/H got me some sliders for Christmas. I was aware they came up big. And because I’m sometimes a size six (usually a 5) I thought the best bet would be to get a 5. They are massive. Problem is I can’t find a size 4 in the same style anywhere. Any ideas on ways to make them fit? Insoles? heel padding? Thanks!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Hmm – tricky as the footbed of the GGs is what makes them so uniquely comfortable. I would maybe try the fleecy insoles – like the inside of an Ugg – then you can still wear them bare foot if you like. You could trim them to fit too. Let me know how you get on – the shoes are so cool!!

      1. Beany

        Thanks, I’ll try them. I could get a four but I prefer the glitter ones I have. The ones I’ve seen out for spring summer aren’t as nice! I’ll let you know. Fingers crossed I find a way of making them fit.

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