How one ‘need’ can lead to another ‘need’ in a matter of moments.

I’m still debating with myself about the over the knee boots.  It’s now moved on from ‘should I get some?’ to ‘which do I get?’.  It’s a tricky one.  The choice rests between two Stuart Weitzman styles – the Stuart Weitzman Highland or the Stuart Weitzman 50/50.  Both over the knee but VERY different.  I actually could make an argument for both – which is the problem – because now I want both.  The Highland is long, sleek, heeled and sexy – definitely a going out boot, and the 50/50 is a low heeled boot, more practical looking, but still a gorgeous riding boot that could be worn during the day too.  My heart says the Highland, my head says the 50/50.

Black Topo

If I go for the 50/50 another multitude of decisions needs to be made – suede or leather, print or plain, and then what color? I love both the black suede and the topo suede.



Then look what arrived on the Bloomingdale’s site the other day!  This nubuck pair is divine – imagine them with bare, tanned legs and a dress.



So that’s what I did – imagined myself with OTK boots and a dress.  Fatal.  That vivid imagination of mine led me straight to the ASOS site.  ASOS are killing me.  They are my new go to site when I am on the hunt for something.

For me the critical features that a dress must have to be worn stylishly with OTK boots are:

1. Slightly loose or flowy – nothing tight – way too hoochy mama with boots – think Pretty Woman.

2. Not too dressy – for the same reasons as above – let the boots do the talking.

3. Don’t show too much skin up top – no boobs or cleavage for Pete’s sake.  We’re looking at the legs not the tits.

4. Slightly shorter than the top of the boots – let at least an inch of flesh show between the boots and dress, either bare legs or opaque tights.  If you wear tights – make sure they are a slightly lower denier or color from the boots – you want people to see where the boots end – they are thigh highs and supposed to be a little sexy! (again just not Pretty Woman style)

Okay those are the rules – fairly easy to follow and easy to apply.  All I did was search for ASOS brand black or grey dresses and here are the all the dresses that I now cannot live without.  Especially once I have my OTK boots – whichever pair I end up with.  If I procrastinate any longer they will be sold out.  These first few dresses are lovely casual dresses that contrast brilliantly with the decadence of thigh highs.

I love this dress – I’ve seen a few sweatshirts with similar print.  This would be perfect with suede Highlands.

animal sweat dress

I’ve just ordered this sweatshirt dress – again perfect for wearing with a dressy heeled boot – I love the juxtaposition of the two together.

ASOS tunic dress

This jersey nepi dress is the PERFECT shape as far as I am concerned for thigh highs.  Nothing too OTT about the dress – it’s all about the boots.

Nepi swing dress

I love this skater dress for the same reasons.

simple skater dress

Remember what I said about no flesh up top.  This dress takes it to the extreme – gorgeous with short hair or long hair in a high pony tail, with the boots of course.

polo swing dress

Now this one bends the rules slightly – but there’s always one isn’t there?  With the flat 50/50s this would be perfect – here the top of the dress compensates for the lack of heel on the boots.

lace insert dress

This crack print dress fell in the mix purely because I adore the print – very Mint Velvet.  A perfect party dress with high or low heeled OTK boots.

crack print dress

Finally a drop waisted dress.  Pretty, flirtatious and no hoochy mama in sight.

dropped waist dress

So now the conundrum – which boots is it to be?  Choosing the dress will be easy then no?

As I head off to dream about thigh high boots here’s what I’ve been wearing the past couple of days.

I bought these Steve Madden boots so long ago that at the time it completely escaped me what fabulous Marant tributes they are!

Mango coat

Boots – Steve Madden Carlsen (old) // Trousers – Zara (old) // Sweater – Off Duty sweater Boden // Coat – Mango

IM collage


Jeans – H&M (old) // Tank – H&M (old) // Sweater – Zara // Boots – Isabel Marant pour H&M via eBay // Scarf – H&M (old) // Jacket – Zara


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15 thoughts on “How one ‘need’ can lead to another ‘need’ in a matter of moments.

  1. Sue

    I’m hugely practical and for the price that they are, I’d go black leather 50/50’s. And I love the last ASOS dress – it’s the slight drop waist and the cute bubble skirt I like. Hell, if I wore short dresses (more than 2 inch above the knee) – that’s the one I’d go for.

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Ha indeed – talk about #firstworldproblems – I’m still torn – ordered both to compare – fatal.

  2. iwontwearsludgebrown

    You little beauty you! I missed out on the drop waisted dress that Hush stocked. The ASOS one is perfect. Darn you, I’ve ordered it in both colours but I’m not brave enough to wear it with OTK boots. Donna x

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Ooooh so happy to help!! ASOS are amazing they always seem to have what I am looking for though stock churns quickly!

  3. doesmybumlook40 (@doesmybumlook40)

    LOVE those white jeans in winter – gorgeous look. Have you tried the 50/50 on? I try them on every year and officially can’t get on with the front bit of the shoe. Just wrong diddly on me. BOOOOO. Just not feminine for some reason – too clumpy for me. Dune have some this year which are pretty much identical for a 3rd of the price – much nicer imho! But oh to dream of the beige nubuck pair. You SO don’t live in the UK anymore – I don’t even think they still sell those! Love those ASOS dresses – I”ve just coincidently put two of them on an LBD dress thread I have up my sleeve – TOO SPOOKY!! (randomly there aren’t that many LBD’s around that are plain and easy to wear every day. Who’d ahve thought? Looking gorgeous as always darling xxx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      The Dune ones look amazing – I don’t think they ship here though:( I actually managed to get 40% off with free returns on the 50/50s so will try them – there are so many conflicting reviews on sizing! Can’t wait to see your black dress post xx

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