New beauty products for 2015

It’s still not back to normal here quite yet. The kids and I are off today for a teacher work day and then school starts tomorrow. Poppy is still sleeping here and it is 9.30am – tomorrow morning is going to be hell. I can also say that this has been one of the best, most relaxing Christmas Holidays we’ve spent as the 4 of us, and I am really not looking forward to them heading back tomorrow. I could happily spend another week at home with them. We’re off to the movies this afternoon to watch Into the Woods as my Husband is back at work and I thought it might give me a couple of hours break later 🙂

I had a couple of hours to myself yesterday at the Mall. As I am trying not to buy any new clothes for a while, plus I seem to have unintentionally embraced a sober January, I thought a little indulgence was in order. I used to treat myself to nail polishes but my nails have been such a disgrace since having my acrylics removed that I can’t even consider colored nails right now. More on that later. So instead I have become hooked on lipsticks. Last month I bought 3 beautiful deep plum colors from Mac. Rebel is still one of my all time favorites – it’s not nearly as dark on the lips as it looks in the bullet and it has a lovely soft satin finish – it really makes my teeth look whiter. Odyssey has a beautiful frost finish to it and reminds me of and old Rimmel lipstick I wore years ago – Heather Shimmer, and Hang Up is deeper and creamier than Rebel and full of moisture.

From left to right – Rebel, Odyssey and Hang Up with Vino pencil


After a few weeks of wearing these lush darker colors I was craving a heavier eye and nude lip – especially with my darker hair. I spent a lot of time reading beauty blogs as Mac do lots of ‘nudes’, but given my yellowy undertones I was really concerned about going too pale and feeling washed out. I decided, especially on viewing, that their classic nude, Creme d’nude, is just too nude for me. The Mac girls at Bloomingdales were super helpful and in the end I walked away with 2 I had on my list and 2 that I hadn’t even considered before – one of these, Myth, now being my favorite!

Left to right Hue, Myth, Pure Zen and Blankety, with Dior Addict liquid liner.


Hue is very sheer with peachy tones – it is a great every day color. Myth is stunning – really nude on the lips and perfect for that smokey eye look – very dramatic for a night out. Pure Zen is a little creamier than Hue but still has those gorgeous peach tones. Blankety is gorgeous and really creamy with mauve undertones and gives great coverage. Ironically Myth and Blankety were the 2 that weren’t on my list and yet were recommended and are now my favorites – those Mac girls know what they are doing!

As for the eyeliner well I have been looking for a great liquid liner for some time. Only problem is most these days seem to have the felt tip and I prefer a brush. Having browsed Sephora and ummed and ahhed for a while I decided to take the plunge with the Dior Addict – the packaging won me over 🙂

Dior liner

Back to my nails – I first started looking at the Dior counter as I have recently rediscovered my love for their Nail Glow. My nails have been horrific since having my acrylics removed from over the summer – never again – it has taken months to get them anywhere near the strength they used to be, plus Folic acid and Biotin every day! The only thing that has saved them recently and looks decent on them is the Dior Nail Glow – I cannot live without it now. Not to mention reading “How to be Parisian” has encouraged me to adopt the mantra ‘less is more’.

Dior nail glow

As for my skincare routine this year I have splurged on a couple of new products that I now can’t live without. I’ve always been good at cleansing and moisturizing but I felt the need to switch it up a bit heading into 2015.

For the last 6 month I have been using Shiseido Ultimune serum before my basic Nivea moisturiser. I absolutely love it – you only need a tiny amount so it lasts months. I really have noticed smoother skin – especially on my neck were I need it most. It is now a must have in my daily routine.


Following on from this success I figured the Japanese must know what they are doing and I purchased the Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist night emulsion. It is super light and non greasy so I really feel like it is all absorbed before my head hits the pillow. Again it lasts forever – one pump/drop covers my whole face and neck.


As for cleansing I had been using up a trial size of Clinique Take the Day Off and I nearly bought a full size version until I saw Sephora did their own cheaper version. It does exactly what it says on the bottle and I love it and use it before using a drugstore foam cleanser.

Sephora cleanser

So what with my decreased alcohol intake, increased water intake and new products my skin should be glowing! Have you added any new beauty products to your routine this year?

My outifts from the past couple of days have been rather black heavy – it has taken a lot to persuade me out of my M&S cashmere onesie (now only £89 reduced from £199!!).

DSC_0245Shoes – Stan Smith sneakers // Trousers – H&M faux leather // Sweater – Everlane cashmere v-neck // Jacket – Mango (on sale)

DSC_0247Shoes – Stuart Weitzman Leman (half price in sale!) // Jeans – Zara // T-shirt – Asos // Scarf – H&M (old) // Jacket – Mango (on sale)




14 thoughts on “New beauty products for 2015

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I definitely go through phases – the only problem is my taste is getting more expensive – Revlon and Aveeno used to be fine – now Sephora has caught me in their trap! x

  1. iwontwearsludgebrown

    Oh don’t talk to me about acrylics! I had mine taken off (after 8 continuous years) a couple of months a go. I’ve had bio-sculpt instead but the darn things keep breaking. So tempted to go back to the dark side. Love love love your outfits especially the all-black ensemble x

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Thank you Donna – I am like you I really do prefer no pattern when I see clothes on me but for some reason I am drawn to them like a magpie! My nails are growing at last so now just to try and maintain them – I’m quite clumsy with acrylics – they always seem too thick.


    I love reading all about beauty products as I am not that good at experimenting especially with colours. I love the idea of a really dark colour lip, but being fair I think it would wash me out? The nude shades sound just fab though…..hmm may have to go and look at the Mac counter here…prices not as good though!! Happy New Year to all of you and yours! Helen xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I wondered that actually if the dollar price was a lot cheaper than the price in pounds there – it’s not fair is it? My skin is very fair in the winter so I think as long as you get a dark color that matches your skin tones you will be fine – even try a sheer one to start with that doesn’t give too much coverage?

  3. Becky

    I was never much of a make-up wearer until the last year or two when 40 crept up on me and bit me on the bum 🙂 I still don’t get on well with lipstick, but I bought one of the Urban Decay pallettes on your recommendation and I have to say it’s the best £30 ish quid I ever spent! It withstands rain, sweaty workouts, everything you could throw at it, and it’s exactly the same at the end of the day as it was at the start. Thankyou! I also love the Lancôme Hypnôse mascaras. The waterproof ones are all I ever use now, they have the same sticking power as the Urban Decay.

    Becky x

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Oh so glad you love the Naked palette! They are the best aren’t they? Staying power and color intensity is amazing! I have ordered the Dior Addict mascara to try but my favorite right now is by Tarte – it’s lovely and easy to apply.

  4. Sue

    I can’t live without the Nail Glow either – it’s the only thing I wear on my nails. And I have the lip version too but it’s a little too pink on me … or rather, I don’t do pink very well. But yes, I’ve been trying to embrace a little more makeup recently – I need it!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I was amazed how the color of the lip glow changed on me! They now do a cheek and lip tint glow too which I am very tempted to try for the summer xx

  5. Fashion40ish

    All things beauty are on the back burner (the hairs on my legs have started talking to me!!) but I love your’ choices and you are looking hot woman, hot!! xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I know how you feel – it’s only because I am not spending money on clothes (supposedly) that it is burning a hole in my pocket so I need to treat myself to some beauty products! I really do like experimenting with them too! x

  6. Chris Reynaud

    I may be off subject here, but what are your standing your lippies on? It looks like omelette? Spanish tortilla? Whatever, I love the dark colors. Have got into the habit of wearing neutrals, but these make me want to spread my wings a little…

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Ha – it’s just my granite kitchen counter top! I am the opposite – always go for color so enjoy a nude for a change!


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