Happy 2014!

I hope you all had a lovely New Years Eve and celebrated well – or like us had a lovely quiet evening in with family, music and good food.  Yesterday we went to friends for a fabulous day of celebrating and over indulgence, so today I’m starting my detox.  Yes I’m afraid I am one of those  January bores, planning a month of paleo eating and no alcohol.  I’m setting myself up by sharing this with you – but hey ho maybe if some of you out there are trying to do the same we can motivate each other!

Also it’s now January 2nd and I’ve now achieved 2 days of no online orders – pretty good methinks – **polish halo**;-)  Prior to that, however, I discovered one of the best sales around at AllSaints – one of my favorite stores – discounts up to 50% are on offer.  Here are my top picks – see if you can guess which I’ve ordered.

The gorgeous Bonny Cuban boot which can be worn with jeans, casual dresses or shorts.


The leather biker jeans are lush in this taupe color and just $210!


I LOVE this classic AllSaints oxblood jacket – half price with several sizes left!


The Riviera dress has been a favorite of mine all year.


The Rubie dress is classic AllSaints draping.


You’ve seen me wear this several times and it’s been one of my favorite AW2013 pieces.


This tee dress is gorgeous – I love the suede paneling on it.

tee dress

The Verna gilet is a steal now and such a classic.  A great addition for a simple jeans and tee outfit.


It really is one of the best sales I’ve seen around – great reductions for classic wardrobe staples.  and I always love AllSaints quality too.

Check out ASOS as well  – right now they have 70% off certain items including some new stock!  The oversize shift I’m wearing below is now only $19!  My Husband loved it and it is the perfect day dress – I was super comfortable in it all day yesterday and it was perfect for overindulging:)

DSC_0008 DSC_0012

Dress – ASOS // Tights – Marks and Spencer (nope you can’t beat them – I order several pairs each winter) // Boots – Steve Madden (old) // Coat – Zara

Off to drink my Kombucha and eat steak and cauliflower mash for supper!  Day one paleo done!


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12 thoughts on “Happy 2014!

  1. avenue57

    Good luck with your New Year plan. I am going to do some exercise and lay off the booze during the week (that’s Mon/Tue/Wed here!)

    I am off to see if UK ASOS has that dress – I love it

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Ooooh exercise – good for you – that’s the hardest part when you aren’t used to it but I was terrible and just started run walking – you soon appreciate the impact and build stamina fast. Just try to keep enjoying it:) xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      I ordered the gilet:) It is fabulous – I love the texture of it. The boots are some of the best I own – in fact I need to wear them more often – I have the black and they are great with jeans or shorts. Happy New Year! xx

  2. The Flaky Fashionista

    Happy New Year … good luck with the detox. My plan is more along the lines of Fiona!!!! Dying to see which you chose in the All Saints sale – am guessing most if not all of the above might have ‘fallen’ into your basket?!!!

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      Detox is going well so far – but I am starting to think about wine every so often – I think I need to just hide it all till the end of the month! xx

  3. Schoolrunstyle Mum

    I just adore those All Saints boots, just up my street..will be checking out to see if there are any left in my size, also that leather jacket is fab…oh, and the Asos dress on you and your boots..love it all!. I was going to start a ‘healthy eating’ week (tiny steps and all that!) as I have overindulged this holiday and have piled on quite a few pounds but I feel my resolve slipping already..too many Cadburys selection boxes lying around..still there is a bit of time before the summer! xx

    1. Poppy's Style Post author

      The boots are fab – I have them already in black and love wearing them with denim shorts…I wish I didn’t love everything I ordered – I was hoping some of it would be returned:)

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  5. Andrea

    Happy New Year Joanna to you & your gorgeous family! I love the oxblood jacket! Its gorgeous! Well done you…..not sure I could do Paleo but would love to try! Ax


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