The birthday weekend

Yup the birthday isn’t till tomorrow but that hasn’t stopped me from celebrating all weekend! After lunch with my husband on Thursday, I ended up with lunch out again on Friday. It was lovely – I headed to my favorite place and dined alone, contemplating the next year, and reviewing my early 40s! I’d done a little shopping in the morning and treated myself to a couple of new lipsticks and a Dior nail polish in Wonderland (the staying power of which is amazing!). It was a lovely indulgent day.

stripesJeans – J.Crew // Top – old AllSaints dress // Shoes – Cypriot sandals

Saturday was spent relaxing by the pool so I didn’t really get dressed. I had a lovely day reading and catching up on my enormous pile of magazines that has accumulated over my vacation.

Today we are off out to brunch – I’m feeling quite virtuous after an intensive spin class. Eggs Benedict may be required to raise my energy levels as I may have committed to getting a couple of guinea pigs for the kids! The cage has been delivered so I may now be held to purchasing two piggies later today! We’re not sure whether we’re going to end up with Patsy and Edina, or Freddie (Mercury) and Brian (May)!

shorts and tee v1Top – AllSaints (sale) // Shorts – J.Crew (on sale with an extra 30% off using COOLSALE) // Shoes – Sam Edelman (last year)


5 thoughts on “The birthday weekend

  1. Fashion40ish

    I am very pleased that you are having THE most wonderful time celebrating your’ Birthday. You are one inspirational woman and, also, one of the nicest I have ever met. Sending lots of love across the pond and have a blast tomorrow. p.s I adore guinea pigs so lots of photos will be required. H xxx

  2. Chris Reynaud

    Hi there Joanna, and a very Happy Birthday to you, you super-stylish chick!
    Alas my memories of guinea pigs are that they were miserable little sods who popped their clogs at the worst possible moment, so I hope you come up with a more refined species than we did.
    And on that merry note…


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