My birthday weekend starts now!

I’m 44 on Monday. How did that happen? I don’t feel anything like I thought you were supposed to at 44. Aren’t I supposed to be a grown up by now?

winging it

I’ve always loved to celebrate my birthday, so as my weekend starts today, so do my birthday celebrations! My husband joined me for lunch today and tonight we’ll be entertained by the GOP debate! I can’t wait – I hope Donald Trump will entertain as expected!

Today I started the day with a run – massive mistake. It was about 77 degrees so I thought it would be tolerable. I had failed to factor in the 100% humidity – talk about running through a sauna. I’m still as dehydrated as a Farley’s Rusk now! At least I got to wear my new running shoes and capris!


And here is the first outfit of my birthday weekend. Yes I have all 3 colors of the TopShop Kingfisher espadrilles – I love them!

MadewellShoes – TopShop // Jeans – J.Crew // Top – Madewell (final sale)

hearts beat for

p.s. a quick update on our efforts to help out those 2 little girls – Taylor Swift is in!



3 thoughts on “My birthday weekend starts now!

  1. Fiona Blake

    I love that quote – it is so very true. Age is but a number, it’s how you feel and what you make of your life that’s the most important I believe.

    Happy Birthday gorgeous lady.


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