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Back to school

So the kids headed back to school today. I now have a 4th grader and a 2nd grader! Poppy spent a few minutes last night telling me she didn’t want to grow up – poor thing – I could kind of empathize with her! I expect they will have an a amazing time today – it’s been so long since they saw their friends.

I had them both at home Monday and Tuesday – hence the lack of posts. I’ve been mainly wearing workout gear to accomplish house chores and drive them back and forth to friends and cheer practice. I have to admit I secretly LOVE hanging out in capris and sneakers – it really is super comfortable in this heat. The other added benefit is that it gives me ones less reason to avoid the gym. Heck if I’m already dressed for it I’d better workout no? I have to say I think I have found my mojo again and I’ve really enjoyed the gym this week. So much so I’ve treated myself to some new running shoes.

I’ve harped on before about my love for New Balancethis remains one of my most read posts! Well after a few months in Nikes I’ve headed back to New Balance. I read about the Vazee Pace in my Runners World and decided to try them. They are AMAZING. Not only do they look good but they feel fabulous. They have a great wide toe box so no toes get scrunched up. My arch feels well supported, and the cushioning from the REVlite sole is just as brilliant as the W890s (the Vazee Pace will replace the 890s).

I can not say enough about how much I love these – and with a price of $109.99 it will be hard to find a better option for a casual runner with dodgy knees like me!



I have also ordered the Nike Flyknit Lunar to try. I love the Flyknit and the lunar sole, and with these being in the sale I thought I might use the Nikes for the gym and keep the New Balance for running outside. I’ll see how they fit – but they were hard to ignore with the current discount!



Nike have some great items on sale right now and I dropped these in my cart too. I love the pro capris for the gym and for running – super lightweight and comfortable. The only drawback is there is no pocket for my car key but I have remedied that with one of these.



So today I am back in the office which called for getting dressed!

AllsaintsShoes – TopShop // Dress – AllSaints // Jacket – J.Crew

On Friday I took the kids to meet my piercing guru, Richard, at PiercingExp.com. My sparkly septum ring had finally arrived and I LOVE it. It’s a Gem Oaktier in solid rose gold with genuine white sapphires.

Septum MadewellShoes – J.Crew (on sale) // Jeans – J.Crew // Top – Madewell (on sale)

On a final, sad note – an Atlanta mom of two small girls died on Sunday after a mystery illness took hold. Nothing can take away the pain for her girls, but the community here is trying to get tickets for the girls to see Taylor Swift when she tours here. T.V. stations and news stations have got hold of the story so if you feel inclined please help us and Tweet with hashtag #wishes4riley and #bigdreamslittlegirl – thank you so much.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 2.54.11 PM


Rook and helix piercing on my right ear.

I am balanced now, though you may not think I am sane.

Rook and helix


I LOVE them – thanks again to Christina and Will at www.piercingexp.com!


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Dress down Friday.

Well it was quite an eventful day yesterday.  I have to say I wasn’t nervous, more excited than anything.  I pierced my own nose years ago at University.  Crazy, and after yesterday I’ve no idea how I did it myself – I must have been determined and drunk, and the bag of frozen peas must have helped.

I made my decision on Monday that I was finally going to do some piercings, and I made my appointment with Piercing Experience in Atlanta.  I know piercings aren’t to everyone’s taste, just like tattoos, and oddly much as I love piercings, I’ve never wanted a tattoo mainly as I don’t know what I’d have tattooed – there’s nothing of significance that I want to preserve in ink.  At first I wasn’t going to have my nose re-pierced, then I thought ‘what the hell, while I’m there why not?’.  I also had wee diamond tragus and helix piercings.



The photo that inspired me to begin with – I think this looks so pretty:

Cartilage piercong



Christina was amazing – she explained everything, and was incredibly professional.  It was not intimidating at all, some pain of course – but far less than I’d prepared myself for.  Piercing Experience don’t use clamps or guns so it’s all completely sterile and as gentle as piercing through a tough piece of cartilage can be!  I was also really impressed with their choice of jewelry – from fine jewelry like I chose, to tribal and glass jewelry – it’s also all surgical implant grade.  I’m thrilled – I can’t wait to scare the PTA:)

IMG_4845 IMG_4846 IMG_4847 IMG_4848

Now I just have deal with my Husband’s silly little jokes about avoiding magnets and the like – he’ll tire of it soon I hope!

It’s freezing here in Atlanta this week so I wrapped up well yesterday.

white and grey

Boots – Grey Nubuck Newbury boots // Jeans – H&M (old) // Jumper – Boden dropped shoulder v-neck (old) // Knitted jacket – Zara // Striped scarf – Boden (old)

Today is very much a dress down Friday after a few glasses of wine last night to calm the nerves:)  Also – very manky – but I wanted to keep my piercings dry for another day to help with healing so I didn’t wash my hair – that definitely made it a hat day!  The jumper has to be the BEST cashmere sweater ever.  It is a men’s Uniqlo crewneck size Medium.  Perfectly soft and slouchy.  I want one of these in every color – this is the dark grey.

Uniqlo cashmere

JCrew cap

Sneakers – Golden Goose // Jeans – Diesel Fayza Jogg Jeans // Sweater – Uniqlo Men’s cashmere // Hat – J.Crew

Shop this post:

So share – what did you nab in the Isabel Marant fervour yesterday?!  I did have a twinge of regret that I missed out on the fringe boots but hey ho…I got new bling instead:)
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